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  1. Xenforo Warning System

    We need a simple and fair warning & infraction system. This system should be easy to understand for the user as well as for the teams.

    The Xenforo warning system is very similar to the already known vBulletin warning system, so we’ll user a similar system.

    • All given points expiring after 1 month.
    • Permanently bann, IP Bann are only available for internal employees
    • All blocked users usergroup will change to "Blocked user"
    • The blocked users will have a title "Blocked user" (won’t be translated)

    Warning levels
    • lvl 1. 5 points
    • lvl 2. 10 points
    • lvl 3. 20 points
    • lvl 4. 50 points
    • lvl 5. Permabann (by Internal employees)

    lvl 1. – 5 warning points
    • Minor inappropriate content
    • Non subject-appropriate content (buddy search, etc...)
    • Double posts
    • Minor spamming

    Lvl 2. – 10 warning points
    • Inappropriate content
    • Minor insulting (other users, mods, Bigpoint employees, etc...)
    • Using "minor" vulgar words/nicks/signature
    • Posting non allowed links (slightly harmful content)
    • Using bad language

    Lvl 3. – 20 warning points
    • Major inappropriate content
    • Insulting other users/team members
    • Using major vulgar words
    • Political, canonical content
    • Minor, sexual content
    • Advertising other (non Bp) games or products
    • Support internal communication publication

    Lvl 4. – 50 warning points
    • Account trading, selling
    • Talking about bot using
    • Racist content, racial insulting
    • Posting of cheating and exploit methods
    • Posting non allowed links (including phishing/scam pages)

    Lvl5. – Immediately permabann (IP bann)
    • Bot advertising
    • Pornographic content
    • Extreme racist insulting
    • Spamming
    • Company harmful content
    • Real life threatening

    Warning actions
    • 0-10 points No action
    • 11-20 points Blocked for 1 day
    • 21-30 points Blocked for 5 days
    • 31-50 points Blocked for 2 weeks
    • 50 points Blocked for 1 month
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