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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by wizardelo, Dec 2, 2013.

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  1. Not necessarily. You have to consider how long the player(s) have been here before you can make an educated guess such as this. This particular player has been here longer than most of us.
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  3. Who was double posting? I thought it was a regular conversation between a few of us.
  4. Harley was. He's done it repeatedly. See whose post was edited by moderator. :)

    Meaning he posts one, and then another right after that without anyone responding.
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  5. Oh! Okay. I didn't notice. Sorry, Cheese!
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  6. harley9883

    harley9883 User

    Well it's now one year later wizardelo, ..and bricks are now a solid 6000 cc each. Roof tiles are 7-10,000 cc each, and checkered floor tiles are 9-13,000 cc each. All the other commodity not mentioned are just as ridiculous.

    The farms cannot even produce enough commodities to keep-up with the needs of the 4 breweries, and 6 bakeries they've created. As a result there is no farm capacity to produce tomatoes, potatoes, or wheat. The game has become a complete screw-up, as a result of adding all the additional playing fields, and forgetting to add additional farms, lumber mills, breweries, bakeries and so on. At this rate, the players will be leaving in droves, .. I give RC less than a year before it's reputation as a game is irretrievably destroyed. Take a look at (edit) for Pete's sake, that's a build-a-city game.

    The BP management has been absolutely foolish. ALL GAMES require extensive MATHEMATICAL EQUATIONS to be built into a game in order for it to play out properly, ..something the BP enlightened ones did not understand. If BP wants to save this game from membership disintegration, ..they had better act fast.

    The solution is simple, ..DO THE MATH! DOOBLE the manufacturing capacity for everything from the bakeries to the breweries, from the farms to limber mills. DO IT QUICKLY, cause there's a huge storm a brewing!

    IT's time to WAKE-UP 'BP'!
    "(edit)" it is against the rules to mention or promote websites or games not under the big point banner and may incur a infraction.
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  7. Geflin

    Geflin User

    Interesting that I restarted this whole topic on a Dec 1, 2016 thread called Increased Production Please? Let me start here by saying I do find RC very fun, and challenging. For the most part, improvements have been made since I started playing that show the mods and devs do listen and respond to our concerns and needs. However, when it comes to production and events needing revamping, the response seems pretty slow. With the Level 4, Commercial Upgrade, and additional playfields factors duly considered, it is necessary for increased production of a reasonable scale and nature. I think adding a third fishery to use the extra fishery spot would be good. Further, why not make a Level 4 upgrade/Mastery Challenge for manufacturing facilities? Even w/o a Mastery Challenge, I believe a Level 4 upgrade would increase production enough. I know this is a strategic resources based game, and I have mostly fully upgraded capacities and enough pp to choke a brontosaurus; even at full tilt, I run low on construction materials too often to keep up with upgrades I otherwise can afford. I do have decent stockpiles at times, and have both sold and bought plenty in the marketplace. Also want to see the gift function under friends actually be unlocked, and that would certainly increase production needs. I truly understand how players who don't have the time to be constantly logged in and keeping production going would fall short even with full facilities. So many different things to consider, and every player's situation might differ a bit from other players'. I am Level 42 with almost 6k residents, and I still have building permits I need to use and more coming as I Level up. I actually see a need for yet more playfield (for us who want to use all our buildings rather than pick and choose), and that will inevitably increase production needs. Even if you can stockpile say, 20K potatoes with ease....when you can chew up 10k in a day it's one thing, when you add another 33 Levels' worth of buildings that consumption will be much higher. Honestly, I don't understand why production ability has not been increased in conjunction with the output increase (Commercial Buildings upgrades) and demand increase (Level 4 upgrades). It's basic supply and demand economics, which BP/RC should understand.
  8. darins4wow

    darins4wow User

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  9. Andrewjf

    Andrewjf User

    I am starting to agree with this and only on level 26 with nearly 1700 residents.... I think I'm still in the context of the content if I suggested using capitalists to fund either more production facilities or upgrades? You would need to change their Needs revenue to MM (or something new maybe tied only to that type of building). I quickly learnt that Capitalists are a pretty much a waste of space in this game (other than for events), so make them more useful (and add to the realism of the game at the same time) and tie them to the potential Commercial/Production Buildings upgrades. :) (perhaps this should go in the ideas/improvements area - Tassie ?)
  10. harley9883

    harley9883 User

    Anyone else notice that you only receive 5MM from the Cineplex now (for each video ad view) instead of the usual 15mm. When did the 15mm reward change to 5mm?
  11. fred1471

    fred1471 User

    was announced about 7 hours ago
  12. harley9883

    harley9883 User

    Thanks fred1471, didn't notice that!.

