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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by wizardelo, Dec 2, 2013.

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  1. billyjim

    billyjim User

    I Still think we should be able to buy permits for production buildings like commercial buildings.
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  2. harley9883

    harley9883 User

    Hi there,

    Here's another idea:

    After a players has upgraded their 'Manufacturing Facility' to level 3, there should be a waiting period just like residential to a 'Level 4' facility. The level 4 facility should allow the player three choices of how many 'manufactured units' they want to create.

    Case in point: Brickyard Level 4

    32 brinks for xxxx amount of PP, or
    64 bricks for xxxx amount of PP, or
    128 bricks for xxxx amount of PP.

    This change would solve FOUR (4) big issues presently in this game

    1. RC would not have to create additional 'Clay Pits' or 'Ponds' for their Brickyards and Breweries.

    2.) As RC offers larger residential buildings to its advancing players, this would allow the player to manufacture the needed materials for their advanced residential buildings in a more timely fashion.

    3. As a player advances this would give him or her somewhere to spend their millions of accumulated PP presently in inventory. (I personally have 6+ million PP in inventory, and accumulating at a greater speed now that Xpresso has been removed).

    4.) This would help to keep the advanced players from becoming extremely bored out of their minds, or flat out discouraged from continuing with RC.

    Conclusion: RC needs to concentrate more time on how to create a TRULY exciting level-up gaming system (including its manufacturing side) for its players, than they are presently spending on re-engineering and redesigning ways to extract more Metro Money out them. Such behavior is doomed to failure.

    Let me know what you think!
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  3. billyjim

    billyjim User

    Sounds promising Harley9883, it is a well thought out proposal.
  4. wizardelo

    wizardelo User

    what you're saying is a normal level 4 with production cycles just like level 2 and level 3,

    giving players more power for 1 click is not good for the company, and no i dont like it but they will not give us something that will cut our clicking time in half. they want us to click more and stay more in the game. and maybe add a option to cut the clicking with MM so they can earn something from it. but wait that is already in game

    i like the idea of temporary improvements better, and i think its doable, they did it for homes, they can surely do it for production.
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  5. Like adding an epic improvement of technology or human capital improvements? Maybe new equipment to upgrade the out of date obsolete oxen plows? ;)
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  6. billyjim

    billyjim User

    Why not be able to upgrade our production facilities to a level 4 which increases the efficiency of the operation. Sounds like a factory upgrading equipment and facilities to be more efficient. Turning a eleven hour production into a seven or eight hour production. Wow, Henry Ford, would be proud.
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  7. harley9883

    harley9883 User

    Sorry, Never heard of the term temporary improvements before, probably was before my time here.
  8. wizardelo

    wizardelo User

    i am talking about residential improvements, but for production, its a suggestion
  9. The temporary improvements he's talking about are the Residential improvements that only last a certain length of time. For the production, he's suggesting the application of temporary or epic improvements similar to what we have for residential improvements. I hope this helps.
  10. harley9883

    harley9883 User

    Thanks wildheart,

    Does this temporary or epic improvements still exist in the game today?
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  11. TellusXIV

    TellusXIV User

    For residential buildings it do for anything else no.
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  12. The improvements DO exist for residentials, but not for industries. This is simply a suggestion that has been made for including it.
  13. harley9883

    harley9883 User


    Hi wizardelo,

    What about this idea to solve the production issue: Base it upon your cities 'Resident population numbers'.

    1. When 7,000 residents is reached: Manufacturing facilities are up-gradable to a level 4 (which doubles the level 3 production capacity).

    2. When 10,000 residents is reached: Manufacturing facilities are up-gradable to a level 5 (which doubles the level 4 production capacity).

    I think such a system would be fair to all, mainly keeping the advanced players from leaving the game.

    What do you think?
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  14. Bababandos

    Bababandos User

    Hey harley,

    hope you don't mind me replying to this also...

    personally, I am no fan of the whole let's get a production level 4, 5... for a couple of reasons.

    First, in order to be in accordance with the upgrading principles within the game, these upgrades would have to be extremely costly/material intensive. I just upgrades three breweries to level 3 and already found that a bit heavy (around 3 million CC each if you count in materials), and I don't like the idea of having to invest twice, three times or even more as much for the next upgrade.

    Second, I find this idea to be a rather boring solution as in not very engaging in terms of actually playing. That's why I also like the improvement idea for production buildings a lot. This has a lot of possibilities (e.g. temporary improvement to cut time in half - handy when i am online a lot; temporary improvement that doubles the time but also the outcome - handy when I know I won't be online until tomorrow; or even applying several principles at once with different slots, just like the improvements for houses) but at the same time it would not just be 'click upgrade, pay, provide materials, done', but an ongoing engaging thing.
  15. harley9883

    harley9883 User

    HI Bababandos,

    I don't mind at all that you've responded, I appreciate your thoughts on this subject.

    After carefully reading your comments I think I understand the approach or strategy you've taken to 'build your city'. I'm assuming (correct me if I'm wrong) your strategy is to build your city with earned CC, rather than the usage of MM. It would also appear you prefer to quicken your game pace through quicker build-out times, or cheaper build-out costs. This approach does not address the over population issue you will eventually encounter over time, as your present resident levels are still low.

    As you know, all manufacturing is done for the benefit of the population you presently have or hope to have. The question eventually becomes; can you over-populate your city, regarding supplying them with their manufactured needs. The answer to this question is a resounding YES you can.

    If I'm correct, I assuming (correct me again if I'm wrong) your resident population is somewhere between 2,000 - 3000 residents. For the player whose population has reached 9,000 residents, (where I'm at), you can only get there through a huge inventory of high-rise residential facilities. These high-rise residential facilities have HUGH manufacturing needs.

    After reaching these kind of population numbers you'll realize just how serious the manufacturing production issues really are. Presently there is no solution that I can find anywhere in the game when you reach these kind of resident numbers, other than hope RC will eventually address the issues for all TYPES of players.

    To say my "idea is rather boring" vs. your idea or approach, rather self serving. Your approach does not address the pending resident numbers issue you will encounter down the road as your resident numbers grow.

    Therefore, I think the solution to this production issue maybe to incorporate both ideas, yours and mine, as we represent two completely different types of players.

    Let me know what you think Bababandos.

    P.S. By the way, if you don't mind I'm curious as what your residents numbers are?
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  16. Bababandos

    Bababandos User

    12.300 + 700 currently stored in inventory.
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  17. @harley9883: I thought your objective was just to rush through the game and get to it's end quickly, then move on to something else .............. which you have pretty much done (the first part anyway), so what is your issue really? Or have I missed something? :)

    Or is it like this every time? You rush through each game spending loads of money on it, completely bypasing most everybody else playing it, and then you complain you got to it's end speedily and have pretty much nowhere to go? :) That would be a type of game too. Start on a playfield, continue on forums. :D :D :D

    The game develops in some way, presumably to accomodate majorities of players and styles. If you started a year and a half ago any played this way you wouldn't have lasted even as long as now but would have been finished much quicker. :) Obviously you play a lot faster then the game developers. They are too slow to keep pace with you in long term. :) But long term playing was not your objective anyway, so ........... where is the catch? :)
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  19. harley9883

    harley9883 User

    Your comments (attacks) are not worth responding too, ..happy gaming to you!:rolleyes:
  20. Just stating what seems to be too obvious to be overlooked. :) And I'm no doubt having fun pointing out contradictions, so please don't feel under attack as all this is just a game, yours and mine. Keep your freedom not to respond. I appreciate that. :) Let us know which game is your next target. :) Then happy gaming to you too.
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