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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by mjcryo, Dec 10, 2013.

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  1. also seasons but for the mountain playfield it should stay the same
  2. -damidami-

    -damidami- User

    Season would be perfect. Along time ago I suggested seasons, and seasons quests to do.

    Honestly.... I don't like so much the graphic of mountain playfield... however, I'm working on it, to create something cute to see.
  3. many people suggested seasons and it would be nice to know if we were heard from BP
  4. rossio

    rossio User

    How would these seasons be implemented do you suggest? Should they follow the seasons of real life so for instance right now it would be summer (at least where I live), cause the thing is that people would have different seasons depending on what part of the world they are from.
  5. -damidami-

    -damidami- User

    yeah, you're right... Maybe (but this "case" should be discuss in another part of the forum -updates and Ideas) the cool thing would be :

    you can choose wich season you like . So the game (in a far future from now:p) should be have the 4 season options to set by players, to choose the "period". well, just an idea ....

    but I think actually it's not possible to realize it....
    or better...

    before this... there are many many things to do, including fix bugs ....
  6. Yes but there are only 4 season, also should the season have different weather depending where you live? for example, I live in a not-very-warm summer up to about 28Oc at the max where as other summes for other part of the would would be 30-40Oc at max. same with winter etc.
  7. -damidami-

    -damidami- User

    I think we have to discuss this in the other part of the forum ^-^'... we are off-topic now ^-^''...


    meanwhile.... teaser teaser!

    another "piece of it" :p

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  8. kind of a student village pretty cool:cool::)
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  9. I've change recently the look of all four of my playfields, so I've decided to post here all four playfields:

    My city:


    My coast:


    My Suburb:


    And my mountains:


    And my stats:


    Hope you like it !
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  10. very organised:)
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  11. -damidami-

    -damidami- User

    From Mistery Season 4 ...News from my city^-^

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Today I've got MM from Booster Pack... so... maybe I will get another one....^-^
  12. Some small changes:


  13. -damidami-

    -damidami- User

    ok, finally I bought other 4 mistery buldings. And for this week-end is enough.:cool:

    Well, I almost finished my MM.:p

    this is the result !!!:confused::confused::confused::confused:

    4 same Brandeburg Gateway!!! :D:confused::p

    but, I'm not sad, I was able to realize this... And finished the area of Versailles (Updated level 3) and Queen of Hearts Garden.




    And thanks to Cash for Action.... I've got also these 2 ^-^!!

    Suburb - Future City


    Coast - Present City


    The only one I haven't is the Castle Carlson, but it's ok... I don't know if in the future I'll buy other Season 4 Mistery Buildings...
    I'm really happy with these ^-^

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  14. Two more changes in the city:



    And one change on the coast:

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  15. McChicken

    McChicken User


    I couldn't resist buying it.
    It's so cool.
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  16. TellusXIV

    TellusXIV User

    Agree, its really tempting :)
  17. I do plan to buy one when I have money for it. Just wasted everything on Secret Buildings, but don't regret even though I didn't get the French Lady. :)
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  18. nervo82

    nervo82 User

    Very nice Daniel. Yes, we did spot the serious expressionist villa near the eiffel tower - beautiful, and painfully expensive.
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  19. Hipshot

    Hipshot User

    OK, my city is out of control. I've had to deal with a bunch of motorcycles tearing up my beach area, jeep drivers messing up the snow, and now, the trailer trash moved into the suburbs. They even decided to take the choice area down near the beach.
    At least they're paying rent.
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  20. daniel23492 it looks like the nuclear power plants made all that smoke
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