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Discussion in 'Game Discussions & Feedback' started by -Wizz-, Oct 24, 2014.

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  1. -Wizz-

    -Wizz- User

    Hello Mayors,

    Share with us your impressions and opinions regarding this Special Event.

    Trick or Treat! :eek:

    Your Rising Cities Team.
  2. joookeeer

    joookeeer User

    I will definitely be doing it but... the house and decorations could be redone to look a little cooler :/ otherwise, looks like great exp. Thanks for the event :)
  3. I think it is ok but i won't be doing it because it looks like it will take up to much of my time
  4. billyjim

    billyjim User

    I did not do the event last year I was to new to the game to understand the benefits of doing the events. I had not even found the Forum by that time. I will be doing it this year should be fun.
  5. kuroyany

    kuroyany User

    Personally,I won't be doing it this year as the deco & the house is the same as last year. I do wish they had added another level after +25 because I don't think any of the intermediate rewards are that much of an incentive bar the 200k+ XP
  6. billyjim

    billyjim User

    It would have been better to have had the event start the week before Halloween rather than on Halloween. That way we could have the decorations for the day not after the fact.
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  7. Mr.Crowley

    Mr.Crowley User

    The event is nice to have. The decorations are the trick,and the 200k:Xp is a treat. I for one will be doing the event again. But if the event is the same next year, I will not. I do not need any more decorations in my city. The mood gain for my city is (12,331) the mood loss is (5,007) as you might see, I do not need any more decor.
    I need building for resources and housing for a larger population. I would like to see next years event have a choice to pick a harder event or a easier event. The easy one is the event that we have now. The harder event could have some thing nice like a brick yard or lumber mill, and some kinda house like a creepy old castle. The point is something I can use. So I do not have to make more space for decorations. Because I already have a amusement park looking area now. That contains all the different decor, that really wouldn't belong anywhere. Other then a parade float.
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  8. I did a whole spreadsheet on whether or not to do the Halloween event and in the end i came with 59 hours of producing were needed (if i started with nothing) but if i had all i could make ready then it would only take me 59-15=44 hours leaving 168-44=124 hours to do all the collecting thing and as i did not finish it last year, i think this could be a relaxing event and so i am going to try it, i never got the hunted house so i will see how far i get this year. which me luck. Do you think it will be a relaxing event or not? (i am level 25+).
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  9. Blindtiger

    Blindtiger User

    This looks fun and I need to stockpile Beams and Tomatoes ahead of time. The rest is easy sort of.
  10. billyjim

    billyjim User

    Danger Mr. Crowley,

    Do not get to comfortable with those numbers there is a glitch in the system effecting the mood and power readings making them lower than they actually should be. Any time that your game gets reset the actual numbers are reinstated. According to the powers in charge they are working on a fix for this problem.

    So when they fix this issue or if your game needs to be reset to fix an issue an instant readjustment will occur and suddenly you could find yourself with 75 or 50 % population or production. This hurts a lot. Trust me I had an issue and the moderators had to reset my game about a month ago and I was shocked at what it took to get back to normal. So be fore warned. :eek::oops::confused:

    So even if you do not place these decorations in your city you might want to have them in reserve for when they fix this glitch. I was glad I had a bunch of Zeus statues and Rock and Roll Hands in stock, as well as a couple of Coal Power Plants Permits and Small Reactors. :D:D
  11. wizardelo

    wizardelo User

    i think special events are supposed to be harder, and eat alot more resources then normal ones, so i always look forward for a challenge. i've stocked up on tomatoes and beams, and planned the pumpkins and logs so that i dont waste to much time. i dont mind another haunted tower, and the 300k experience is not bad.
    i will do it this year also. (y)
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  12. Geflin

    Geflin User

    My city has gotten huge and my capabilities are spread evenly enough that most events are a breeze even if I have no stockpiles. Plus, the game is just plain more fun when I can do an event at the same time as normal collecting and building etc. More to do equals more fun. I must say I do agree with the assertion that prizes need variety but am respectful of new players who do not yet have the prizes. Why not offer a choice tab, two different prizes for say the top two tier prizes (last two steps of an event) so players who've been on longer can get something different but newer players can still get last year's building? But will still do the event and enjoy it. Thanks RC/BP :)
    One other thing: would love to see some "Trick or Treat" booster packs like those Birthday booster packs they did with the champagne bottle drops....could do that with "candy" bags collected with rent and graded up for each step of the event completed. Not, mind you, the "candy" already as a drop item in the event; I am talking about the Birthday event from the year before last. Maybe next Halloween that could be added?
  13. Arsuru

    Arsuru User

    Not much to say. It's a fine event. It was easy last time, and this time will be even easier. I won't mind having another haunted tower, but I still want a haunted mansion. Like usual, new tiers, etc. would be nice in the future.

    I've generally found the special events to be relatively easier than regular ones. The longer time limit has usually let me finish with several days to spare.
  14. billyjim

    billyjim User

    I was just thinking It would be nice to be able to have a long term storage facility for seasonal and holiday decorations. Such as the haunted house, Easter Egg, Nut Cracker etc. This way would be able to alter the decor by the seasons rather than having them either hanging around all year in our cities or storing them in the inventory. I realize this is low priority and we will not likely see this just a thought.
  15. wizardelo

    wizardelo User

    u mean the inventory?:) isnt it long term, like forever.
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  16. billyjim

    billyjim User

    Ha Ha I guess you could use it for that. Question is there not a limit to the number of items you can put in inventory? I have never tried to put that many items in it lon term.
  17. Yes, there is. And, for extra space, you must pay a small amount of MM :)
  18. When is this event due to start????

    wendywoo2038 | ID 7869707
  19. Today 1pm in the UK (October 31 at 1pm in the UK)
  20. thank u xx