Feedback on Weekly: Classic Car Show

Discussion in 'Game Discussions & Feedback' started by -Wizz-, Oct 3, 2014.

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  1. -Wizz-

    -Wizz- User

    Hello Mayors,

    Please use this thread to post your opinions and concerns, tips and ideas about this weekly event. We will read each comment and the best ones will make the weekly report.

    Your Rising Cities Team.
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  2. Nice little event. Requirements are moderate, just last step asks for a bit more resources, rewards acceptable. Dream Garage is a good value building. Then again, how about rotating/modifying rewards like gas pump and garage?

    In summary, I like it and have done it every time I think. Just get yet a bit more creative with events in general, sounds the echoed cry of long-termers.
  3. billyjim

    billyjim User

    I know we are starting to sound like a broken record (remember those vinyl things), It would be nice to set up a rotating series of rewards after doing certain events repeatedly we do get a nice collection of certain items. Maybe we will get some variety after the programers finish getting the bugs worked out of the system.
  4. It's only becouse BP has for long been sounding like a burned out amplifier and a kicked-through loudspeaker. :D :D :D
  5. brucenic

    brucenic User

    Same from me. OK but could do with higher levels with different prizes.
  6. Arsuru

    Arsuru User

    Another well-balanced event. Only thing that it needs are differing prizes and maybe new tiers.
  7. Geflin

    Geflin User

    This is a great event but I agree that higher level players who have completed this event several times should be able to earn different prizes. Prizes already differ based on Level (somewhat) so this ought to be easy enough to do. Maybe a "Classic Car" decoration to park next to it, or a "Classic Car Dealership"? Perhaps a residential building with a classic car out front that houses capitalists (i.e. collectors of such cars)?
  8. kuroyany

    kuroyany User

    I think for higher level players like myself complete this event not necessarily for the garage (but it's one of the best value event buildings out there) but for the epic solar panels.

    I for one would like, in line with other weekly events that give epic RIs, would like to see the epic solar panels handed out at an earlier stage so we're not left with a designer depot full of dream garages. That is if the garages can't be swapped for a dream garage mk II
  9. billyjim

    billyjim User

    This is a interesting idea. Why not just keep the challenge level the same for upper levels but change the rewards. This would require minimal programing and would give a reason for upper players a reason to do the events. Epic RI's, upgraded residents, commercial buildings building permits and maybe even additional production facilities. This would give insentive for players to level up and build more.
  10. Geflin

    Geflin User

    Now that's what I'm sayin' ;)
  11. how do u get toolbox
  12. billyjim

    billyjim User

  13. a good and balancing event, i like this one more then other events(for now). is there a glitch so something because it is showing that this event (classic car rally) will only stay for 2 days. team RisingCities said it will stay where till 28 december right?
  14. @promaster102
    I guess you already started the event, since it shows you ">2 days". This is because, when you start an event, you have 72 hours to finish it.
    if you didn't stated it, then it is probably a glitch. In this case, it should have shown you ">5 days".
  15. @daniel23492

    i started the event.i though you will have 5 days to complete it not 2!.
  16. billyjim

    billyjim User

    All normal weekly events are available to start over a five day period. Once you start the event you then have seventy two hours to complete the event. This is confusing to a lot of people to begin with. But it does make some sense You can start the event anytime during the five day window and once you start the event you are given three days (72 hours) to complete the event in. That way you can plan to start the event when it is most advantages for you to complete the event.
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  17. ooooooooh thanks all happy christmas
  18. city8936

    city8936 User

    Woo Hooooooo!!!:D:D:D HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY. i got my first "Dream Garage":p whew that was a lot of work for the last one.oh and i sooo dislike those solar panels,it seems lately that is all i have been getting{reward wise}there is sure a lot of reward improvements in this event!:eek::mad::(... i am spending coins to get them!!!and i have been spending so much on them lately but at least i have over 2500.i really don't like those solar panels cause i have the most of them and i don't use them:mad:wish i could trade them for improvements that i do use:rolleyes::rolleyes: like that will ever happy gaming ever1
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  19. Krassandra

    Krassandra User

    Solar panels are one of the best types of residential improvements o_O
  20. Andrewjf

    Andrewjf User

    The Epic ones are for sure :)