Feedback on Weekly: Lumberjack Finals

Discussion in 'Game Discussions & Feedback' started by -Wizz-, Sep 9, 2014.

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  1. -Wizz-

    -Wizz- User

    Hello Mayors,

    Please use this thread to post your opinions and concerns, tips and ideas about this weekly event. We will read each comment and the best ones will make the weekly report.

    Your Rising Cities Team.
  2. -MrMungo-

    -MrMungo- User

    A while back I did post about all the events, and what was good/bad about them all, but can't find it now.

    Basically, wood-chopping event is okay, but suffers from the same as the others. When you've been here for a while, it becomes very tedious to do it for the forty-seventh time.
    Either make some alterations each time it comes around, or adding a harder stage for mayors from level 51-75 would be a good place to start. I'd add one for levels 31-50 aswell.
    It's a challenging event for level 15 I am sure, but for level 75? Not so much.
    Same with rewards. Hollywood Diner + Log Cabin are fine rewards @ level 15, but not many people at the higher levels will get excited about them, although I do like Diner's colour scheme!

    No event should have such a wide level range.

    In conclusion:
    More 'level groups' so the event is appropriately challenging for that group, and add appropriate rewards.
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  3. MillerWrox

    MillerWrox User

    I agree entirely. Adding a "level group" or two for the higher levels with rewards to match would make this event a lot more interesting.
  4. billyjim

    billyjim User

    A second vote on the adding "level group" and rewards.
  5. I agree with -MrMungo-
  6. Smart and reasonable update would be nice. The big thing that would concern me with this issue is that if they re-do it, will it still be playable? ? ? Not interested in more bikers like type stuff. I'd much rather repeat it as it is then need to be sitting at the computer all weekend to be able to finish the event. So far I don't put much trust in these devs' judgement when it comes to playability of the game. Also I'd much rather see some real concept in game development for high level players then just adding one or two more difficult tiers with slightly modified rewards to existing events. If they get the concept right first, these individual changes are much more likely to represent improvement. Now it seems to me there is no such concept for high level players at present at all. The game got improved for starters, mid-levels go so so, but high-levels are just hanging in vacuum with no interesting and attractive game design. Just hanging around, waiting when the game makers will finaly get some bright conceptual ideas and start implementing them.
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  7. billyjim

    billyjim User

    Good points Nortoncommander. I would love to see development towards the more mature player. Maybe these are the surprises we have been promised for several months.
  8. *kimmi*

    *kimmi* User

    Instead of letting the event depends on the players lv - let it depend on the lv of the manufacturing buildings and the lv of the player.

    I'm lv 28 - and I still find this event challenging - if you by challenge mean staying awake to collect enough axes ;)

    I do think it's a good idea to add a new lv - but please make it from 51-75 - I'm still strugling with my PP - and I still wouldn't be able to finish the last birthday-event :oops:

    and I only have 3 Log Cabins - and I would like some more of them :)
  9. -MrMungo-

    -MrMungo- User

    Totally. In full agreement, Norton, but on this occasion this is a thread about the wood-chopping event.
    The whole "we're high level players and we deserve love too!" deserve its own thread ;)
  10. joookeeer

    joookeeer User

    Regardless of level, I've never considered this event. I need things that increase mood, energy or EMS, this event doesn't help me with what I care about. I skip the event and just work on leveling up buildings. I can see this being useful if you care for epic improvements... but does anyone really care THAT much for improvements?
  11. brucenic

    brucenic User

    This used to be my favourite event. I love the log cabins, they level up quickly and cheaply and have a fairly short cycle. The Hollywood diner used to be an important part of my city and was a much needed bonus.
    Not so much. I still build the log cabins, but I now have 11 unused and built diners and 4 unused permits. Farm production limits mean I cannot supply them anymore.

    The events need new levels with new (or different) rewards.
    But, please RC don't add new levels with outrageous production demands - unless the rewards are going to be production facilities.
    The birthday event was a disaster because of this, so I wouldn't want all the other events ruined in the same way.
  12. Arsuru

    Arsuru User

    Non-exclusive rewards need to be changed up regularly again. New tiers would be welcome. Axes are still kinda slow to come compared to drops from other events. At the current drop rate, new tries would be punishing.
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  13. kamilcom7

    kamilcom7 User

    I skipped the event this time, as it is too havy on Lumber Mills and Beams. And I need them to build more houses and upgrade the old ones. Beam production is a bottleneck for the whole game. Everything seems to revolve around that. Any event with too much Lumber Mills involvement makes the whole issue even worse.

    So, actually, the event is good, but beam production capacity is low. It needs some type of boosts, production queue or something to let those logging once or twice a day only get some of these more easily. This issue would be much less pressing for those playing all the time or logging in every hour.
  14. brucenic

    brucenic User


    Level 3 log cabin costs 18,300 CC, 160 lumber 250 beams and 8 bricks altogether. Rent is 400, not counting Needs.
    A Level 3 vintage duplex costs 61,500 CC 410 lumber, 1440 beams and 30 bricks for rent of 480 not counting needs.

    So the log cabin saves 42,000 CC, 250 lumber, 1200 beams and 22 bricks and is nearly as good.
    Could you make that in the same time the mills have been dedicated to the event?

    The log cabin is a great little house. And anyway, you quickly run out of cheap building permits; the log cabins just keep coming.

    The diners are very useful too until a level somewhere in the 30s when you can't supply them anymore.

    Of course, I agree that lumber mill production is totally inadequate. :( I've said that many times before.
  15. kamilcom7

    kamilcom7 User

    Yes, but the thing is, I don't want Log Cabin. I want other buildings, you know? :) Expensive ones. :)
  16. brucenic

    brucenic User

    Well, I do too. :D But as they need so much materials, I've kinda given up on them.:(
  17. can some1 please tell me where i can find the acadamy, ive looked everywhere in the arkitecht book and i can't find it D:
  18. kamilcom7

    kamilcom7 User

    That's where our choice differs. I've given up on this one lumberjack and built 3 Tower Blocks and upgraded the last Brickyard to lvl 3 instead. :) And since beams are so crucial for developement I might make similar choice next time.

    I actually did the event once on the lover level, where the material demands are much more reasonable. So one cabin is already in my possesion.
  19. Andrewjf

    Andrewjf User

    I quite like this event. 'Will be complete in another 6 hours for the last run of Power Bars... The extra bakery from the Easter Event has been extremely useful :) The Log Cabin is cool (this will be my second) but a little dissapointed I can't place it in the mountains as it looks a little out of place anywhere else (or maybe when I can afford some of the Lower grassed mountain plots it may be allowed there - anyone else have one up there ?). The Extra Hollywood Diner permit is also worth doing this event for as it helps to mix things up a little planning wise :cool::)
  20. nervo82

    nervo82 User

    The Log Cabin isn't a great residence, and excruciating to max out, but levels 4 and 5 of the event give drop items from all tenants which should help towards mastery requirements (my best designer apartment has 920/1000 but going up 1/cycle lately :( ).
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