(2013) Town Hall Harvest.

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  1. -Wizz-

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    Today we have a new Feature in our game:-

    Town Hall Harvest
    · The Town Hall Harvest is very similar to harvesting a residential. You can harvest your Town Hall every 24h.
    The 24h timer will work the same as a house: The countdown begins whenever the player harvests it. When the feature is released, all players' Town Halls will be ready for Harvest upon login.


    Town Hall Step 1 Upgrade << this step has no harvest!!! It begins on upgrade step 2!

    When the harvest is ready, a special Icon will appear over the Town Hall.

    · XP
    · City Credits
    · X-Presso
    · Metro Money
    · Vitamin-X
    · Master-Keys

    The rewards are depending of the step from your town hall. The player will always get XP with every harvest along with other rewards. This happens randomly.
    Notice: You can’t use X-Presso on it!
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