Biker's Week Log - Star Date 2018

Discussion in 'Game Discussions & Feedback' started by truelinor, Feb 24, 2018.

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  1. truelinor

    truelinor User

    OK, I am posting this to (hopefully!) give myself some motivation to complete the Biker's Week Event, something I don't think I have ever done before. I am all ears to any advice too!

    I took a look at the things that are needed for the event before I entered it and here's what everyone over level 25 needs:

    Stage 1:
    500 Bricks
    1,500 logs
    Stage 2:
    3,500 potatoes
    400 Brown Ale Kegs
    Stage 3:
    600 Complaint letters
    Stage 4:
    5,000 Tufu dogs
    Brown Ale Kegs
    Stage 5:
    600 Helmets

    So, starting at Stage 1 here are some notes I've made for myself.

    Stage 1:
    500 Bricks (already have 500 bricks)
    1,500 logs (event item, can't save up for it. They take 2 hours to make 80 so with 5 Lumber Mills producing 80 each time, that equals 400. I will have to do it 3 times with all of the Lumber Mills and one more time with only 4 of them producing logs.)

    (Hopefully) the three times I start the Lumber Mills are:
    4:15 - DONE
    6:15 - DONE, technically done at 6:21

    Is there anything I can do to get ready for any of the following stages? I already have the 3,500 potatoes.
  2. truelinor

    truelinor User

    OK! So I fell asleep and just now (9:12) clicked the third go 'round for the logs! I will set my clock and (hopefully!!!) come back to click it a final time at 10:12.
  3. s.c.lynx

    s.c.lynx Game Administrator Team RisingCities

    The biggest hurdle is the Tofu dogs. I hope you have all ready stockpiled the potatoes.
  4. truelinor

    truelinor User

    I was so tired when I went to bed that I didn't set my alarm, so I am just now clicking the last go 'round for the logs - I only need 300 more so that should be done in 4 hours from now. I already had the 500 bricks.

    So, you need potatoes for the tufu dogs? No, you need the soy beans, which I can't grow until I have to make the tufu dogs, right?

    I have 10,994 potatoes in all. 3,500 will be used for Stage 2. What do I need to make the Brown Ale? Oh, I see! Wheat and Hops! Well, I have 2,298 Wheat, but more is growing right now and will be done in less than one hour and I have 11,680 Hops.

    I'm open to suggestions!!! Will be back, HOPEFULLY, in about 1 1/2 hours, unless I can't get up! Zzzzzzz :D
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  5. truelinor

    truelinor User

    Stage 1 is done! :D Took longer than I wanted it to - but I did have to sleep!!!

    Now, for the Brown Ale Kegs. I have a total of four breweries, but only two of them have been upgraded and that only to the second level. So, two of them can make 80 kegs in 4 hours and the other two make only 40 kegs in 4 hours. A total of 240 kegs every 4 hours. So, it's going to take 8 hours to get all 400 kegs. I just started the first batch now.
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  6. s.c.lynx

    s.c.lynx Game Administrator Team RisingCities

    You need to upgrade all of your facilities to get through sooner.
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  7. truelinor

    truelinor User

    I didn't realize my breweries weren't upgraded since I never run out of product - in fact, I always have more than enough. I will work on that for next time though. I'm just seeing if I can do it like I have it now since it's too late to upgrade them now for this event. Do you not think I can do it since they are not upgraded? Maybe I have found where I went wrong all the other times, eh?

    OK, I have restarted all breweries and I'll be back in another four hours!

    Again, any suggestions - please post! Encouragement is welcome too! :D
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  8. truelinor

    truelinor User

    OK, I have a question I can't find the answer for on the Biker's Week thread. And that is how many soy beans does it take to make the tufu dogs?

    I will be able to produce 1200 soy beans every 4 hours, but I don't know how many it takes to produce the tufu dogs, so I don't know if that is enough or if I will have to run the farms again or what. Can someone help me with this, please?
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  9. 7benjamin9

    7benjamin9 User

    1 soy bean is needed to produce 1 tofu dog. You have to produce 5000 soy beans altogether.
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  10. truelinor

    truelinor User

    Oh, OK, thanks for that bit of information! So, I just need to grow them one time and I should have enough for all the tofu dogs! Great!

    OK, I have another question. I made the Brown Ale kegs and thought I had some leftover, but I can't find it in the warehouse anywhere. What happens to leftovers when you go on to the next stage? I'm going to need them for the 4th stage. Also, I noticed I couldn't make any after I finished Stage 2. I was wondering, what if I had started all my breweries making the brown ale kegs before I turned them in to complete Stage 2 - would I have them for Stage 4? What would I have to do? Not "harvest" them until Stage 4 started? It's too late for this go-round, but I'm thinking for next time.

    Also, just for your information, I am upgrading one of my brreweries for Stage 4. I would upgrade them all, but I don't have enough resources to do that.
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  11. 7benjamin9

    7benjamin9 User

    Nope, you will need to grow soy beans 5 times: 4x1.200 + 1x240=5.040.

