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  1. choijs71

    choijs71 User

    I have one troble.

    I have 5 brickyards.

    I try to clickc one of them , then all screen stop.
  2. G`day Dom,
    that is one of the grey areas, I think diagnostricion is generally referred to in the singular :)
  3. Arsuru

    Arsuru User

    Take a closer look, Tassie. There is indeed an s missing in the middle if the word: diagno(s)tiction. You can see it if you hover over your specialist as well.

    The easiest way is to click the image button (looks like a mountain, next to the emoticons) in the toolbar and paste the URI of the image directly. In this case you linked the folder, so you'd have to click on 'show original' after enlarging the thumbnail.
  4. Thanks Arsuru, these old eyes are not as good as they used to be.:(
    This error will have to be passed up the line to the Devs, I will include it in my weekly report :)
  5. Yeah .... that sounds great ... where do I get the URI? (Technologically challenged, here!)
  6. Arsuru

    Arsuru User

    In the address bar. It's that same thing you pasted into your previous post, just that that one didn't point to the image itself. It's the 'link'.
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  7. New discrepancy. In the Circus Fettucini awards listing, one of the prizes is listed as "sleek duplex", but in everything else I've read, it's called "Designer Duplex". No screen shot, sorry.
  8. G`day Dom,
    thanks for letting us know I will look into that :)
    If possible it is helpful to include a link to the Page you are referring to makes our job so much easier ;)
  9. This error has now been corrected, some times ago a lot of the names were updates this is one that slipped through the net, I have also fixed the FAq;)
  10. hi, all .
    ingame i have a residence called Luxury Houseboat , but here :
    is called Luxury Boathouse .
    also in same link, we dont have access to other 2 links : needs and mastery.
    can a nice moderator correct these , please ?

    i saw these errors , cause was curious about what commercial building my Luxury Houseboat needs , if i upgade it to level 4 .

    also, i found another error :
    CC's cost at level 4 is too high : 1,7000,000 . i suppose it must be 1,700,000 .
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  11. Cotewa

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  12. For the Easter Event FAQ:
    The Stage 3 reward is said to be a Family House, yet in-game it is referred to as a Modern Private Home.

    The Stage 4 reward is said to be 2 Purple Tulips, yet in-game these are referred to as Purple Tulip Flowerbeds.

    The Stage 9 reward is said to be a Multigeneration House, yet in-game is referred to as a Designer Family Home.

  13. Thankyou Charlesy.:)
  14. walldie

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  15. walldie

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  16. G`day Walldie, I notice that you have also that you have submitted a support ticket on this topic, and the resolution of your query will be taken care of from there.
    In the future please only log a request in one place as this will save us from a considerable amount of work thank you.
  17. Zantia1

    Zantia1 User

    which is the right name of this event: Antiquity Fair or Ancient Festival?
  18. billyjim

    billyjim User

    Depending on where you look it is called both
  19. Cotewa

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