Birthday Event 2015

Discussion in 'Game Discussions & Feedback' started by tassie-devil, Aug 26, 2015.

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  1. G`day Mayors,
    Here you can leave your feedback on the 2015 birthday event, we look forward to seeing all your comments :):)

    We are aware that stage 5 reward in all four levels is still displaying the fondant palace and not the birthday residence. we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
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  2. Arsuru

    Arsuru User

    Well, the new residence looks okay (though the large 3 I could do without) despite that it is again, a modification of an existing asset. A retexture of the fondant palace, adding a huge 3, the pennants from the beer garden, and some misc bobbles/changes. Will it be a blurry image-manipulation again, like the Chateau Amor? Kinda looks like it, from the similarly low-res preview. It does make it unfortunate that there isn't something to distinguish year two from one though.

    Compare for yourselves.

    And the rest of the prizes unfortunately appear to remain the same. Red tulips, beer gardens, and coal plants are piling up for me as they are offered in other events regularly. It would have been nice to have another stage, say 50–75 with some appropriate rewards and difficulty. It looks like there is again no champagne as well, which is quite the disappointment. :( Some good those new servers are doing.

    The German and French FAQs, at least, even show higher requirements for items than last year. More fake-difficulty with no increase, or at least change in prizes? Pushing for us to use MM? Plus, it looks like the old 2014 FAQ has disappeared in some boards, almost as if to obfuscate. Though admittedly, it wasn't especially hard last year, it's still rather dubious.

    It certainly doesn't look like the turn-around that's needed to prove there is indeed a future in store for this game or that BP actually cares. Yet another house mod is seriously pushing it, as if people won't notice. 'New' houses simply aren't enough, especially when they are low-res in comparison to what is there already. While I'm glad there is an event at all, when taking everything into account, it again feels like a cheap, rushed placation (and one that seems like it almost didn't happen at that) with a bit of a cash-grab on top of it all. It's looking more and more like BP cares less and less.

    And all this before it's even live; the one event that you'd think would be of special significance. Still time for a surprise. Sorry y'all, just calling it like I see it. It's off to a bad start, anyway, all things considered.
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  3. reddly

    reddly User

    Mmm I was really looking forward to this event being my first birthday event here. The pre-event Hype was a big build up reading what others had written about past B'day events. But now when I look at the prizes and how many production points I have to use only to get prizes I don't need. I will have to really sit and think is it worth wasting production points on.
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  4. _joker1974

    _joker1974 User


    Will only start it up, because the first task you get drop items, still have houses to get them for mastery.
  5. Calliope

    Calliope User

    I'm rather new to the game, so I'm interested to see how this goes. I do like the idea of having the year number on the top of the cake so that you can see the progression as the years go by (depending on if you get all the cakes from now on). Somehow that appeals to me. Right now, I am just building up production points in anticipation.

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  6. Estrid

    Estrid User

    Usually I'm annoyingly positive about this game, but hey, there's a first for everything. And I must say that it seems the Bday event is more a waste of time than anything else. Prizes I don't really need, and A LOT of products to deliver which will take up capacity from farms etc to prevent my city to develop further. I'll take part - I usually do, but it's gonna be a mood killer.... I agree with you arsuru on most of your points. BP should invest just a little bit more in the game if they're gonne make me invest my time/money in it...
  7. cmarold

    cmarold User

    I'm wondering why the requirements are higher for the event than what is listed in the Birthday Event 2015 FAQs page? I am on level 45, and according to the FAQs for levels 25-75 I need 3600 roses, and 1000 love letters for step 1. The game is asking for 4140 roses, and 1150 love letters. Are all the steps going to ask for greater numbers of the requirements? What's going on?
  8. Arsuru

    Arsuru User

    @cmarold Yeah, there seems to have been some confusion, and not just here on the English boards. The link to the German FAQ above has the correct amounts, and alternatively, the French one is a bit easier to read since it has pictures, but yes, everything is increased, though it's not so drastic that it makes a huge difference.

