Do you make all weekly events?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by nennesby, Jan 9, 2017.

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  1. nennesby

    nennesby User

    Untill now I have made most of the weekly events, but as I improve I donot need the money I gain from there. I need more beams and most of the weekly events uses my sawmills for many hours.
    Tomorrow Lumberjack starts, the only things I need from that is the epic pooltable and the metromoney, but is i worth it????
  2. I agree, nennesby. Consideration must be given to the event rewards as compared to the costs - sometimes it just isn't worth it! I have only attempted the bikers event once and have not attempted it since (too many bricks to make!) and have recently decided not to bother with the lumberjack event (ties up the sawmills for too long!!). Initially the money and rewards were great, but at level 52 it's not such an incentive.
  3. Cubbies12

    Cubbies12 User

    Ya you always have to pick and choose whats best for you. I don't do many events but only the ones that the end result is high money or a building in which gives my city more happy points (i call them that lol).
  4. Cotewa

    Cotewa User

    I was still completing all of them, although the Bikers Week only to stage three as I wouldn't manage the fourth stage, but I just realised that I don't need to complete most of them anymore. Not because it costs too much, but because I don't need the rewards anymore...
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