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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by tassie-devil, Jun 10, 2014.

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  1. Mustan6442

    Mustan6442 User

    I'm having the problem with connection lost when I log in. It gets to the map screen and when I click on a map it gets connection lost. My id is 4848991
  2. Lafiera4

    Lafiera4 User

    I am getting "connection lost" signals like crazy, on both cities, on both Firefox and Chrome.
    I've never had this many--they have all come after the new updated map.

    lafiera4 5641119
    UrsulaCinquetti 4980587
  3. amethyst13

    amethyst13 User

    i am also getting connection lost, ive cleared my cache, check my internet connection restarted my computer but still having trouble connecting

    amethyst13 / ID 8063211
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  4. HKAnts

    HKAnts User

    ID 8200076
    I somehow lost connection and I can't get back into the game, it is so frustratiing as i am in the middle of the Football event and everything had been going fine for a few days until now!!

    i have cleared my cache and tried other browsers all to no avail!!

    This is soo frustrating and if I hadn't spent so much money on this game would be inclined to give up on it!!
  5. Hi Pirate,

    This issue has already been debated long ago. At that time you were able to confirm that these log-in/connection issues are happening occasionaly without obvious reasons, outside bussy hours and even on superfast connection. Appart from other I suggested then the reason might be servers overload which was current issue at that time. But all our combined experience ruled even this cause out and left us with no more ideas as to the source of the issue.

    This thing looks like exactly the same behaviour, I even got the city loaded with loading circle still running during last days and all sorts of "delay" problems, agan exactly the same as those months ago. I'll try and find the thread if I have time to do so. I might even debate it and brainstorm with my IT friends to see if together we can come up with some other plausible explanation, again, subject to free time available. Now I just wanted to remind that it!s no new issue, has already been here effecting only some accounts seemingly on haphazard bases, as now most of the time you were not able to reproduce the issue on affected accounts, but then you experienced the same issue on your accounts occasionally. Which would all point to some funny, hard to detect combination of server-code-network issue.

    Hopefully I can come up with something more helpful later, or the issue just leaves as mysteriously as it came and left last time when it become so prevalent. Btw. it's morning here and my account works near perfect. :)
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  6. TCRooster

    TCRooster User

    Thanks Pirate. I logged in about 2 hrs before you and got kicked out again but now I'm back from work (48hrs no access) it seems to be working. I do think if something like this happens during an event then there should be some sort of pause button on the event timer you guys can use so we don't miss out.:(
  7. pleroux

    pleroux User

    Ive had the same issue and it only during a quest that you have to pick up street items if you try picking up to many at a time it does the connecting lost issue and it is only since the new map was opened almost if there is to much happening and the connection times out
  8. I have another wild theory. :) The network is overloaded some places as everybody is watching Football Championship, and since RC is not programmed very well it sometimes mulfunctiones even when other web sites and games load up right. :) Well, my night is with no load again. :) It either stops at 6 buttons, or doesn't get rid of loading logo with map if it gets to the map. :) Same mess as then, just a bit worse.

    And then, suddenly, after more then an hour of no log-in, as through a miracle, everything works fine again. :)
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  9. fx4life

    fx4life User

    So, everytime an update takes place its been the same old story...I completely detest complaining and try to be as tolerant as possible but today I just paid for the Mega XP day and now just after paying for it I seen to have developed connection issues.

    After repeated login attempts I managed to go in and collect all my rental and I have developed a new situation as it seems. Three Farms cannot be clicked for production on my end as the moment I do the game freezzes..period. And then I restart the game and click other building , move to another map so and so forth all with no issues but these three farms have turned on me. I can t seem to get them to produce without the game hanging immediately after I click them.


    I don't know how long its gonna be like this and also the intermitten connection problems is really testing my patience for this game...
    Can anyone help? Pirate perhaps?? Usually things are always looking great when you log in...:) could you please produce some potatoes for 3 farms (there rest are happily working) don't like me no more:(

    Tassie, already cleared cache

    ID 1416725
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2014
  10. HKAnts

    HKAnts User

    ID 8200076

    I seem to lose connection and then it takes ages to be able to get back into the game!! I try other browsers, clear my cache etc and it still doesn't get any better!!

    Please can someone help? I lost my connection and can't get back into the game, I have cleared my cache, I have restarted my computer, I can now get to the city map and either get a blank white page or when i click on and area, it hangs!!!

    I have finally been able to get back in but not before having to refresh the page about 10 or more times each time it has hung!! It has only taken a couple of hours this time, usually it takes about 4 or more!!
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  11. I also lose conection when I try to click on one of the farms. Always the same one.
  12. fx4life

    fx4life User

    Hi Tassie,

    I think the problem in my case was Firefox update. Once I updated and restarted the browser and the game, Farms started producing again...thanks Tassie
  13. Djerek

    Djerek User

    same is happening to me, I've deleted the cache, restarted, loads, as soon as I click a building I get "connection lost"

    ID 7516808
  14. billy420

    billy420 User

    I'm having trouble logging in and keeps saying lost connection but it takes like 45 minutes to load to my city.
    And I cant collect my rewards from the challenges.
    Thank You!

  15. -Wizz-

    -Wizz- User

    As we are trying to find out more about this "connection lost" issue we could use more accurate info:

    • How long have you been logged in the game before message appeared?
    • Is it after an action in the game?
    • Did they see an exception (error message) other then "connection lost"?
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2014
  16. luna41

    luna41 User

    I also lose my connection when I click on anything, and as of yesterday.Deleting cache,restarting but the same.
    ID 7997577
  17. Djerek

    Djerek User

    I've been playing the game for months.
    happens as soon as I start clicking on buildings.
    Did they see an exception? No.
    started happening after the last maintenance update.
    Using IE 11 - worked fine till now.
  18. Djerek

    Djerek User

    Also, I have to refresh several times to get it to work, sometimes it gets stuck on the white screen "City Map - navigate bla bla bla".....if it does load, the city is missing half the buildings........start clicking, "connection lost"
  19. Hi Wizz,

    Excuse me for asking silly questions again, but I don't understand:

    Bullet point one, are you asking about total time in the game since we first started, or about how long we were online at any perticular case when the lost connection appeared?
    What does "did they see an exception" refer to?

  20. Thanks,

    in my case log-in time doesn't matter. Sometimes it's right after I get in the game, sometimes more then an hour online.

    At this moment it's only slight delay, when action on the field (colecting rent or production) takes a few seconds to display on the counter or the status bubble over the manufacturing and commercial updates to the correct state.

    PS: Sorry for sort of "hijacking" the thread. It looked like a general issue so I thought it would not matter if I squeze in with my comments.
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