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    Instill faith in your residents by successfully guiding your city through times of catastrophe. In the new Rising Cities Emergency System, you can show what it means to lead by swiftly and resolutely tackling emergencies as they arise. Lead your city to new heights and cement your legacy!

    Finance your city’s emergency response units to keep your citizens safe and secure. Over the course of the coming months, Rising Cities will implement the four pillars of safety and security: the Academy, Fire Department, Police Department and Hospitals. In the Academy you can train a competent and dedicated team of professionals to protect your citizens from fire, keep them safe from crime and accelerate their recovery in the hospital.

    Set up security devices around the city in strategic locales to boost the safety and efficacy of your emergency response units. Should you meet the challenges posed by an array of emergencies, you’ll be justly rewarded with medals and exclusive bonuses. The first expansion is set for later this month and will include both the Academy and the Fire Department.


    What is the Emergency System feature?
    The Emergency System is a feature that implements random emergencies in your city, but only while you are logged into the game. The Emergency System forces you to fight fires, clean up oil spills or save a kitty cat from a tree.

    How does the Emergency System feature work?
    An emergency icon will appear above a building indicating that there is an emergency to deal with.

    How do I respond when emergencies take place in my city?
    When you see one of the emergency icons above a building, click the icon and dispatch an emergency specialist to deal with the situation.

    How do I set up my Fire Department?
    First you must complete a special Fire Department quest, which will appear to the upper left of the screen where all the other available quests are displayed. As soon as you have completed this quest, the Fire Department will be available in the Architect’s Book. Just click on the special category to access the Fire Department. When dragging the Fire Department across the screen, you will see the coverage radius. This indicates which portions of your city are protected, to which degree and how high or low the chances of success are in the event of an emergency.

    What are the fire hydrants for?
    Fire hydrants are also located in the special category in the Architect’s Book. By placing them around your city you expand the Fire Department’s coverage radius. They are available in two sizes and can be placed anywhere in the city.

    Can I upgrade the Fire Department?
    Currently, there are no upgrades for the Fire Department available, but they may be implemented in the future.

    What will I receive after successfully dealing with the emergency?
    Different medals will be awarded depending on the type of training your specialists have received.

    What happens if I am unable to successfully deal with an emergency?
    Buildings will sustain minor damage that has to be repaired.

    How do I train specialists?
    Education points can be traded for skill points. These points can then be distributed to increase the desired abilities of the specialists.

    How can I get the Academy?
    Just like the Fire Department, you can get the Academy be completing a quest.

    Are there students in the Academy and what are they there for?
    No, there are not any students in the Academy. The education points used come from residents (workers or capitalists) that provide the education points needed to train specialists in the Academy.

    What are the medals used for?
    Medals can be used to purchase booster packs.

    What are booster packs and what are they used for?
    Booster packs contain randomly selected rewards that can be traded for medals of various levels.

    Can my city be destroyed by a fire?
    No! If you are offline or inactive for an extended period of time, no emergencies will occur. Furthermore, only one building can be affected at a time by an emergency.

    Fire Department
    Hydrants Step 1 & 2
    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Please let us know what you think of this new feature on our Official Discussion

    Your Rising Cities Team

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    Hello City Managers!

    We received a lot of questions and responses and want to thank you for that.

    We've decided to make some changes based on your feedback.

    · Emergencies will trigger on average every 6 minutes now, up from 2 minutes.​
    · We introduced a 1 minute cooldown timer between emergencies. No emergencies will trigger in this time.​
    · The minimum emergency time is now 2:30 minutes rather than 1 minute. You have more time to respond now.​
    · Emergencies won't trigger if you've been inactive for 2 minutes, down from 3 minutes. Don't worry: your city won't burn down while you're inactive!​
    Enjoy, and please let us know what you think!

    Your Rising Cities Team
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