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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by wizardelo, Dec 2, 2013.

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  1. wizardelo

    wizardelo User

    another week, another forum, another plea for production.

    We have received the commercial upgrades, we have received residential upgrades, we have received new land, levels and whatnots

    time to step up the production, this is what is limiting us(me expecialy but im sure there are others) to reach further heights. Market is scarse, prices are high, is is not a great time to purchase.

    I want more production, be it: better factories, more output, and whatever odd questline cruel task but give us the option!!!
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  2. skb13

    skb13 User

    Indeed, it is getting beyond a joke trying to keep production up. My breweries are struggling (though to be fair, I only have 2 Level 3 and 1 Level 1) and my bakeries have no hope of keeping up, even with xpresso. Trying to keep my city ticking over, but it's a full time job just keeping the starving residents supplied with donuts and pizza. Over the weekend all they got to eat was the remains of tofu dogs that the bikers left behind.
  3. ......... and another stubborn opponent. :cool:

    I'm quite happy both with the production output and the prices at the market. :D

    We need these limitations guys. :)
  4. wizardelo

    wizardelo User

    im glad you know what we need better then us, but since everybody is whining for some other stupid request (see other ideas) we're entitled for ours, so go away.
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  5. Hipshot

    Hipshot User

    From the first two comments I have to wonder if you're asking for the same thing. If you need more construction material than you can produce, you have to buy it. That takes time. Time to acquire the CC and time to wait out the best purchase opportunity. If you need food, that's a different problem entirely since you can hit a wall where both production and money can't get enough supplies.

    But wouldn't that take a huge population? That would mean that you have packed the town with high density buildings and power plants.

    This is a game of resources. Balancing what you can produce against what your allowing to be used can be tough, but isn't that the point of a game?
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  6. -MrMungo-

    -MrMungo- User

    What? How? WTH?
    Breweries are struggling? How come?
    I have 2 Level 3's and I find that it is more than enough. In fact, I sell most of the items I produce - especially Pilsner.
    Still manage to maintain approx 20000 of each of the 3 items.
    What am I not doing that you are? :p Do you have many more high level buildings than I do?
    I'm level 39, so not that far behind you....

    Concur with the bakery. I have to purchase 90% of my bread rolls now. Although producing sufficient pizza dough and donuts to keep up.
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  7. Sure you are, even without everybody whining. :D The forum is no doubt openned to oppinions. :p
  8. skipyroo1980
    where players are upgrading to level 4 your breadbaskets still produce need fullfillment needs when basket is empty,
    seeing as i have in excess of 1.7 million pp and cant use them leaving the bread baskets empty on pp producing houses is a great way to increase stocks
  9. TellusXIV

    TellusXIV User

    Brewery, there is already an over production.
    Just look at the market, I mean 10cc o_O and the other like 40 and 75.
    With prices like that I don't have any brewery.
    Fishery is a joke, I buy the tuna I need for 2cc lol
    Ranch,by the look of it it is the same problem as with fishery.
    Farm, if anything they should remove one to lessen the over production a bit.
    Bakery, could use a small buff.
    Brick yard, look fine maybe a very small buff.
    Lumber mill, need a buff.
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  10. -MrMungo-

    -MrMungo- User

    For me, lumber mill is just about right. Struggle at times (rarely), but there's mostly just because I always have something I want to build!
    Brickyard is the biggest issue. Some of the products take so long. I never have enough or close to enough. Becomes an even bigger issue as you move on up the levels. I guess it's designed that way to stop people from getting too far ahead?

    The fishery/ranch issue comes about because of the lack of coast buildings.
    I was expecting them to add loads more by now, so I went and got my 2 fisherys....still waiting! They sell for basically nothing aswell, so little point in selling them. Just saving up for when/if(?) they get around to adding more buildings.
    Got 6m PP so might as well use them as and when I can.
    We really need more coast/water (especially the latter) to fix that issue.

    Farm I think is just about right. Taking a farm out would be rather unfair on those with 8 farms. Too late to change it now, but guessing adding some extra products would be easier.

