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Discussion in 'Game Discussions & Feedback' started by -Wizz-, Sep 23, 2014.

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  1. -Wizz-

    -Wizz- User

    Hello Mayors,

    Please use this thread to post your opinions and concerns, tips and ideas about this weekly event. We will read each comment and the best ones will make the weekly report.

    Your Rising Cities Team.
  2. *kimmi*

    *kimmi* User

    Just make an extra lv-group from 50-75 and trow in some new decorations


    and/or building


    And it would be nice if you reconsider the number of required Tofu Dogs for both lv20-24 and 25-75.
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  3. MillerWrox

    MillerWrox User

    I played the Biker Rally event when it first came out and found it a difficult to complete the requirements for level four. I understand that some of these things are intended to be a challenge but this was more like a desperate struggle. For me personally, it was not enjoyable at all and I haven't done the event since. I did the first two or three levels once or twice to get the MM or Vitamin-X but now I just let this one pass me by because I think even the Level 1 Requirement of 500 Bricks is too high. I feel I could make better use of them in upgrading my existing buildings.
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  4. Hahaaa ! Now we are getting to some serious business. This event is by all means exceptional and deserves our full attention. :) So, what do we have here for higher tier?

    • Intro requirements 500 bricks with max production power 96 bricks every 3 hours and construction materials being needy already, this just makes no sense.
    • Toffu dogs challenge with it's so many times posted time demand make not much sense either.
    • Rewards in terms of exp is good, but that's it from the "good" side. All the rest, for so much materials and time sacrifice is far less then adequate. I mean 2 memorials for example? For such effort? Are you kidding? :) Final reward doesn't stand out either. 250 k CC sounds good, but not for this event ......... well.
    In simple words, the demands are great, rewards are poor. OK, demands are exceptional, rewards are average or even below average. I have never even attempted this event, never started and seriously consider it absolute crap. And that even after Beer Garden was introduced as a reward recently. Was much more crap before. Other then having fun reading other players comments of dancing around the event, not sleeping for the whole weekend properly with that final "it's over" sigh at the end, there is nothing going for it.

    My summary? Re-do it completely, or scrap it and replace with something decent and fun. :D :rolleyes: :D
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  5. billyjim

    billyjim User

    Nortoncommander. I agree with you the reward cost analysis is out of sync for the biker rally. I would love to see better rewards for this much effort. Suggestions would be more MM's or more or better structures. I like the beer garden, I would like a bread basket and or nuclear power plant permit also.

    I also like the fact that this event is a real challenge. I enjoy the fact that there is not a certainty that I will complete it. This is its draw for me and why I do it every time. I have completed it seven out of ten times with out use of xpress-o (when it was available), MM's. Most of the events are doable in short order and are fun diversions. But, this one is a challenge. I say increase the rewards and but leave the challenge to test our abilities.
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  6. Arsuru

    Arsuru User

    Even though I find the event easily doable in a reasonable time without loosing sleep, provided you have a well-developed city (especially if you were lucky enough to get the extra bakeries, and to a lesser extent, the mills, and of course, are regularly on the computer), the rewards are not really worth the effort. It's a totally unbalanced event. Really, the experience is the only real draw for me, and that is becoming rather insignificant at my level.

    Disproportionately large increase in the amount of bricks and tofu dogs needed. The MM and Vitamin-X don't increase with the tiers, the minor rewards are always the same, decorations are worth more in total at the lower tier. Beer garden is pretty much useless, since you start with enough to cover pretty much everywhere. The biker lodge stands out (along with the nearly-identical expressionist villa) in having upgrade costs that are way higher than other event buildings and some normal buildings, so even if you get it you have the same effort vs. reward thing going on. More tiers would be okay. It'd be better to have a more delicate difficulty curve, with the current top-tier remaining the top, unless manufacturing gets addressed somehow.

    I know this event more than any other is probably to try to get people to spend MM/real money. But really, hiking up the requirements while cutting off manufacturing for many is just a terrible way to go about it. Really needs to be re-thought, along with the entire event system. That 're-balance' a while back was nothing but adding fake-difficulty and a minor change in stagnating rewards.
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  7. brucenic

    brucenic User

    This is the worst event. The requirements are ridiculous versus the rewards.
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  8. -MrMungo-

    -MrMungo- User

    The event is a lot better than what it was.
    With 5 bakeries the event is now manageable, although challenging.
    The reward of the beer garden makes it worthwhile to do at least a few times.
    The experience is good.
    Beer garden is not, but I would kinda prefer a building like that to a poxy Tenement or yet another Pier House.
    So it's not the worst in that sense.

    It could be improved though. Being able to farm the beans before level 4 would be a big help.

    The one thing I think does need to be implemented is the bakery situation.
    I can do it because I have 5, but if I had 3 still, it would be very difficult. Without the help of a lot of MM, or methamphetamines.
    Those who only have 3 should have the possibility, somehow, of gaining the additional bakeries that others have.

    But hey, it's only been 4 months since the last game development, so perhaps I shouldn't expect too much?
  9. billyjim

    billyjim User

    Was it the Winter festival or the Easter event that gave us an opportunity to get an extra bakery? Maybe we can get a Autumnal event or the Halloween event can give us another shot at a bakery. We can hope.

    Technical note: The event FAQ says that a level 3 Brewery produces 240 barrels a production run it is actually 160.
  10. *kimmi*

    *kimmi* User

    does no. 4 and 5 bakery both come from past events?
  11. TellusXIV

    TellusXIV User

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  12. Presumably this 3 to 5 bakery thing might be a similar issue as poor public enemy X-presso. For those who remember the producer's outcry, that he just simply can't develop the game while X-presso is around. Now giving bakery out again in an event would just increase the difference. Some late comers would still be left with 3, but old dogs would now have 7. Arghhhhhhh ! What will you do with that, mister Producer? The idea of giving production facilities out in special events in this game is simply not good.

