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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by tassie-devil, Apr 28, 2014.

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  1. Please use this thread for all your top100 here

    thank you
    Your Rising Cities Team
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  2. wizardelo

    wizardelo User

    Could not find player! Makoslecso
    so i have ignored this entry, please submit correct username next week
  3. There is a problem with the online form. :D
    Name no problem. Country no problem. Population no problem. Cityhall level no problem.:cool:

    However, the filling of the levels indicates a problem. It says that the number should be between 1 and 50. :eek::confused:

    I'm in 54 :oops: Can you fix this? :p

    So if it is not a problem for one time, then I post my details here.

    Name: =*=bossie=*=
    Country: Netherlands
    Population: 15.528
    Plots: 112
    Cityhall: 8
  4. i have forwarded this problem to the appropiate area
    thanks bossie :)
    happy gaming
  5. wizardelo

    wizardelo User

    thank you for pointing this out, i have fixed the form, max level is now 75
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  6. what is this all about?

    oh right thanks
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  7. scarpiola

    scarpiola User

    Name: =scarpiola
    Country: Turkey
    Population: 4420
    Plots: 81
    Cityhall: 7
  8. wizardelo

    wizardelo User

    Please post in the online forum,
    submits from here are not taken into account
  9. wizardelo

    wizardelo User

    hey guys, due to national holiday the top update will come on Tuesday

    also since another 3 months have passed, all users who have not updated their stats since before 1st april will be removed
  10. April? That would make 2 months till now. So did you mean since before 1st March?
  11. I think he meant those who posted theirs stats in march, but they didn't in April.
  12. That's what I'm talking about. Since it's the begining of June, the time frame covered is only two months, not three.
  13. Well, not quite. If it is what I meant, it include March too. So it's 3 months (March-May).
  14. I think we are each living in a different calendar zone then ......... lol
  15. You didn't understood me, norton.
    A month have passed at the start of the other. At the 1st of April, one month (March) have passed. At the 1st of May, two month (March and April) have passed. At the 1st of June, three month (March, April and May) have passed.
  16. That's exactly why I say we live in different calendar zone as this is not how we normaly deal with dates. :) The dividing date is clearly 1 April, which is when the count-down starts, so 2 months and a week have passed since untill today. :) Nobody in my world would use your line of reasoning. :)

    OK, more specific. The latest update accepted according to OP is from before 1st April, which is 31 March. 31 March happens to be Monday, so it fit's perfectly. Anone who has no update after 31 March will be deleated. Which means, as above, anyone whose latest update is as of now older then roughly 2 months 1 week will be deleated. :) March is simply not included in the decisive period according to data provided. :)

    OP could have phrased it better to make it less confusing. But it's clear enough when proper logic is used, and it's not 3 month as far as I can tell. :)
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  17. Well, if it's from 31 March, then yes, only two months have passed.

    But let's wait for Mr. wizardelo to clarify things for us!
  18. juli1308

    juli1308 User

    I just going to fill out the form and recognized a new bullet: "sublevels"
    What kind of sublevels are these?
  19. Here you can find the answers.
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