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Discussion in 'Game Discussions & Feedback' started by -Wizz-, Sep 17, 2014.

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  1. -Wizz-

    -Wizz- User

    Hello Mayors,

    Please use this thread to post your opinions and concerns, tips and ideas about this weekly event. We will read each comment and the best ones will make the weekly report.

    Your Rising Cities Team.
  2. Arsuru

    Arsuru User

    My main complaints about this event is that you end up with an absurd amount of tickets before the mulch is done (which is nice in a way, since you don't have to log in as much if you can't) and that despite needing more fans, they seem to come more slowly than merchandise.

    And of course, I have to complain about unchanging rewards again, much as I love those satellite dishes and bonus tokens.

    Otherwise, it's a pretty laid-back even with nice CC and EXP for the effort, if a little slow due to all the long production and relatively low amount of students I have.
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  3. Bababandos

    Bababandos User

    The Rock Festival currently is the best event of the whole bunch for me. That's because 1) it's the newest=least boring, and 2) it offers at least one interesting reward in each of its five steps.

    However, it will become a bit dull eventually, which is why I'd like to see another more difficult version for higher levels (entry point level 50+, maybe even higher, so players in the 50's have a goal levelwise) with a different building and decoration according to the theme. [This paragraph goes for all events.]
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  4. Rock Festival is ok for me. A bit demanding on Lumber Mill capacity, so with Mayors shortly turning level 25 and higher it hinders City building progress too much, but in a way it's ok too as I welcome this variety of some events being for rather higher level players, not just simply for everybody.

    Rock monument receives the same reproach as other decos of this type. What are we supposed to do with 20 monuments after playing the event 10 times?

    Luxury RV also receives the same reproach as Monument, although milder as the amount is half of it. But again, who wants 20 RVs after playing the event 20 times.

    All the other rewards are fine for me, cool.

    So we have this recuring topic of too many of the same item, some of them not readily usable as City friendly. This would need to be addressed globaly by some kind of "rewards rotation" scheme or maybe by some in-built exchange mechanism for unwanted items unlocked later in the game.

    Caution needs to be addressed to Mr. Producer in hiding again: The event is nice. If you don't have a clear idea how to make it better, rather leave it as it is then spoiling it by poorly pre-meditated "improvement". :) Clear vision for long term and high-level players is needed with regard to all the above. Do you have any?
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  5. billyjim

    billyjim User

    As usual the choir gives you a hardy AMEN
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  6. brucenic

    brucenic User

    I pretty much echo Nortoncommander.

    I'll go further with the rock monument though; it is absolutely hideous. I don't want one in my city never mind 20.
    Only the Niki sculpture is worse.

    We really some thing where decos can be swapped. I'd be happy to downgrade many decos to ones of lesser value and higher aesthetic qualities.
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  7. billyjim

    billyjim User

    A double AMEN. How about being able to swap any decoration for one of X % lesser value. Example a decoration costs 100 cc's could be swapped for any decoration which costs 75 cc'c or less. Or better yet use the MM value then we could get some of the special decorations. Or the ideal we could combine several decorations adding up to a value, pay the penalty and get a decoration and get a new decoration. Big Point could pick the percentage.
  8. Geflin

    Geflin User

    Missed this when it first came out and am eagerly waiting for it to come around again so I can do it. Main reason is because it is event, new rewards and new special building. Like many, I am a bit weary of filling my limited land plots with dozens of the same special prizes; it's ok for the regular game buildings but part of the fun of unique buildings is in my opinion defeated when you have a dozen of them. The point is, I think this new event is great and would like to see more new events.

    They could make an addition to the Marketplace...a 'Swap Meet', where instead of selling, players could trade unwanted items? Post "items offered" and "looking for". Or allow you to trade back unwanted items for CC or MM so you can get something you actually want. Or (fun idea maybe?) trade in "x" number of unwanted items and get a Mystery building in return.
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  9. michaeljr

    michaeljr User

    lol riley
  10. Andrewjf

    Andrewjf User

    Got my First RV..... Looks Awesome!! Looking forward to placing the Bikers Lodge next to it; which comes up again in the next few days :D
  11. Geflin

    Geflin User

    Now have four RV's and love them. Great event, not too hard but not too easy.
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  12. city8936

    city8936 User

    since i started up again playing RC,the rock fest was the 2nd event/quest to finish and i thought it was really cool.and the length was perfect for me and i really liked the RV and can't wait to get another!!! :p:cool:;)
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  13. MisterN68

    MisterN68 User

    Production of mulch vs collecting event tickets and something else:

    I have enough houses so i can collect all the concert tickets needed (300 at upper levels) with 1 round of rent (if all of the rents r collected at the same time).

