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    Many players have asked about infractions, so I hope this will answer their queries.

    What is an infraction?
    An infraction is a punishment for breaking the rules. Please read Board-Rules
    Who can give infractions?

    Board moderators give out infractions.

    How do I know if I got an infraction?
    You will see a picture next to the corresponding post. You can also look on your profile page to see any action done to your board account.​
    Red Card - [​IMG]

    Yellow Card - [​IMG]


    Advertisement: 2 points, expires in 5 days.
    Advertising includes (But is not limited to) adding a link to any website that is not owned by Bigpoint, or is not associated with Bigpoint. It also includes use of graphics.
    Capital Letters! (Over use): 2 points, expires in 5 days.Language: 2 points, expires in 5 days.
    (Please note that Language can be either speaking a language that does not match the intended language of the board, for example, writing in Spanish on a English Forum. Alternatively it can refer to bad, foul, or abusive language. Please also notice that you may receive an infraction on the basis of implication, slang, abbreviated words or through the use of symbols.)
    Spamming/Flooding: 2 points, expires in 5 days.Wrong Avatar: 2 points, expires in 5 days.Insulting MODs/Admins: 5 points, expires in 10 daysInsulting others!: 5 points, expires in 10 daysInsulting Supporter: 5 points, expires in 10 daysRepeated Advertisement: 5 points, expires in 10 daysRepeated Cap Letters: 5 points, expires in 10 daysRepeated Language!: 5 points, expires in 10 daysRepeated Spamming/Flooding: 5 points, expires in 10 days
    These are the points and the real-time table of the automatic bans:



    Spamming/Flooding defined
    Spamming/Flooding: Anything that interupts the normal flow of communication. Including but not limited to the following:
        • A double post (One post right after another.)
        • Posting in the Wrong Section​
        • Repeatedly posting a thread​
        • Asking your own question in someone else's thread
        • Posting in a thread after a moderator says it is closed, whether it is or not.​
        • Reopening your closed thread (making another one on the same topic.)​
        • Posting without anything constructive to say.
        • Basic Spam​
    What does it mean points expire?

    The points given for warnings and infractions will accumulate if you get too many in a short period of time your account will be banned. Points will expire according to the schedule above depending on the infraction received.
    What happens, if I get too many points?
    If you get too many points your account will be banned from the forum. ​

    How many points can I get before I am banned?
    10 Points - 1 Day30 Points - 5 Days50 Points - 10 Days100 Points - 1 Month666 Point - Permanent​

    How long will I be banned?
    How long depends on how many points you have accumulated.​
    I got an infraction that is not on the list. How is that possible?
    Moderators have the power to grant custom infractions tailored to the specific rules being broken.
    I have a request to lift my forum ban – who do I contact?
    If you disagree with your infraction or ban you will need to contact the Customer Care Team to discuss it. Do not post a new thread to do this. All disputes must and will be handled by the Customer Care Team. (posting these inquiries on the forum will lead to further infractions).
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