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Dear forum reader,

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  1. Thankyou cotewa, this error is now corrected :)
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    The Revenue for the Japanese Pagoda and the Solar Skyscraper at level 4 are wrong.

    Japanese Pagoda: Despite staying with the same needs for level 4, the revenue suddenly goes up from 840 to 4,352/3672/3672

    Solar Skyscraper: Despite having a Football stadium added to the needs, the revenue goes down from 1520 on level 3 to 1000/800/800 at level 4.

    The link to the residential buildings: https://board-en.risingcities.com/threads/residential-buildings.1123/page-3#post-5659
    The link to the needs: https://board-en.risingcities.com/threads/residential-needs-fulfillment.1116/#post-372860

    And while at it, the revenue for the Modern Single-Family Home shows 0, but I receive 9 at level 3 after having completed the second challenge (+ 25% needs revenue).
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    Здравствуйте,у меня сегодня со счета пропало 400 мегадолллары,куда они могли деться?я ничего не покупала и не улучшала за долллары?...выходила утром из игры было 799 вот сейчас зашла и увидела что не хватает долларов...
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    Вы, вероятно, случайно потратили его. Подтвердите вопрос подтверждения:
    Параметры игры, Расширенные параметры (Вверх) и Вариант 5 здесь.
    Надеюсь, Google хорошо разбирается.

    You probably spent it accidentally. Confirm the confirmation question:
    Game Options, Extended Options (Top), and Option 5 here.
    I hope google translated it well.
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    Hello, from Friday 20 October I can't go in the game. It happens with all browsers and all computers from those who have tried to access, so it isn't a problem of cleaning of my computer. I put the name, the key, give access and stays continuously on the blue screen with the silhouette of buildings.
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    almma25 This is the wrong place for this posting. You should create your own thread to discuss this issue. Do not hijack an existing thread on a different subject. This thread is for errors in the FAQ's

    I went in and reset your resources and the game loads fine now. The consequence of this the mood and power levels have been reset to their proper levels. (A known glitch in the game that generally works in the players favor).
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    Hungarian language>
    Tobb mint 2 eve jatszom a jateket de hasonlo problemaval meg nem talalkoztam: egyszeruen nem tudok belepni a "parti" teruletre. A tobbi siman mukodik. Amikor a parti teruletre szeretnek belepni azonnal a "varosba " dob. Frissitettem mar a Flash playert, probaltam 3 kulonbozo bongeszobol inditani a "parti" teruletet de sajnos hiaba.
    Ha tudtok segiteni,elore is megkoszonom!
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    Flavio-k - The forum requires that all posting in the forum, except in the special Language sections. I have tried to understand your post but can not do so. Can you try translating the post using different language. Also, this is not the proper place for this posting. This section is for errors discovered in the FAQ's for the game.
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    In this case, please help me where to ask for help.
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    The correct method would be to start a new thread with the issue. Rather than hijacking an existing thread. I tried to help you but when I used google translate I could not understand the translation of your question.
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    The problem is simple: I can not enter the play area - the beach. The game immediate is blocking!
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    Thank you, for the simplified explanation in English. I have gone into your game and reset your resources this has allowed us to access all your playing fields. This process also corrects the glitch that artificially inflates the Power and Mood of your game and resets them to the correct level. So you will need to rebuild these back up. Enjoy your city.
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    same problem.
    | 5elin
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    Selin - This is the wrong place for posting an issue or problem. You should create a new thread rather than hijack an existing thread. This thread os for posting errors you have found in one of the FAQ's.

    I have reset your game you will have to reconstruct your power and mood levels.
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    не знаю куда писать поэтому пишу сюда...у меня такой вопрос почему у меня в колесе градофортуны выпадают только очки образования?...сколко это будет продолжатся?...вот только сейчас я прокрутила колесо 6 раз и все 6 раз очки образования...это уже издевательство...
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    You must post in English in this forum. Except in the alternative language sections. I am not certain what you are talking about. Are you talking about the Loot-O-matic or the city wheel. The prizes are awarded at randomn, it is possible to get the same or similar awards for several times in a row.