    I need only 2 runs of my lumber mills to produce the needed amount of mulch (2000 at upper levels). Production time is 6 hours, so meantime i can collect rents of 2 hour timer houses 3 times (and get more concert tickets, luckily they r removed from warehouse when completed collection so i cant see how much extra tickets i get).

    I know and understand that there r players who cant log in every 2 hours (even i dont do that every day), so the solution could be like this: 1) divide level 25-75 to 2 parts: 25-39 (with current 25-75 requirements) and 40 upwards with adjusted requirements (adr)
    2) those adr's from level 40 up could be: 3600 mulch & 600 tickets
    3) decrease production time of mulch in all levels

    What comes to rock monument i agree that its not the best 1 but in my opinion also the workers memorial is besided the niki scuplture worse decoration/reward.

    And Mr Geflin, i like ur idea to trade unwanted items for CC, MM or mystery buildings (season 2 buildings wanted here:)).
    No offence but in my opinion your idea of Swap meet could end up with 100s of Nikis and worker memorials offered (seems no1 wants those much (i can be wrong) and no items what players want available (fountains and skate parks in my wish list 4 example).

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  14. Geflin

    Geflin User

    You make a good point, MisterN68. No offense taken ;) As for this remains one of the few worth doing (to me that is); the Epic Satellite Dishes alone are worth it. A couple chunks of MM and some buffer tickets don't hurt. Found a place for a 5th RV to go (lucky me). But unless we get more land, this like all other events will lose luster as the RVs pile up. Great event but we need more variety or at least tiers for higher Level players with different rewards.
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  15. MisterN68

    MisterN68 User

    I just finished the event and got my 11th RV. Havent placed any yet, i think i have some space for them with a little rearrangement.

    You have good points as well, Geflin, and ill vote 4 a new playfield. I prefer as big as original city "center" and with no special places for industries. (claypit for brickyards, water patch for breweries etc.)(or maybe 1 brickyard and brewery place so those can be removed from suburbs :rolleyes:;)).

    And as you stated the issue with rewards seems to be eternal 1 not alone with this event but all of them. I thought theres a thread about that issue but cant find it or i mix it up with the new event threads :cool:.

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  16. candyboopg

    candyboopg User

    I like this event but I showed I had 42 hours went to be and got up and the time said I had 23 hours somehow I lost some hour and I was not happy with that. I was at the level were I had to get mulch and tickets, the mulch takes 6 hours that's to long with only 23 hours to go. Is the time different with these events? I wish they would give you a little more time on some events when beer takes 11 1/2 hours to brew or let us buy the items in store. when these events come up with the items that take o lot of time to make them. And the 49.99 work with 0 mm work. I would like to know because I cant afford to buy mm all the time?
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  17. city8936

    city8936 User

    woo hoo:D just got my second r.v with only an hr 2 spare...:cool: and of course u gotta luv those 2 chunks of mm oh and really REALLY REALLY luv those epic satellite dishes,from the last time i played{the rock festival} my r.v is only on it's second upgrade:( right now i'm at the point where EVERYTHING needs upgrading.just when u upgraded one and think right on i realize 10 more need upgrading:confused: and with these wheel buff bonus tickets i finally got a couple of great rewards!!! happy gaming everyone...:)
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  18. Andrewjf

    Andrewjf User

    @candyboopg There can be issues with the server timer on occasion. I have found that you can indeed lose hours you thought you had up your sleeve. 'Pays to clear your browser cache regularly. Same issue with Events; Sometimes I have found that there are no Events available, when I know there are. Once the cache is cleared, voila! The events show up.

    Having to sleep is also a distinct disadvantage with this event and a few others, but I encourage you to keep on keeping on :)
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  19. billyjim

    billyjim User

    great point Andrewjf. I know it can be frustrating but keeping the caches cleared is the best way to keep things working right.
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  20. nervo82

    nervo82 User

    A decent building esp at level 4 paying 900 for beer, 800 for raspberries - both exceptional prices (just had a quick look around and only the rustic villa/chateau amour can compare, I think).
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