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  1. gazsika

    gazsika User

    It would be very nice if I can see databases about my buildings. If I can see how many houses I have, can see ID of houses and can see where is these, which arguments thay have. These databases available at management. Why are forbidden those for me?
  2. s.c.lynx

    s.c.lynx Game Administrator Team RisingCities

    Whew, We do not have a means to show all of this data. You can find out how many building permits available in the Designer Depot. You also can see information about each individual house in the FAQ section.
  3. gazsika

    gazsika User

    sorry, you didn't understand my question. In faq we can see about buildings in the game. Ok. But I want see buildings in my city. How many and which kind I have. In the my city where can I find that (coordinates). By ID numbers which properties have they (level, etc.)
  4. s.c.lynx

    s.c.lynx Game Administrator Team RisingCities

    There is no way to view this information.
  5. _Bosco_

    _Bosco_ User

    Here you have an excel file where you can save all your buildings, energy ... but you have to do it by yourself.

    The most difficult is to enter all the datas for the first time. But when it's done, it's very convenient to use.

    I've been using it for several months now.

    Problem : it's in french
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  6. s.c.lynx

    s.c.lynx Game Administrator Team RisingCities

    _Bosco_ you are correct you can create your own spread sheet with the data.
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  7. T.STARK

    T.STARK User

    Why? It is official, that game is abandoned and there is no way for updates?
    There is lot of possibilties to make a database IN game, even in this game…
    Oh, my dear, you can create your own new game with spread data sheet;):D
  8. s.c.lynx

    s.c.lynx Game Administrator Team RisingCities

    Let me know when the game goes live.
  9. T.STARK

    T.STARK User

    Like everything, but good investments gives the profit;)
    The point is there is so many working games with lots of addons but I thought we talking about game which this forum belongs and possibilities to this game:rolleyes:
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  10. wrighty8

    wrighty8 User

    possibilities to this game...Endless but No still Dead ,stale,out dated.
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  11. T.STARK

    T.STARK User

    I have great idea so, let's call the game "ZOMBIE CITIES":p

    EDIT: With signature title: "The longest dead online game ever";)
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