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  1. Thanks, Tellus - these have been corrected. And thank you Zenobia for your understanding - I hope you did manage to finish the Halloween event!
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  3. Thanks Tellus this has new been corrected
    Happy gaming
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    Um I now see that it add up to 13/12 :oops:
    The text don't say if the luxury+ is separate from the 6 fancy+ or can be one of them :confused:
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    Buena Vista Castle: Can anybody tell me about this residential building; perhaps update the residential building list with this home's information and needs? I cannot find it listed anywhere. You get it when you purchase the Loot-A-Matic Starter Pack. Thanks.
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    It is not in the residential list or anywhere else. All I can tell you is that the CC's gained from them is pretty darn good.
  7. this belongs in Faq errors will move it there where it can be looked at
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    Why do my attempts to get into the thread in General Questions "Buena Vista Castle" keep bringing me to this thread? Edit: Ok, I see it got moved. What is a "Loot-o-Matic" starter pack? Can you post a shot of the building? I have heard of production, education and emergency starter packs but not one for the Loot-o-Matic. They do sell ticket packs, and you can win buildings (is this a random special building on the Loot-o-Matic?) I am seriously curious.
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    It is not random as I have five of them. I think it replaced another building that still shows up in that pack. I believe that it is the bow style villa.

    I just checked and it now shows up in the Loot-A-Matic starter pack. Select treasury tab at the lower task bar and then select packs tab and click on the Loot-A-Matic starter pack.
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    Found it, and thank you for the info ;) Will have to buy me one of those starter packs. Had not seen that one yet...like the look of the building.
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    I am getting just shy of 5000 CC's on one and I still have to do my final upgrade. I have to build another stadim first. Of course that depends on decorations for added fulfillment revenues.
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  13. Ok:
    1) the Small Reactor is a prize from an event, you can just place it - it is finished instantly.
    2) the Wind Farm is a premium power plant, sometimes comes from booster packs or loot-o or events. Again, you just place it once you've got the permit, and it is finished instantly.
    3) the Solar Power Plant is similarly a premium power plant, and similarly is finished instantly.
    4) the Hydro Power dam is again finished when you buy the plot on the snow field. It doesn't need any instant finishing.
    What new picture is required?

    Ok, I'll update this - it used to be level 8, until they brought out the training event.
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  14. It was announced here: https://board-en.risingcities.com/threads/news-new-starterpack.25885/#post-625369
    But thanks to the OP for pointing out it's not in the FAQ - it clearly never got added after the pack was added. We'll get the info collected and update the Residential FAQ when done.
  15. in the same thread the pic isint whit all the power plants. (https://board-en.risingcities.com/threads/power-plants.1119/)
  16. good thinking he's right
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  18. How do i repair the bridge? i bought the land around it but cant do anything with it.

    Thanks ID 9335365
  19. Firstly. please in the future please start your own post and not post in a thread that is unrelated to the topic.
    Secondly the shore playfield is available from l20 after you complete the required quests, at the moment you are at L11
    is there anything else tat we can help you with on this topic,
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