Feedback on Weekly: Lumberjack Finals

Discussion in 'Game Discussions & Feedback' started by -Wizz-, Sep 9, 2014.

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  1. ok how do u do sir[​IMG]
  2. city8936

    city8936 User

    I like this event but i can tell again changes need to be made for the higher up levels!!!i've only done this event twice now and got it both times :p.i have not yet found a place for them but i will.i can only hope that once i do it twenty times that there will either be another level or like i said in the forum under "updates & ideas"-reach level 50{or whatever they choose}pick ur level for different deco's. but this event only has 2 level's so yeah i really do think they need to put in a new level with appropriate deco's to match...;)
  3. chrisxxx

    chrisxxx User

    Hi guys new here , what is the final task for lumberjack
  4. s.c.lynx

    s.c.lynx Game Administrator Team RisingCities

  5. BoTo0

    BoTo0 User

    The final challenge for level 15+ is extreme. I'm not saying it's too hard. What I mean is the only reward that is worth going for is the experience. The money - no - for 1 hour with 5 * level 2 lumber mills you can make 80 beams and sell them for 60k CC. Just for making the power bars you need min. 2k PP and 12 hours and for that time and PP you can make much more money. The cabin is not even good until level 4 and you need a lot time and resources to get there. Personally I won't try to complete it.

    The rewards from the other challenges - 15k PP, 2 epic tables, 100 MM and the dinner are much better than any reward from the last one. So consider either making the rewards for the last part much better or make it easier(you can make the previous harder).
  6. BigWillem1

    BigWillem1 User

    Well, the events and their rewards have been discussed many times (maybe change rewards from time to time, some rewards are just not worth the challange) but nothing has been done with all these ideas
    The lumberjack finals event is not very hard. Most times I finish it within 24 hours, 8 baberies make even the fifth challnge pretty easy
    And the rewards? the 15k pp gets lost in the pile of millions and the diner can join the other 29 in my depot :(
  7. jelly999

    jelly999 User

    Same from my side. 15k pp is not a suitable reward .
    I've calculated that approx 10k pp are used to make 1450 beams and the rest pp is used on log so the total gain is zero.Not okay at all !!!:(
  8. BoTo0

    BoTo0 User

    Well no offence but you probably are high level and that's why you don't like that much the rewards. I'm low level and the rewards I mentioned are great. Also please note this: using PP to make things and getting the same amount PP instantly is not the same. For instance you use 10k PP to make beams but it takes time and you collect PP from residents. So you don't spent 10k instantly but over time and what you spent is also gained over time from residents. But the reward is instant bonus :).
  9. BigWillem1

    BigWillem1 User

    You're right on all points
  10. jelly999

    jelly999 User

    No,but I think you're wrong Boto0,because I've not collected them from residents at all .I've got them in booster pack (100k PP)
    And as you've stated "You don't spent 10k instantly" but It's foolishness if you make beams for 10k PP and log for approx 5k,spending a lot of your time on them and give them to the event and again get 15k .
    It's A big foolishness!!!(IN MY VIEW )
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