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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by tassie-devil, Jun 10, 2014.

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  1. Does refresh page fix the problem olive
    happy gaming
  2. olivemurmu

    olivemurmu User

    i've refreshed the page for the fifth time now...but it's the same...

    please fix this...its very irritating!!!!!!!!!!!!!i haven't been able to play for an hour now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. Oliver I get this issue sometimes too. I had it yesterday nearly all day. Connection lost, no propper load up, no or delayed respons upon collection etc. ...... you name it.

    What helps me a bit: I never refresh as it nearly always stays in the same condition. Rather close the browser with the game and open a new window or tab, or try my luck a few minutes later. It usually starts working after a few hours or next day. From previous "correspondence" on this topic I understand it's not clear what causes these problems, although internet connection problems at your ISP or just overloaded network at your place can easily play it's major part in it. Hope it helps you a bit too to get through this hassle.
  4. olivemurmu

    olivemurmu User

    thanks the way,it's Olive....:)
  5. olivemurmu

    olivemurmu User

    well...i'm trying another browser...let's see
  6. olivemurmu

    olivemurmu User


    SHOMBEE User

    :confused:it happens with me several times everyday
  8. sassy159

    sassy159 User

    i have adobe flash player

    how can it be my system i log on to all other games and before the expansion i was able to play daily i dont understand how you got on for 30 minutes . I went on a new browser foxfire same thing happened. i go on windows same thing happens . If it was my system i would not have been able to get on before the expansion this is super frustrating and i do appreciate ur help. so whats next or am i just not going to be able to play anymore that would be a huge letdown
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  9. ANGEL2435

    ANGEL2435 User

    Thanks Pirate :)
  10. For for the past 24 hr, I managed to log in twice among the many failed ones. For the past 12 hr I had no luck in going beyond the city map.
  11. olivemurmu

    olivemurmu User

    the issue has not been resolved yet!!!!!!!!!!!i'm still stuck

    i have not been able to play since 3 pm IST.I'M MISSING OUT ON MY EVENT....please help!!!!!!!!
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  12. So I now seem to be where you are. Stuck on outline screen. If it get's further, its either lost connection, or playfield simply doesn't load. Been like that for an hour. Anoing, is it. :) For a long time it worked reasonably ok. Started causing trouble after 4th playfield added.
  13. olivemurmu

    olivemurmu User

    i logged in again at around 10..10.30 pm IST...and voila!!!!!!!!my game was all fine...whosoever helped me in this...a BIIIIG THANK YOU!!!!!and Norton...i'm with u in this time of agony..:(
  14. cfwh

    cfwh User

    Morning from Canada!

    I've been having internet connection lost problems with my game here for about 5 hours now.

    I can get into the game, play for about 20 seconds, and then get kicked out with the message of no internet.

    I've cleared my internet browser and even used a different internet carrier...with no luck.

    Any ideas?
    cfwh ID 8168390
  15. cfwh

    cfwh User

    seems better!
  16. TCRooster

    TCRooster User

    Well all was good but for over 24hrs I have not been able to log in again - keep getting the connection lost sign. I've cleared cache, restarted, tried different browsers and even uninstalled and then reinstalled flash, but no luck. Having no problems with other BP games. Frustrating since I'm trying to do the football event.:(
  17. carem78

    carem78 User

    the game will not load.
  18. carem78

    carem78 User

  19. It's yet another of these "mysterious" bugs with flawed access, lag etc for some players, when the client part of the game doesn't communicate properly with the server for no obvious reason. Nobody knows why and what to do about that. Iritating a bit. I had a good morning and afternoon, now back to craze again. :) Yesterday night and tonight even my usual tricks don't work. :) I would make a wild guess that with all the added content they messed it up again. :)
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  20. carem78

    carem78 User

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