Community Manager's Letter

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Dear forum reader,

if you’d like to actively participate on the forum by joining discussions or starting your own threads or topics, please log into the game first. If you do not have a game account, you will need to register for one. We look forward to your next visit! CLICK HERE
  1. -Wizz-

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    Hello Mayors,

    Please use this topic to discuss our latest Community Manager's Letter (link to letter HERE).
    Any off-topic posts will be removed.

    Your Rising Cities Team.
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  2. joookeeer

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    Thanks for everything you do. We really appreciate the transparency :)
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  3. Heh ? ? What is that? Is it another BP prank? :D :D :D :D :D

    Community Manager? Why don't you at least sign your name under that hastily drafted and extremely poorly translated "artwork"? :)

    I especially like the phrase "We want to be open with you:" or "Should there be anything that you are not sure of or should you need help, we'll be glad to help. ". I mean these guys are so full of good humor and tricks to keep us loughing out loud. :) :) :)

    Anyway, thanks for telling us at least something, finally, after months of waiting. :D :cool: :p :cool: :D If you want to take on board any advice, finaly learn the art of just normal friendly communication with gamers and don't feed us with this empty rethorics as above. And when you decide to put out a note after several months of silence, at least pay it a bit of attention. Your draft doesn't put you in much better light then your stubborn months long silence. :)

    btw is sephiroth still with us, or do we have a new producer now? :)
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  4. *kimmi*

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    My patience you can have ... my understand ... that's not so easy since you don't really tell what the the problem are/were: ' take on some very technical challenges' wonder what that could be? ;)
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  5. I think I can help a bit with that one here. It's my assumption, that when they did the first programming, they completely messed the code up, had no documentation for it, and that's why later every change to the code was risky as it could produce unforseen results in that bunch of mesed up undocumented code. I would believe that this probably was at least part of the issue. Of course there might have been a bit or a whole lot more involved in those tech challenges. Just my inteligent guess.
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  6. o_O I think I did hear/read the same story in another BP game before,
    its about time they came up with a new story for the mess there :D

    One bug I already found :cool:

    Or is this the new screensaver on the devs computers? :rolleyes:
  7. billyjim

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    Dear Community Manager,

    We thank you for your communication of 30 September, 2014. It was pleasant to see that there is life remaining at the offices of Big Point / Rising Cities.

    We accept your apology for the delay in communication and are sorry to hear about the difficulties you have had in finding time to contacting us. Please do not let it go for so long next time. We feel abandoned and think you do not care for us any more. We do realize that there are pressing matters which exist but a quick note like this could do a lot to alleviate our concerns. More details would not hurt.

    We are starving for information about a game we care so much about. When all we get is silence for months at a time this leads us into speculation and rumor. Which is not good for us, the game, or you.

    We will agree with you, the Moderators are fantastic, they do a thankless job. Quietly, with dignity, extremely well and are your best representatives. The sad thing is they appear to be the only source of information for the game. Therefore, they get all of our the abuse. Great job Mods. Thank You.

  8. Billy, is this your pranky response? :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    Not sure who you mean by "we", but I must exclude myself from most of it. :) Just wondering which group or party or company you represent here and it might help if you specified that. :)
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  9. In addition to my previous comment, if the CM looses his job, no worries for him, he still can go into politics, there they use always the same things, a lot of words saying nothing inteligent and usefull.

    Think he even can make it to president with this type of texts :D
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  10. joookeeer

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    Whatever the case may be, at least they are trying to inform us. And they have to carefully word memos to make sure we don't misconstruct what their intentions are. You know how many lawsuits are won because CEOs got careless with their language? I don't think anyone is going to sue BP but they know that professionalism is the safer option when dealing with the public.
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  11. Please read the memo with understanding. It's neither carefully worded, nor proffesional. :D :D :D
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  12. billyjim

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    Nortoncommander I was using the literary device of the "Royal" we in my post. Sorry I was having a moment of pompousness. :p
  13. Hipshot

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    Let's see, they're sorry for not updating us for a long time, but some of the developers jumped ship for better jobs and left the others to fix the mess they made in the code. OK, that I can actually understand.

    Then they went on to tell us that the first thing they're going to do is fix the biggest bugs that are left BEFORE they make any significant changes to game play. That too is understandable.

    Looks like we have a few more months before we get any new features or reasonable changes to the ones that exist but are clumsy.


    PS, I bet sephiroth was one of the folk that jumped ship.
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  14. billyjim

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    Oh drat, I am out of Scotch, I wonder if Tequila or Vodka will work. I was just coming up from my depression about the game and you had to put your foot on my head and force me back down. :(:( So I have to lock up the sharp objects and toxic substances again. Heavy sigh. May the future actually get better. We can dream. :D:D
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  15. Mr.Crowley

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    :confused:I dont know if it is a bug or what.:confused: But every time I speed up a building, it takes 1 mm extra over what is the price shown.:eek: This has been getting on my late nerve for some time now.o_O I have been keeping track for the passed six months now. And now a grand total of 652 MM that I have shorted.:mad: Can someone tell me if this is a bug or what the heck is going on with the thing stealing from me.:( Or is this the first time anyone has reported it.:cool: It's not hard to see that it's taken 1 mm more.;) Expl: Cost 25MM from the 500MM I just got. :DNow I would have 474MM that's not to hard to see,:mad: now is it?:mad: This has been going on for over 8 months, I just started keeping track the past 6 months and. Now I am 1 mm short of getting what I wanted.:oops: And with the cinplex messed up I won't use it till it's fixed. So getting a little :mad: here.
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  16. this is not a thread for your problem so it is way off topic, please fill in a support ticked and they will be able to help you there.
    one mor thing your use of emoticons is way above the acceptable level you are making this post difficult to read, in the future please keep the use of these to a minimum thank you:)
  17. your post here is way off topic as this is not a thread to discuss this type of problem and this post will be deleted. please in the future post in the appropriate areas, further indiscretions may incur more infractions