Is this the best way to use the playfields?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by nennesby, Nov 29, 2016.

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  1. nennesby

    nennesby User

    We cannot visit each others and in that way get inspirations for the town. Can some of us do better????

    I can tell what I do:
    The Main City: Here I have most of my buildings. I have all the things that require frequent maintenance and all (those possible) the productions so I do not forget then. And I have the powerplants - because if I miss an emergency they do not stop time.
    The Island Playfield: Here I have only things that need mainenance rarer than every 3 hours - just not to need to go there too often.
    The Mountain Playfield: That is the easy one - I untill now unly use the special areas.
    The Suburb Playfield: Here I untill now do not need the land exept for the brickyard and the brewery - and they only need maintenance twice the day. So here I have all my decorations.

    My expansions: New land in the suburb and on the island are just now the cheapest so there I buy if I donot need some special land.
  2. s.c.lynx

    s.c.lynx Game Administrator Team RisingCities

    I have moved your thread to the Speakers Corner. This is less a question more of a begining of a discussion. There are no right or wrong way to develop your land. So do anyone else have a suggestion of how to develop your city
  3. Evilviper

    Evilviper User

    I know I am way late here, but the way I am doing mine is almost the same, except a few minor adjustments. I actually move power plants off my main island. This is to make it easier to allocate different buildings, yet I am still fairly new to the game. I at the moment am only level 23. Another thing I am doing is moving buildings that don't make many production points or education points off my main island as well. This has given me a lot more room to ensure I am getting the best results out of my veggie stand, my diners, my smoothie bar, and my bread baskets. I haven't made the beer garden or the donuts shop yet, just because they wouldn't increase my needs enough to make it worth it.
  4. nennesby

    nennesby User

    Hi, I think I did the same things at your level. Just an advise: Upgrade your bakeries and brickyard as soon as possible - you will need them and their products later.
  5. Evilviper

    Evilviper User

    yep, already working on it. I have 2 brickyards maxed and 2 more at level 2 and nearly able to upgrade. I have recently created the last 2 bakeries I can make and I am ready to upgrade one of them.
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