    It's just the brickyards and bakeries that are concerns for me.
  11. super_emu

    super_emu User

    First off, this issue is for higher levels. Like the top levels. Therefore everyone who isnt in those top levels (including myself) must recognize that their opinion doesnt mean as much. Sorry to be blunt, but how can you tell a player with ~35+ level that their opinion about an issue that only effects them is wrong.
    (I dont know the levels of people here so if you are reaching top levels and disagree I am not directing this at you xD)
    /end rant

    I am currently not capped in terms of production resources, buildings, energy/mood gains etc. However I do feel your pain, once you cap in all these things where is there to go?

    Long time, dedicated players should be rewarded with such things as special events/quests that give them more production. BP developers have done great so far in my opinion: giving coastal land, new decos, new buildings, etc. But I think more permits for bakeries/lumber mills should be available to earn.
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  12. TellusXIV

    TellusXIV User

    Sadly no. Its because BP is flooding the market and they have unlimited resources so not much to do.
    I have 8 farms and I wouldn't care if they removed one but a lot of others would and it would make a lot of problem with the events so I don't think it will happen ever.
    On a personal level I agree with brickyards, I have 5 l3 and they aren't enough but I just buy from those that have surplus and sell some of my surplus beams.
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  13. Doggone

    Doggone User

    Count my vote in this camp. I would upgrade my brickyards first and then my bakeries. I need more bricks, roof tiles and tiles - they are far too expensive in the market.
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  14. wizardelo

    wizardelo User

    of course ppl are self sufficient if they don't fulfill half their needs or dont have to many high buildings. i have seen pictures in the old media section with rows and rows of towers fulfilled by 1 ..maybe 2 shops, i dont think game was indended for that.
    so maybe this request is not for everybody just for those who can hardly keep up with their needs. whats wrong in wanting more for my city?

    at my last city summary i counted a average daily need of :
    tomato 1800
    potato 4000
    raspberry 5700
    hops 3700
    barley 3000
    rolls 180
    donuts 1400
    pizza 360
    beer 740
    brown ale 480
    pilsner 680

    im not gona comment the construction materials, because those i can wait for (even if unpleasant) or buy small amounts of market when im close . but bakery/farm/brewery is not doable with what i got so far.

    i came up with these numbers by adding how many times i collect rent from each house type and what needs i fulfill, NOT how much is theoreticaly possible, because that would make no sense, as im not online 24/7
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  15. kuroyany

    kuroyany User

    I've said this before, these production numbers were decided upon before the various expansions to playfield and introduction of various residentials and now the mastery system.

    Yes you can decide whether to feed them pizza and donuts etc. but there's still a shortage in production numbers.

    I really hope they look at the numbers and readjust them or bring a manufacturing upgrade
  16. wizardelo

    wizardelo User

    i think that we should be allowed to feed them both donuts and pizza, since there is commercial capabilities and needs request.
  17. kuroyany

    kuroyany User

    I totally agree with you. I'm just saying what people not in favour of changes in numbers might say. To have only 3 bakeries and breweries to feed 5000+ residents seems to be ridiculous to me.
  18. wizardelo

    wizardelo User

    before commercial expansion i was only interested in more materials. and i do agree with norton that flooding the market is a bad idea. it will make prices to low to be worth selling, and alot of ppl get their best profits from the market, expecialy lower levels.
    but now since commercial capability has expanded , houses have also expanded to new mastery level, giving us the opportunity to fulfill more needs is the definition of free play.
  19. It might be just that one thing here, that what seems as a good benefit at first sight for a few of top level profit hunters might as a consequence damage the game as a whole if done too hastily or without propper thinking and calculations. So other considerations have to be taken into account in this case and imo these other considerations by it's importance prevail a bit the individual interests of above mentioned top level profit hunters. :) So, disagreeing oppinions are allowed here, as it may help clarify if it is really what this game needs. I personaly don't think it does. :)
  20. kuroyany

    kuroyany User

    Been trying to come up with some fair figures that hopefully will meet to the approval of both opinions:

    Introduction of a 4th bakery & with adjusted numbers (or either through a level 4 upgrade)
    • 180 rolls per bakery {720 x 11 = 7920]
    • 180 donuts per bakery {720 x 5 = 3700]
    • 150 pizzas per bakery {600 x 3 = 1800}
    Based on a 7.30am start and doing repeated bakes all day and doing an overnight run at 11.30pm

    As for farms and breweries, I think a 50% increase in level 3 production numbers would be fair
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