Can no longer purchase MM Money

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by hedymay, Apr 22, 2015.

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  1. hedymay

    hedymay User

    I sent in a ticket request because I can no longer buy MM. Was told by one person that You could not help me and would have to start a new game. This is the second time I have done this and am not willing to start over. I will soon be at level 42 and have spent a lot of money already. I really enjoy this game and some really nice people play this game and are so helpful! I have no idea what happened, since my credit card is current and in good standing. I am now playing another game that I enjoy, and they do not mind taking my money.
    I will continue to play Rising Cities since I have invested so much money into this game. I probably have not posted this in the right place but this is the only place I could find to post.
    I will play on...for free.
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  2. Hi hedymay,
    I've moved this to "Payment Issues", as that seems a more appropriate forum. Normally all payment issues are handled through tickets, as that is the only secure way of dealing with these issues. I appreciate you alerting us to this problem. If you're using the same card that you've always used successfully, is it your card provider that has for some reason blocked the payment (suspicious use, or other reason)? If you could check that first, and if that's not a problem, maybe send in another support ticket?

    Please DO NOT post any card details here!

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