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    (A) - Filled Slots
    (B) - Free Slot
    (C) - Purchase Slots
    (D) - Categories

    Q: What can I store in the inventory?
    A: Inventory has 4 categories:
    • 10 residential slots
    • 5 commercials slots
    • 25 decoration slots
    • 4 emergency slots (reserved for hospital/fire house/police station/ academy)

    Q: Where is the inventory?
    A: Inventory only appears on the top of the game window while using Move Tool.

    Q: How can I get back my buildings from inventory?
    A: Use again the move tool and click on your building icon from inventory and place it back into your city

    Q: Can buildings be demolish directly from inventory?
    A: Yes, the demolish icon appears when you hover the mouse over any inventory slot item.

    Q: Can more buildings be placed building in a slot?
    A: No, each slot can hold only 1 building.

    Q: How can I get more slots?
    A: More slots are available for purchase using MetroMoney.
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