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    Rising Cities Forum Board Rules

    1) Always be polite. Remember that there is another person on the other side of your screen. As a general rule, never write anything you would not say in person. Treat everyone the way you wish to be treated

    2) Personal info is not to be given out on the forums. This includes, but is not limited to, e-mail addresses, messenger contacts, home address, phone numbers, full names and exact age

    3) Foul language is absolutely not permitted. We have a zero tolerance policy with swearing. A red card will be given for each and every offense. Swearing includes use of swear words, abbreviated swearing, netspeak swearing, disguising a swear word with symbols and/or extra letters/numbers. Remember that this is a family forum. Just because you do not find a word offensive, an 13 year old may.

    4) This is the English forum, all posts must be in English.

    5) Threatening others will not be tolerated. If you are upset enough to resort to threats, take a day to calm down before posting.

    6) Flaming/insulting other players, mods, admin, supporters will not be tolerated. Again, If you are upset enough to resort to insults, take a break to calm down before posting.

    7) Links to outside sites are not allowed. The only exception is Dark Orbit Fansites on the approved list (list can be found in FAQ). This includes information that references illegal programs of any type.

    8) Refrain from the spamming of threads and the forum. Spamming includes double posting within a thread, posting the same thread more than once, posting without saying anything constructive to the topic, and cross posting (posting same thread in multiple areas of the forum). For a more comprehensive list of what constitutes spamming, please see the Infraction Guide below.

    9) Do not hijack another player's thread. Always start your own thread with your own questions. Hijacking posts and all answers to the hijack will be deleted and possible infractions issued to all parties involved.

    10) The use of all caps is considered shouting on the Internet. Please refrain from typing an entire post or sections of a post in all caps. If you wish to convey emotion, change the font color, use bold, underline, and/or italics.

    11) All nicknames must be clean and family friendly.

    12) In the question sections (General, Help For Newbies, Technical Issues and Bugs), only the OP (original poster) should be posting after a mod.

    13) Thread titles should convey the idea of the thread. Naming a thread help, ???, or your own name is not helping anyone else who may have the same question and is using the search function

    14) Always search before posting. Many questions have been asked on the forums and you can find an answer quickly by using the advanced search function or the FAQ Index.

    15) This is a game. Please do not take it too seriously, everyone is here to have fun and relax

    16) General Questions, Help For Newbies, and Technical Issues/Bugs are not for discussions but for questions and answers. If you wish to start a discussion or are seeking opinions from other players, Speakers Corner has both game related and off topic sections for chat.

    17: The Suggestion Box section has a few different rules. Those rules are posted in a sticky thread at the top of each subsection. Please be mindful of the section rules when posting in the Suggestion Box.

    See below for a guide to forum infractions.
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    Infraction F.A.Q.

    Q: What is an infraction?
    A: An infraction is a punishment for breaking the rules.
    Board Rules

    Q: Who can give infractions?
    A: Moderators and Admins can give infractions.

    Q: Can you remove infractions?
    A: No, Moderators cannot remove infractions, only Admins can.

    Q: How do I know if I got an infraction?
    A: You will see a picture next to the corresponding post


    Red Card: [​IMG]Yellow Card: [​IMG]

    Q: I got an infraction that is not on the following list. How is that possible?
    A: S-Mods and Admins have the power to grant custom infractions tailored to the specific rule broken.


    Advertisement, 2 points, expires in 5 days, Can be a yellow card
    Advertising includes (But is not limited to) adding a link to any website that is not owned by Bigpoint, or is not associated with Bigpoint. It also includes use of graphics.

    Capital Letters! (Overuse), 2 points, expires in 5 days, Can be a yellow card
    This can also refer to IrReGulaR/hard-to-read capitalization

    Language, 2 points, expires in 5 days, Can be a yellow card
    (Please note that Language can be either speaking a language that does not match the intended language of the board, for example, writing in French on an English Forum. Alternatively it can refer to bad, foul, or abusive language. Please also notice that you may receive an infraction on the basis of implication, slang, abbreviated words or through the use of symbols.)

    Spamming/Flooding, 2 points, expires in 5 days, Can be a yellow card

    Wrong Avatar, 2 points, expires in 5 days, Can be a yellow card

    Insulting MODs/Admins, 5 points, expires in 10 days

    Insulting others!, 5 points, expires in 10 days

    Insulting Supporter, 5 points, expires in 10 days

    Repeated Advertisement, 5 points, expires in 10 days

    Repeated Cap Letters, 5 points, expires in 10 days

    Repeated Language!
    , 5 points, expires in 10 days

    Repeated Spamming/Flooding, 5 points, expires in 10 days


    Q: What is considered as spamming/flooding

    A: Spamming/Flooding counts as many things:

    1. A double post (One post right after another.)

    2. Posting in the wrong section

    3. Repeatedly posting a thread

    4. Asking your own question in someone else's thread (hijacking)

    5. Posting in a thread after a moderator says it is closed, whether it is or not.

    6. Reopening your closed thread (making another one on the same topic.)

    7. Posting in a language other than English on this board. (Same idea with the other boards for other languages.)

    8. Using an irrelevant thread title.

    9. Posting without anything constructive to say. This includes excessive emoticons or nonsense posts.

    10. Quoting whole posts in your post. It is annoying to read a thread with the same thing quoted over and over.

    11. Basic Spam


    Points Ban Period
    10 1 Day
    30 5 Days
    50 10 Days
    100 1 Month
    666 Permanent

    3 1 Day
    6 3 Days
    9 2 weeks
    15 1 Month
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