City Wheel (Loot-O-Matic)

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    The City Wheel

    - The city wheel is accessible via a button on the right side of the screen [​IMG] but it's not always available, you need to keep an eye on your right side of the screen, it comes around once in a while.

    General Information:
    - The exact amount of some rewards is different for each user level
    - There are two wheels: Prize and Buff wheels
    - The Buff wheel affects the output of the Prize wheel
    - The city wheel can be spun with tokens, which can be purchased with Metro Money


    (A) Time left until the City Wheel becomes unavailable.
    (B) Spin Tokens (click + to buy more)
    (C) Bonus Tokens (click + to buy more)
    (D) Prize Wheel (activates when you have at least 1 spin token)
    (E) Buff Wheel (activates when you have at least 1 buff token)
    (F) Start button (click to spin)

    ** Stop button will not instantly stop the wheel, it will just put on the breaks and it will slow down until it stops.

    Once the wheel stop you can collect the reward

    Spin and Buff Tokens:


    Token Pack S - 1 token for 59 MetroMoney
    Token Pack M - 10 tokens for 549 MetroMoney
    Token Pack L - 20 tokens for 899 MetroMoney

    Bonus Token pack S - 1 bonus token for 59 MetroMoney
    Bonus Token pack M - 10 bonus token for 549 MetroMoney
    Bonus Token pack L - 20 bonus token for 899 MetroMoney

    Prize wheel:
    This is the main wheel, containing the core rewards.
    Spin tokens are required to use this

    Buff wheel:
    This is an optional wheel that can be activated
    It affects the reward from the Prize wheel
    Buff tokens are required to use this

    *** Prize Wheel can spin without buff tokens, Buff Wheel will not spin without Prize tokens.

    Rewards types:
    · The rewards are ordered in packages and color-coded:
    -- Normal: blue
    -- Jackpot: gold
    -- Exclusive: gold with a shine

    Reward includes:
    · CC
    · PP
    · EP
    · XP
    · MM
    · Vitamin-X
    · Master Keys
    · Home Improvements
    · Permits
    · Buildings
    · Decorations
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