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Discussion in 'Questions & Bug Reports' started by tassie-devil, Jan 19, 2016.

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  1. truelinor

    truelinor User

    This happened a while back - I just didn't bother saying anything about it. So, yes, I have closed the game, rebooted my computer and all that. It has worked since then. No worries.

    Why can't I start a new thread?
  2. s.c.lynx

    s.c.lynx Game Administrator Team RisingCities

    I know of no reason you are unable to start a new thread. Just go to the forum and click on the Post a new thread. You should be able to start a thread.

    I have combined your two postings. Double posting is a violation of the rules the prefered method is to edit the previous message.

    Thank you.
  3. i am playing for like a month now, and have never watched movie in cineplex... all blocks are down, and it said all the time, there is no movie right now.. for a month now.. thats not fair
  4. truelinor

    truelinor User

    Huricanegirl, they come and go - you have to just keep trying. I find that I seem to see more on the week-end. Not sure why that would be, just an observation.
  5. s.c.lynx

    s.c.lynx Game Administrator Team RisingCities

    To state once more. (heavy, heavy sigh) The videos in the game are supplied by the sponsers, they send ads to different areas and times. Therefore we have no control over the availability of videos. Some areas have a never ending supply and others get few or none. It depends on how the vendors set up the ad. Think of a TV commercial: The vendor may select on TV station or network to show a commercial or not another.
  6. truelinor

    truelinor User

    *pats sc on the back*

    Now, now, don't get discouraged. New people come and they like to ask their own questions. I once was on this other forum where the "old timers" simply WOULD NOT answer you - they repeated over and over about using the search function instead. It was VERY irritating, to say the least. You know when a person comes from a game to the forum, they are looking for answers and the quickest way to get one (usually) is to start a thread. But oh, no! Not there! You had to wade through a big heaping pile of other people's questions and discussions, which, btw, is how they all became such good friends, but God forbid YOU do the same! And when I asked about why they were like that they said they had to save space on the servers or something like that, but at the same time, THEY played their stupid little games that were WAY longer than any newcomer's little thread asking a simple question! It was SO hypercritical! I guess you can see now why I don't care much for forum games.

    Boy! was that therapeutic! :D
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  7. s.c.lynx

    s.c.lynx Game Administrator Team RisingCities

    truelinor (Tru) Thank you for the pat on the back. I needed that. You are absolutely correct about new people. I had not meant to sound old, sage, and grumpy. The issue has been with us since the cineplex was first available. I have lost count of the number of times we (the team) have had to answer that question though. Keep asking questions and thanks for putting up with a "grumpy feline"
  8. Evilviper

    Evilviper User

    Do you know if you guys are looking for more sponsors to post more ads? You may not have the answer to this. I am just curious because I have been looking for ads for a while and rarely get them. Maybe the sponsors see the ads as too expensive. Just trying to help since that is another good way of the game making money, no response needed by the way.
  9. s.c.lynx

    s.c.lynx Game Administrator Team RisingCities

    Evilviper - My humble opinion would be that the financial people would love to have other sponsers for the Cineplex. But I do not know how that would work. They would have to contact Big Point in Hamburg,

    Bigpoint GmbH,
    Drehbahn 48,
  10. Evilviper

    Evilviper User

    I thought Big Point would be working to reach out to potential clients. I am sure they sell the opportunity to advertise. If they are not reaching out, they are losing out on potential profits. The only time you should be able to stop reaching out is when everybody knows your name such as google or Facebook.
  11. BigWillem1

    BigWillem1 User

    The big problem is: Bigpoint is driving the readers of this adverts (the players) away by not maintaiing the game
    Is no-one reads them, no company is interested in spending money on adverts
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  12. truelinor

    truelinor User

    Why do they not maintain the game? It's such a nice, well-thought out, multi leveled game with many things to do! It would be nice to have the seasonal events, but even without them I still like the game very much! (Would LOVE to see the seasonal one where you can win a bakery! I need more than three!!!)
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  13. Evilviper

