Events for 11/07/2014 - Farmer's Market / Art Expo

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  1. -Wizz-

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    Hello Mayors,

    Today we will present you 2 events:

    The Farmer Market
    "The residents of your city have requested a farmer's market. Let's put one together!"

    Farmers Market: Level 10-14 and Level 15-19


    Art Expo
    "It's time to bring a bit of culture to the city, Mayor! Let's organize an interactive Art Expo. The residents can take part in workshops, learn about various crafts and take home their works of art!"

    The Artist Week: Level 20-24 and Level 25-75

    Both weekly quests are accessible from Tuesday 11.07.2014 14:00 CET to Sunday 16.07.2014 22:00 CET and lasts 72h.
    Check out the links above to see details.

    Your Rising Cities Team.
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