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    Hi, my name is Mario.
    I like playing this game (Rising Cities) for some time. I am 23 years old and live in Romania.
    Although I'm playing for some time already, I see here that I am somewhat a beginner actually. I am level 15, tomorrow I turn to 16 and I need some talk with active and good players.
    What I like to this game is that I always find new ways of dealing with tasks and events. It's great and entertaining, but I'm starting to put some question which I can't answer for sometime. I tried searching for answers before, but I don't seem to find them.
    How can you keep a good balance in producing work points education points? I mean, is it so necessary? The way I see it, you must produce more and more work points so you can move on. Education points are only needed for the firemen, police and so on and you can manage moving on without so many, but sometimes you just need them so you can't have just a few even though they are not so important.
    How can you repair the bridge? I already have unlocked the land near the bridge and it's occupied by buildings and roads. Still, there's no sign to repair the bridge. Will it appear after reaching a certain level?
    What is more important to do? Quests or events? Sometimes events don't provide you what you need.
    Are plaques of granite of any use? I keep finding them and I have a lot. Some I sell, but not all. I keep some in case they are really useful. So are they helpful for someone of my level? Will they be helpful when I grow the level?
    Is there a chance to have a list of friends and help them? Or maybe have a refferal link to send friends to start playing and gain some coins or points from it.
    I hope someone will answer me. I have many more to ask, but this is what I have in my mind now.
    Anyway, I will keep playing the game. It's maybe the best city builder I have played. It gives you the chance to constantly grow and improve the city without paying money. There are a lot of tricks you can use. And what's more, if you want to pay to advance, the packs are really helpful and not so expensive.
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    Welcome to the forum Mario. Wow, what a shopping list of items.
    1. There is no correct way to play the game. You need to make the decisions that effect your city;
    2. The bridge repair parts become available after you complet a quest. Here is the link to the quest FAQ: https://board-en.risingcities.com/threads/quest-task-list.33020/page-6#post-829713 available after level 20;
    3. Granite will become useful later in the game. Some of the later buildings and City Hall require them to construct.
    4. There is no way to make a list of friends and sending and receiving gifts is not available. We lost the friend section when the game was upgraded to secure internet servers. The best place to make and communicate with friends is here in the forum.
    5. A bit of advice be leary of giving out personal information. This is for your protection.
    Glad you enjoy the game and look forward to seeing you in the forum. Have fun building your city.
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    I wish you and all a wonderful "International Women's Day".

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