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    Types of Citizens

    When a construction or upgrade is finished [​IMG] icon is shown above your house. By clicking on it you can choose which type of citizens to move in.


    Each Residential Building can accommodate one type of citizens at a certain time.

    Changing the type of citizens:
    - after upgrading a building you can choose again what type of citizens to move in
    - instantly using Master Keys [​IMG]

    Rent & Revenue

    Rent is collected by clicking on the house when the symbol appear above them.

    Revenue is different for each type of citizen and is received only if the needs of the house are satisfied:

    CityCredits [​IMG]
    - revenue from Capitalists [​IMG]
    - used to build and upgrade buildings
    - buy and sell products on the marketplace​

    Production Points [​IMG]
    - revenue from Workers [​IMG]
    - used to produce goods in manufacturing facilities​

    Education Points [​IMG]
    - revenue from Students [​IMG]
    - used to train and improve specialists in Academy
    - for extending contracts of specialists in the Emergency Buildings​

    Needs Fulfillment

    Each house has their own specific needs showed in the house detail window

    Needs can be:

    (1) Fulfilled = Commercial building is in vicinity and stocked
    (2) Unfulfilled = Commercial building is not in the vicinity or goods are out of stock
    (3) Locked = you must upgrade house to unlock
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