    Again, is there a missing clear concept for the game? It could of course be some sort of "reach the limit" events, where the bakery would only be given to those who have less then 5 of them. Statement like "you will only receive this price if you have less then five bakery blueprints sum up total built or in Designer Depot" would certainly not attract the standing ovations. Not to mention that selective arrangements like this atm. seem to exceed profesional capabilities of the production team.

    So what? Are we stuck again with another hard to solve precedence? Well, not really hard, no ........ but from what we've seen so far .......
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  13. billyjim

    billyjim User

    I would not mind the idea of limiting us old timers to five bakeries, but do offer us something equivalent in value. Maybe a Nuclear power plant building permit or a choice of mystery building (not decorations), etc. But, as you say this would tax the abilities of our design teams. ;):)

    Though I would much prefer to have one or two more bakeries myself. So I would not have to keep buying items for my citizens: They Capitalists and Workers want bread, The students want Pizza's; Police and Fire Departments demand doughnuts. What is a poor mayor to do. :D
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  14. Arsuru

    Arsuru User

    Seven? Was there another one available long ago? And I've said it before, but manufacturing should have the same attainable limit for all, or just be unlimited by nothing other than land. Permanent differences like that just hurt the whole game. I've thought the same regarding limiting max permits and offering an alternative prize if you're maxed already. I'm still minorly annoyed about the mills, which, to bring us back on topic a bit, in this event would shave off two hours if you're among the lucky enough to have the eight possible. Of course, by time you can get the last one, you probably won't benefit much from it.
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  15. billyjim

    billyjim User

    The is a legend from the ancient ones that the original mayors had access to any number of bakeries for a short while at the start, then the all powerful developers saw that this was not good and started to limit the number available. Little did they know that their chance to build as many bakeries as could ever be needed would be so short lived. Because the developers changed the situation with no warning and told everyone after it had been done. So the ancient scrolls says.
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  16. brucenic

    brucenic User

    The scrolls also say you could originally buy 2 extra mills.

    As it happens, I was 3 days away from having enough MM to buy one and they changed the rules.:mad:
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  17. billyjim

    billyjim User

    No one says the great and all powerful developers are fair. They act on their own time scale and us mere mortals must accept our fates. But, I know what you mean, totally. May the great and powerful developers show mercy and allow us to earn an additional bakery or maybe even an additional mill in a future event. Let us make sacrafices, wail, chant or pray as our individual beliefs dictate.
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  18. Arsuru

    Arsuru User

    I've seen mention of farms available for purchase before too. If these legends are true, then what a silly move to make on their part. I don't think anyone that puts a bit of thought in would be willing to use money to keep their production up for long, like they seem to want us to. X-presso may have been too powerful, but it worked better, even if I rarely used it (pretty much, only for this event and tiles). I think the market agrees.

    I was able to buy one mill which was enough for me at the time, before they changed event requirements. Too bad, I could have had eight, which is perfect for me now. Just enough to save me two measly hours here and in the ancient festival. I really hope that if they continue like this, manufacturing facilities will be moderately-rare rewards, at least. Seven mills can still save some time in artist's week and the circus, but having seven just feels wrong to me, like nine farms. Odd numbers of other facilities aren't much of a problem, oddly.
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  19. All I said in my original post was, that if they keep giving Bakeries out in event's with no permit ceiling they will only widen the gap and make imbalance worse. If on the other hand they fix a limit then these occasional super-gifts from rare events will through time give everybody chance to even out on the number of Bakeries with old-time Mayors.
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  20. katastrouf

    katastrouf User

    This quest is almost impossible without using MM. Let me explain why step by step:
    So we have 72 hours for the quest (you start in the morning at 8am):
    Step 1:
    500 bricks - you have them already or you can buy them
    1500 logs with 5 lumber mills maxed out takes about (80x5)/2hours*4 times = 8 hours straight
    We're down to 64 hours
    Step 2:
    3500 potatoes - you have them already or you can buy them
    400 kegs with 5 maxed out breweries means you can make 640 every 4 hours
    We're down to 60 hours
    Step 3:
    600 letter you make them in one go if you have enough buildings
    It's already 8pm
    Step 4:
    1200 kegs with 5 maxed out breweries take 8 hours
    5000 tofu dogs is tricky since you need first to make soy beans 4 hours then another 7 times 720 (240x3 maxed out bakeries) x 6 hours = 42 hours, so you need 46 hours to make the tofu dogs

    But in reality due to the fact that you need to sleep at night you will loose the first batch of tofu dogs, you need to start them in the morning since it's highly probable that you will miss the first batch of soy beans so you need to start the tofu dogs in the morning
    So you have only 48 hours to make all the tofu dogs at best but it takes 42 hours to make them so we're down to 6 hours but since you need two nights it's highly probable that you won't wake up in the middle of the night to start a new batch, so you will probably loose another 4 hours
    Step 5:
    600 helmets, you can also make them in one go
    So it leaves you about 2 hours for errors. With everything maxed out, Highly improbable, especially for the level 25-35 where is hard to max out everything!!!
    So there is a HUGE difference between people just starting to play and the old players.

    And i frankly don't think that's correct! We should at least be able to same amount of production buildings as old users. It's not my fault I haven't got the chance to buy production buildings or get them in a quest. I think the game is unbalanced! Some quests are not a pleasure but a pain!
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