    I'd have linked it before, but there were errors in the last tier which have now been corrected.
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  9. Thanks for the heads upon this cmarold, I seems there is a bug in the Faq so unfortunately I have had to remove this till I can find a fix:(
  10. Update, the Faq should now be correct , please advise me if I have missed something thankyou:)
  11. Arsuru

    Arsuru User

    For level 25–75, the number of pumpkins should be 13800. So many… x_x

    Nothing else stands out immediately.
  12. Thanks Arsuru it is now fixed :D
  13. billyjim

    billyjim User

    The birthday event is a once a year event. Therefore it should be a challenge to complete. I also would like to have some new and different rewards but we get what we got. The rewards may not be to our liking but they are rewards.
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  14. Akalima

    Akalima User

    What a good way to celebrate the game's birthday by creating the most lackluster and time consuming event in the game's history...
    I'm guessing it was created by some sadistic summer intern who was given free hands to throw together such a stinking pile that screams nothing but "throw your money this way in order to complete it and get nothing in return!".

    I'm REALLY hoping the entire playerbase has enough sense to stand up against this pile of excrement and refuse to even try to complete it.
    But most likely this will make loads of money for BP from MM sales which will bode well for future events which will likely contain even more absurd tasks with so called "rewards" even worse than the ones in this event.

    A good idea for the next event would be to ask players to pay 50$ in the first step and 10.000 MM in the next step, then as the "reward" create a link to Money for Nothing with Dire Straits.

    Way to treat your customers BP, well done and happy birthday!
  15. Arsuru

    Arsuru User

    Now, it may be lackluster, especially for those of a higher level, but I'm still going to do it. Lots of XP to be had, and a least the house is unique, though not original. While I do think the increase in items required was likely to cash in, it's still easily doable without MM (though I do feel for the poor souls who have only three bakeries, but that is another problem). Of course, 48 hours of pumpkins and 36 of cake is more of a bore than a challenge — for me, at least.

    I doubt refusing to do it will accomplish anything anyway. Last year's complaints about the event obviously didn't. In fact, it's almost like they punished us for daring to criticize it! :rolleyes: It feels like BP is telling us to shut-up and be grateful to have anything at all — even if it is not the best they can do — all the while not showing any evident signs of gratitude themselves and giving us cheap toys when our whining gets annoying, in hopes that it will shut us up until we grow up and move out, or something. This trend is a good way to ensure there won't be a fourth birthday, or at least that some of us won't be here to celebrate it.

    How hard can it be to at least have the champagne?
  16. MisterN68

    MisterN68 User

    Going to get 16th Coal plant to my storage, other 9 already placed. I would have rather taken Wind Farm or Solar Power Plant instead, but you have to take whats available and thats it. :cool:
    If i find space, ill place 10th (or maybe up to 12th to my city), rest will be 4 sale - if thats possible in future :rolleyes::D:p
    Other rewards at most highest levels r good, though maybe some CC or MM would have been nice.
    And as 4 Champagne, i would have had like it 2, but i think BP has a non-alcoholic line, since (i believe) there r also young players who play this (im legal age 4 drinking):):rolleyes::D

  17. Arsuru

    Arsuru User

    Yet we can brew several beers. And if that were really the case, they could be replaced with gift-boxes or something.

    @tassie-devil Oh, we do get two permits for red tulips. This error seems to be all-over, and was present last year too.
  18. MisterN68

    MisterN68 User

    Ur right, i wrote b4 thinking the whole picture :oops::rolleyes:. Yes a gift-box would be nice 2 (it could contain for example a Mystery season 2 builing/deco):)

  19. Thanks Arsuru:D
  20. With the delay of the Birthday event, i was hoping for some improvement when it arrived, unfortunately i have been dissapointed, not only do you have to produce and collect more items the only thing that looks half decent is the new residence and then i find out it has only 4 residents at level 1. All those low level building were bulldozed months ago even the large amount of xp on offer to complete the event is not worth the effort so i probably wont do this event :)
    I know that the mods do try extremely hard in getting their point across, so it is about time the developers started to listen to the mods and us the players.
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