    By the way you seem to up on top of things around here, whats does the following mean; "Online now: 19 (members: 8, guests: 5})" ..does this literally means there's only 19 players logged in and playing RC?

    How does 8 members and 5 guests = 19 online?
  13. Geflin

    Geflin User

    It makes me wonder.....they act pretty fast to adjust things like reducing free MM at the Cineplex, but it takes years to increase production? I just spent money for a Loot-O'-Matic starter pack and a student starter pack, and was fairly happy with what I received for my money; however, if you give me more things to supply and don't listen to everybody repeatedly asking for more ability to supply....maybe the way we'll finally be heard and this be acted upon is we STOP spending money on the game until you find time to fix what we would like to see fixed? Just saying, as a consumer, I would expect my needs to get the same attention (if not more) than those of the business. If you want to sell more MM and give less away free, maybe you ought to start acting on these comments we players are making in the forums?
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  14. Well this thread has gone way off subject! :(
  15. harley9883

    harley9883 User

    LOL, There's hardly anyone on-line anymore, does it really make a difference? RC is becoming a ghost town.
  16. I guess that's a fair comment. Sadly :(
  17. Geflin

    Geflin User

    *makes eerie sounds from under white sheet*.....they have indeed increased production (of ghosts) LOL
  18. fred1471

    fred1471 User

    After the log in issue went for weeks i decided not to spend any more money till we were compensated.
    6 hours rent collection for losing almost 3 weeks not to mention the RI expiring.
    Now drop the mm for cinema making that pointless. I wont even bother trying.

    They want to earn more money from the cineplex they wont from me I ont waste my time.
  19. fred1471

    fred1471 User

    Dont know sorry if it is like the rest of the game. none of the algorithms seem to work.

    1 thing to note. This is only the English forum , they also have Romanian German etc etc
  20. harley9883

    harley9883 User

    I really think RC is in a catch 22 regarding the Cineplex issue. After all the Cineplex has never really worked correctly to this very day. It was only a matter of time before RC's advertisers realized their ads were not being shown half of the time. This was a very big mistake to let happen! Then there is the login numbers per day, which look pretty bad as well. Advertisers definitely watch these numbers, and more than likely were unwilling to continue paying out 15 MM RC was charging them for ads, to give to us.

    As we all know, a little over a year ago RC was on top of there game. Big problems developed when they overbuilt the number of playing fields, and did nothing to improve the production side to support them. This miscalculation frustrated most players. Then they took away certain game advantages to slow their players from advancing to freely, which frustrated even more players. In stead of gestures of good will regarding changes or inconveniences, RC handed out gestures that reeked with the smell of greed (voiced by many many players here). Most recent case in point is the extended login issue, which RC gave a '6 hour free rent collector' as there gesture for the inconvenience. WHAT a JOKE!!! How hard would have been to give out something like 250 MM (which doesn't go very far anyway), which would have sent a real gesture of 'we're really sorry for the inconvenience you had to endure'.

    I also think 'restarting' the top 100 mayors before they fixed the Golden Linings Estate population issue, was another big mistake. It only confirms little issues are in reality very BIG BIG issues for RC. The top 100 mayors list (worldwide) cannot even reach 100 mayors, which confirms additional lost attraction for RC as a whole. Another clue to a lack of RC game players; people love to blog (or comment), and yet there are only a handful or two that do so here.

    Unfortunately RC's loudest trademark has become; There a big disappointment!

    Regarding buying additional MM; must take into consideration that RC (with it's limited communication/announcements to its players) could/may shut down without notice. Any unspent MM or already spent would have been done so in vein.
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