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    Emergency Switchoff: is the option to deactivate the EMS from your city for as long as you would like.

    Q: How is this possible?
    A: Click on any of the departments (Firehouse, Police, Hospital)), go to Deactivate Tab and then click Deactivate Button.


    Q: Where are the emergency buildings when EMS is deactivated?
    A: You can find the EMS buildings in the inventory.


    Q: How can i activate EMS again?
    A: Place at least one of the emergency buildings in your city and EMS will be reactivated.

    Q: What happens to Patrol icon when EMS is deactivated?
    A: Patrol option is also deactivated, it will reappear when you replace at least 1 emergency building.

    Q: What happens to Academy when EMS is deactivated?
    A: Academy can also be placed in inventory along with emergency buildings. By doing so you will not be able to train new specialists. Leaving only Academy in city will not trigger emergencies

    Q: What happens to Emergency Points(hydrants,cameras,clinics) when EMS is deactivated?
    A: Emergency Points can be left in the city. They loose their functionality but they will still give mood.

    Q: What happens to Specialist Teams when EMS is deactivated?
    A: Specialists are stored along with the buildings, they are not lost.
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