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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by tassie-devil, Jun 10, 2014.

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  1. Why cant I log in? My user name and password allows me in but it get stuck between log in and actual game!!!!

    This is a cache issue so please clear your cache, use a different browser and reboot your computor that should help
    the link below may be of use to you in the future
    happy gaming
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  2. Thanks so much!!!! tassie!!!!!
  3. HKAnts

    HKAnts User

    I am having the same problem!! I have cleared my cache, restarted my computer and I still play the game!! Sometimes it takes several hours before I can get into the game!!

    Today I have lost connection about 6 times and it takes ages to get back into the game!!!! Please get it right as I am getting sick and tired of it!!

    ID 8200076

    Today I lost connection and just as I thought that i finally was back in, I lose connection again and I still can't connect after 1 hour!!! Do something!!
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  4. HKAnts

    HKAnts User

    They seem to be working ok now but I have tried clearing the cache an also tried an alternative browser as well as tried directly from my Windows 8.1 Apps
  5. gus_f1

    gus_f1 User

    I can't login at all since the upgrades. Clearing cache, using a different browser and re-booting doesn't seem to solve it. ID 5567380.
  6. kuroyany

    kuroyany User

    Reading the Dutch forums via translate, there seems to be a known issue with Firefox & Chrome
  7. Malayswiss

    Malayswiss User

    Hello guys,

    I cannot get in the games as i waiting already 15 minutes. Just for your information i did all the cookies and all the stuffs should be clear.

    My kid can get into the games with the same computer.

    Please help or to reboot on your side.

    games id - 3921001
  8. Me too,

    Have tried clearing cache, cookies and internet history as well as restarting luck?

    Smirnoff0091 | ID 4762737
  9. gus_f1

    gus_f1 User

    Thanks Kuryany. It doesn't work on IE for me either. It looks like it is a known issue and hopefully will be resolved soon.
  10. Malayswiss

    Malayswiss User

    ok thanks, i hope i not lose (on times) my contest that i working on.
  11. Superjudge

    Superjudge User

    Hi guys
    I'm having trouble logging in after today's maintenance
    Cleared cache's tried 3 different browsers and 2 different PC's
    Just gets stuck after entering my username and password

    Superjudge | ID 1206562
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  12. me too
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  13. samyli45

    samyli45 User

    Me too

    samyli45 | ID 132392
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  14. KlausR

    KlausR User

    I haven't been able to log in for 5 hours now.
  15. shlemazel

    shlemazel User

    and me. I even cleared the cache and restarted the computer and tried other browsers. Anyone there from Youda?
  16. Goober20

    Goober20 User

    Haven't been able to log onto game - been trying for 3 hours now.

    I agree with Malayswiss. I was only 300 trash piles away from finishing the event, but had to do it before 1pm EST (USA).

    Goober20; ID 7506289
  17. monapur67

    monapur67 User

    no luck here either
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  18. kuroyany

    kuroyany User

    It is a known issue & a resolution is being worked on. Frustrating, I know but please be patient (I am in the same boat too)
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  19. Yea! Even after doing all that I still cant play! I cleared cache, used different browser, rebooted, even use another computer and I still cant log in!!!! Oh well!

    Yea! Even after doing all that I still cant play! I cleared cache, used different browser, rebooted, even use another computer and I still cant log in!!!! Oh well!

    Great! Im still confused though, clearing the cache from one browser then using a completely different one doesn't really make sense - at lease to me it doesn't! I'm a certified computer specialist, but I admit I'm completely lost right now! I cleared my browser's cache in Firefox & Internet Explorer, checked firewall, rebooted computer, used multiple computers with no resolve. I wonder if it's my Wifi?!?! Maybe it's a local thing, but I'm having no issues logging onto sites elsewhere, only here. Oh, I live in the US maybe my acct has been suspended - ahh man! Well it was nice while it lasted? Bye guys!
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  20. oddog

    oddog User

    me too, thank goodness it just isn't me!!! HELP!!!!! i need my rising cities fix!!!lol!!!!
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