1/4 of my screen is blocked

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by charlieparrish, Feb 21, 2016.

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  1. I have asked support to help but they could not, I tried another computer yesterday and it did the same thing. Any Suggestions?
  2. Arsuru

    Arsuru User

    Define "blocked". A screenshot might be able to help, for starers.
  3. I don't know how to do screen shot?
  4. s.c.lynx

    s.c.lynx Game Administrator Team RisingCities

  5. Arsuru

    Arsuru User

    Look here, to start with:


    The guide assumes you have Windows, so if you are on a Mac you'll have to search for others. If those instructions aren't clear enough, I suggest you search for others; there are plenty of instructions online. You'll need to upload the picture to an image host as well.

    Before the next part, a quick test is to try opening the game in a private browsing session. If that works then you can be pretty sure your Flash cookies need cleared, which is the usual suggestion/fix, and there are instructions there too.

    The guide points you to an older online interface, but it should still work. Otherwise there is now a Flash control panel on your computer if you've installed Flash normally. The guide is a little old, so if you only have Chrome or Edge which have built-in Flash, you should be able to clear them by selecting to clear local files/cache/cookies in your browser's clear history option.

    Again, define "blocked". I can think of one thing that might be what you describe, but your descriptions is too vague.
  6. s.c.lynx

    s.c.lynx Game Administrator Team RisingCities

    Arsuru thank you once again. We are trying to understand the situation. So, charlieparrish, please try to give us more information.
  7. Nothing further here closed.
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