    Evilviper User

    I would love more of every manufacturing building... Brickyards, lumber mills, bakeries, all would make me happy. Especially farms. That is my source of coin income
  14. you would be limited to only 6 brickyards because there are only 6 clay spots in the game.
  15. EddieT

    EddieT User

    Although I too would love to have more manufacturing buildings, I think the current limit on each serves a wonderful purpose if you really think about. More manufacturing buildings means more production of goods. More production of goods means more products finding their way into the marketplace. More products in the marketplace means stiffer competition. Stiffer competition means lower prices. Lower prices means less money you receive for your goods in the marketplace. Economics 101. Personally, I love getting 10k+ in coin for my tiles, and 7k+ in coin for my bricks (which are quick to produce) and I'd HATE to receive less money for these items due to mass production and a flooding of product in the marketplace. By selling 5 tiles and 7 bricks, I make more money than by selling 500 potatoes. Keep the system the way it is, don't change it.

    Also, my city is getting big and I use so much of the farm products to keep it humming that farms will never be my cash cow. I find it intriguing that you use farm products as your go-to for cash. Try switching over to a brickyard economy-- you'll love it! Also, there are some nice high-end products you can sell from lumber mills as well.

    Also, don't cut your stockpile inventory short by selling more than you are producing. Pace yourself. I have an interesting rotation system I use when I sell in the marketplace that insures I produce more than I sell, and it goes like this:

    Day 1: sell 10-25 each of lumber, beams, 5-10 bricks and 10-25 cement.
    Day 2: sell 10-25 wood paneling, 5-10 roof tiles, 10-25 cork and 5-10 tiles.
    Day 3: sell 25 each of the following: pilsner, brown ale, pizza dough, donuts, hefeweizen, rolls.
    Day 4: sell 25-50 hops, raspberries, wheat, potatoes.
    Repeat the rotation.

    The above list represents the items you get the most money for in the marketplace. As a general rule, I don't waste my time selling cheese, tomatoes, barley, sushi, etc. because it isn't financially worth it to me in terms of the ridiculously low prices these items sell for in the marketplace. I need cash, lots of cash, and I need it yesterday. Selling 1000 sushi isn't going to cut it.

    Moderator: please forgive me for posting off-topic. I actually came here because I haven't been able to view movies in my cinaplex for about a month and was wondering if BigPoint disabled the feature. I saw the above player post, found it interesting and responded to it. If you are so inclined, please move both posts to a another area of the forum (such as strategy tips) where it might be more visible and more helpful to players.
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  16. s.c.lynx

    s.c.lynx Game Administrator Team RisingCities

    EddieT - This is not off topic in my opinion. Maybe a little far a field but still in the ballpark. As for your issue the most common cause is that there are no vendors placing ads in your market. Other possible problems are you have an "Ad blocker" running; You need to clear your cache's and restart your browser or device.

    I did go into your game and it appears that there are no ads available at this time.

    So sorry.
  17. EddieT

    EddieT User

    No, worries. Thanks for going the extra mile and checking my city, I appreciate that. I haven't had problems viewing cinaplex movies in the past, this has been a recent issue. So, I'm going to wager a guess and say advertisers aren't placing ads in my market region.
  18. s.c.lynx

    s.c.lynx Game Administrator Team RisingCities

    Good assumption.
  19. Milan171

    Milan171 User

    Cineplex, I have almost from the beginning of the developers incorporated into the game. Right from the start how to integrate into play the game, he has these problems.
    I don't care, at least it's a nice decoration... :D:D:D
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  20. s.c.lynx

    s.c.lynx Game Administrator Team RisingCities

    Milan171 - That is the developers view point of the cineplex. It is a decoration in the game. If it gives you videos, from outside sources, so you can earn MM's that is a bonus.

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