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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by wizardelo, Dec 2, 2013.

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  1. fred1471

    fred1471 User

    my cineplex has been bulldozed. And yes I used to buy 10k MM when I was running low and top up with student packs. Think once my rent collector runs out I will get bored with game.

    Their whole marketing approach is not conducive to good business. Not fixing the bugs and not listening to their customers.

    If a coffee shop can't make a coffee the way I like it I don't go there any more. I have seen many coffee shops close because their staff are not attentive enough to their customers. I see BP going the same way
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  2. skb13

    skb13 User

    Can I just point out that it was ME that chose to restart the top 100 mayors, not RC. It's not a worldwide list, it's only on the English forum. Yes, I do have help from the mods to check any suspicious figures, but note that the mods do this voluntarily, and are not BP employees either. Yes, it is slightly disappointing that the list can't attract 100 people yet, but it's growing each week, as people learn that it's available. It's only in its fourth week so far, so I have hope that we'll reach 100 players before long. I have faith that BP will fix the bugs, I just think we might need to wait for a while yet.

    Here's hoping for a new playfield!
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  3. billyjim

    billyjim User

    A great big thank you to skb13 for the time and effort involved. The Moderators have always been superstars in my book. How they stay sane and calm is amazing. Hopefully we will get BP/RC to reach out and do something to develop a working relationship with the players. We really want to help the game get better.
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  4. harley9883

    harley9883 User

    Hi skb13, I hope you didn't take my comments the wrong way, as they were not meant to be a personal attacks towards you what-so-ever. You're a great guy and I thank you for taking on this 'Top 100 Mayor chore.

    As far as adding another playfield goes, ..RC will most likely do that. But such a move will not alleviate the underlying core issues at hand, a game with a terribly deficient production problem. I can assure you that is main reason why the online user numbers are dwindling.

    Anyway, have a great day.
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  5. Thanks billy i have the same sentiments, it seem a lot of people who supported the top 100 previously and are still vocal in the forum should also support and get behind skb and his efforts in getting this up and running again. there a a lot of us that do appreciate the time that you put into this for us, well done. i have no problem with the mods checking my stats :)
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  6. Geflin

    Geflin User

    Well said. BP/RC really needs to start listening to its players. We need increased production to keep up with the new play fields and levels and houses. We need the game debugged and functional. We need reasons to keep playing and to spend our money. I love the game, and acknowledge the efforts the mods/devs do make; but a cup of water tossed two months after the house catches fire is not going to keep it from burning down now is it?
  7. harley9883

    harley9883 User

    Thank you, ..and 'Well Said to you too!

    I think BP doesn't has clue as to proper PR responses to its players. They don't seem to understand, if you don't keep the players happy, the rest is fruitless.

    I would like to see some changes to the 'shooting stares' rewards (true rewards that are NOT just a crap shoot!). Something meaningful after you've reached level 40, 50, 60, and then 70).

    How about creating some new event games, how hard would that be. Something on the lines of an "epic improvements" event (with no crappy epics thrown in either). Something unique like no epics offered in the event that does not exceed a 50% increase or reduction in something. An event where exclusively 50%+ rent timers, 50%+ rent increase, and the same for revenue increase. Make it a nine day event, run it often.

    How about offering a new line of production facilities (this should solve BP's locked-in 'user-side' coding problem). After a player reaches level 55 or 60, allow the players to demolish their old farms, ranches, lumbers mills, bakeries, breweries, and brickyards, and rebuild new 'High Production' facilities. These new facilities, need to produce at least 'triple' the present production amounts.

    Good grief BP, a little creative, build some frick-in excitement back into this game!
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  8. Geflin

    Geflin User

    Going to direct you to my new thread Sending a Clear Message and it's poll. Would love to see what you said here restated there and a vote cast. The more players we get to do that, maybe BP will realize what is going wrong and do something about it.
  9. _joker1974

    _joker1974 User

    Bump, for obvious reasons. The Balance is gone, as stated in many above posts. Production limitations / imbalance will be the reason I will depart from this game.
  10. Arsuru

    Arsuru User

    You know, we actually have unlimited production of a couple things, provided our pockets are deep and the RNG favors us: paintings and flowers. Now this is obviously not quite as imbalancing as other goods, particularly where events, and thus, money for BP is concerned, but it does have the potential to disturb the market, and especially PP/EP supply, rather significantly. For the investment needed, it's rather fair I suppose. Of course that is very unlikely, but the point is, it is possible.

    So, having recently reached level 65 and gaining my extra mill, can we just have the purchasable mills back? Pretty please? Eight total that way is very fair, especially for those that have made it so far and would like to shave a cycle off of some events. Or just have some as an event reward? Really, it's not going to change much as far as pacing, market, and events go. Can't be any worse than the bakery situation. :rolleyes:
  11. Having 8 mills is definately an advantage in events although i hardly do events any more, for those that do not have them i think i might be possible to include a mill in a special event at a certain level where players can gain them.
    Now we need higher levels in events with different rewards that are more suited to the needs of players on level 60 and above
    I am now on Level 73 and soon will have the extra farm that i so much wanted when at around level 50, its space has been reserved for some time, now i am not sure that i will even build it.
    My growing city now needs more bricks, tiles and roof tiles than i can produce, there fore most of what i produce in the mills and farms are sold to buy these other products
  12. Arsuru

    Arsuru User

    I honestly don't think one more farm will matter much, especially at the level you obtain it. If the max were ten I'd certainly build them though.
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