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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by tassie-devil, Jun 10, 2014.

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  1. Djerek

    Djerek User

    Looks like my problem was with my IP, fixed now......they reset my connection
  2. stevem1960

    stevem1960 User

    I have placed this here instead of technical as I never had a problem with connection until today 3 times today when i tried to login i get a lot of letters numbers on a white screen but after refreshing 2 or 3 times i can login Hope this helps someone.
  3. Sorry stevem, I have moved it to this thread in Technical as it might help in the debugging of these connection issues - I hope you don't mind.
  4. HKAnts

    HKAnts User

    I was just about to post when Iost connection for about the 2nd time this morning!! It takes so long to get back into the game and last time, I got to the playfield screen and clicked on a playfield but nothing happened, I had to refresh the page and then wait for about 30 minutes before I could get back in!!

    ID 8200076

    And for the umpteenth time I have lost connection again!!
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  5. As in your previous posts we still need your Id number thankyou
    Hint: in your profile options there is a place for signature, put your id number there and tick box to make signature visible
    Happy gaming
  6. pleroux

    pleroux User

    My Self and my wife are playing the game next to each other at the same time it runs perfectly except when we are playing a quest and picking up street objects if you pick up too many at a time it losses connection we can stay on for hours on time no problem just when we do the street object it losses connection it even happens immediately on connecting and trying to do that (for the programmers it almost as if connection are not closed correctly because if one goes it right away again it might throw you out immediately but restart and connect again and take time clicking on objects seems to work the best) We both enjoy the game do we hope the small issues c be allaviated
  7. olivemurmu

    olivemurmu User

    kindly fix this CONNECTION LOST's very irritating...specially during an event!!!!!!!!
  8. PirateLee

    PirateLee Guest

    We have enough info now so no more posts please the team are working on it.
  9. HKAnts

    HKAnts User

    I lost connection and am unable to get in, this is the umpteenth time it has happened!! Everything was going fine for a while but now it seems to be developing problems!!!

    Your id 8200076
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  10. Caduceus

    Caduceus User

    Hello HKAnts,

    There is already a post for people to report connection issues. In the future, please use the search function before creating a new post.

    You might also want to try clearing your cache and posting your user name and ID number.
  11. olivemurmu

    olivemurmu User

    this CONNECTION LOST thing is making me loose my mind...specially during doesn't seem to be fixed...
  12. these issues are known Olive and the devs are working on solving them
    Happy gaming
  13. olivemurmu

    olivemurmu User

    thanks dev.....:)
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