    Leftover kegs remain and will be visible again after you collect enough letters to complete stage 3. You can start next shift of kegs right before completing stage 2, but it is not necessarily. Since your 3 breweries (80+80+40=200) will take 24 hours to brew 1200 kegs, your 3 bakeris (3x240=720) will take 42 hours to bake 5.000 tofu dogs.

    What is your current remaining time to complete weekly event? How many letters have you already collected?
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  12. truelinor

    truelinor User

    OHH! 5 times! I guess I miscalculated! OK, I think I can do that.

    OK, I have just over 46 hours remaining. I have all the letters, so that stage is complete. I just started all but one of my farms on soy beans since I didn't think I would need it. (One farm is not upgraded all the way since I liked the red barn the best - I wanted to keep one so I could remember what it looked like!) I just went back and started soy beans on that farm too.

    I have four breweries - two upgraded to 80 kegs at a time and two not upgraded (40) however, I am in the process of upgrading one of those two and will have it done in less than two hours. I started right after I finished Stage 2, while I was collecting the letters.

    Now, I guess all I really need to know is - do I really have time to finish Stage 4? And, if I do, perhaps, just perhaps, I will be able to finish the whole event, depending on how long it takes to collect all the helmets. I made the mistake of clicking everything before Stage 3 began, so that took up some time, waiting for the time to roll around again. Live and learn, right?
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  13. 7benjamin9

    7benjamin9 User

    You will fall (way) too short of time. Definitely. I would stop it right now.
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  14. truelinor

    truelinor User

    OK, I will stop. Now I need to get ready for the next time. What can I do to get ready? See if I have it all right:

    1. Upgrade all Breweries to highest level I possibly can
    2. Run Breweries before turning in Kegs from Stage 2 - or will this matter? The 80 Kegs I had made from Stage 2 did show up for Stage 4, so that was helpful. However, the real time consuming thing would be the tofu dogs so I would probably have time to make all the Kegs within that time, right?
    3. Don't click on houses so that when Stage 3 comes along, I will be able to get all the letters in less time.
    4. Start the event early in the day so I can go to sleep - hmmm... I'm trying to think of which stage to go to sleep during, but they all have something to do every 4 hours so I don't know that it would matter.

    Is there anything else I should do to get ready for the next Biker's Week?

    Frustrating... :(
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  15. s.c.lynx

    s.c.lynx Game Administrator Team RisingCities

    What you can do is produce as many products early. Have stock piles of logs, bricks, potatoes on hand so those stages take a minimum of time. Upgrade all of your facilities. The tofu dogs is the best time, I found, to sleep. Start production and go to bed and then get up in four hours to collect the dogs and soy beans. Go back to bed. Since you have to do five cycles you should be able to get eight or nine hours of sleep total. Three three hour stints. A good try on your part and a great learning experience.
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  16. 7benjamin9

    7benjamin9 User

    Here is how I see it:

    • Upgrade 1 brewery to level 3, other 3 breweries upgrad to level 2 - it will give you exactlly 400 keg in one turn, enough to complete stage 2 in only 4 hours.
    • Produce bricks, wheat and potatoes in advance (not necessarily, you can buy them - just kidding).
    • Start new round of kegs before you finnish stage 2 (not necessarily).
    • Construct new residential buildings with rent timer 3, 6 or even 12 hours or more - I strongly reccomend Stone manor, Bavarian cottage, Hunting lodge, Terraced row house, Studio apartments, ... More houses mean more letters/helmets.
    • Plan rent collecting for the beginning of stege 3 (letters) and stage 5 (helmets). Each type of house has different timer.
    • Use "Master keys" (you get them from town house (free), loot-o-matic (free), comet packs (tier up star), booster packs (medals from emergencies)) if you don't collect letters/helmets in one turn. Use it on house with longer rent timer.
    • Create timetable and execute tasks consistently. Keep in mind that exatly 58 (out of 72) hours are needed for production and only 14 hours for collecting letters/helmets and your indiscipline in executing tasks. But if you start event on friday at 16:30, you would finnish it on monday at 16:30 (which of course isn't an option unless you have work-free monday) so you better plan that finnish for monday at 07:00. So, in fact, you only have 4,5 hours for collecting letters/helmets and "liberties".
    I have made short analysis of you event. You produced 1.500 logs in 14:10 instead of rolling through in 08:00. For the first 400 kegs you burned 09:55 instead of 04:00. You collected letters in 03:00 instead of 00:15. Here is where you dropped way too much time: almost 15:00 hours!

    I think, now you have way better understanding of the toughness of this event.

    So go ahead and equip (and prepare) yourself appropriately for this event firsty, then go for it and make it. Don't try.

    And, if you need any help regarding timetable - just ask.
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  17. Artisan

    Artisan Team Leader Team RisingCities

  18. s.c.lynx

    s.c.lynx Game Administrator Team RisingCities

    7benjamin9 - What an AWESOME analysis of the event. Remember that this event is designed to be a serious challenge.
  19. 7benjamin9

    7benjamin9 User

    Just finnished this event, 10:54:28 remaining.:)
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  20. s.c.lynx

    s.c.lynx Game Administrator Team RisingCities

    Way to go and well done. Thank you for confirming what we have been saying it is doable just very difficult.