Make emergency Booster Pack rewards worth it!

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by wizardelo, Dec 3, 2013.

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  1. Hell yea!

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  2. hmm no.

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  1. Joey77

    Joey77 User

    I'm not impressed with those rewards. The only reason I used to play the E.R. system was to win a new house. Now the rewards are not worth it. I shall keep the incompetent system buried away forever.
  2. Geflin

    Geflin User

    Agree that the balance is a bit off, but am (mostly) happy with the rewards. At least the Silver Gold Packs should be LESS of the small stuff? The Comet Packs seem better balanced by far.
  3. skb13

    skb13 User

    I had been hopeful, until my winter stadium spat out 25 platinum medals. So what did I win? a 2* RI, a fence and 2x20 panels.
  4. You didn't get it? :) That's the fix! WWS! You get more medals for free. :)
    It seems they can't fix it without complete rework of some parts of the code. Remember how they tried to fine tune it and it was too generous? So they basically "fixed" it by reverting it back and fixing some minor issues like one item rewards. :)

    Btw I finally decided to build WWS and got 20 gold on my first collection.
  5. Bababandos

    Bababandos User

    I actually think the rewards are pretty balanced (in a good way). A couple of days ago I cashed in a week's worth of medals and received 2 building permits (including manor, yay!), a windfarm, decorations worth 67 points and materials/produce worth 650k CC.

    A couple of weeks ago I used the +200% options. It got on my nerves quite a bit, but I got quite a few permits (including 2 luxury boathouses) and other good stuff, too.

    Of course it depends on the playing time, people who can't cash in that many sets of medals will be more dissappointed. On the other hand though, things would get way out of hand if the rewards were even better... people who play a lot and/or have the time to use the additional rescue missions would be completely overloaded with rewards, which imho would create too much of an advantage.
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  6. Joey77

    Joey77 User

    There are 62 other votes that would say otherwise... besides you were just lucky. Keep playing you'll see.
  7. DAVE111117

    DAVE111117 User

    i have cashed in all bronze, silver and gold medals i've received and so far everything i have got is GARBAGE! i'm lvl 34 they would be great if i was level 2.
  8. So all we need is to find a way to downgrade you to level 2. Then you will be happy. :cool: :D :cool:
  9. mmm i doubt that would solve anything :(
  10. New function. Something like an overnight reset to level 2 ........... lol Of course you would have to pay for it ........ :)
  11. wont be a usable option :rolleyes:
  12. Combined with digitaly imposed amnesia it will keep players excited about booster pack rewards ........ lol
  13. wizardelo

    wizardelo User

    i stand my ground on the improved booster pack rewards.
    yes house permits are somewhat missing :) but since i got no room whatsoever i dont mind.
    free produce expecialy expencive ones are more then welcomed

    Bronze30 lumber1900 EP
    --* flatscreen590 Barley
    --35 roofs35 roofs
    --* solar panel* satelite dish
    Silver530 tuna510 XP2900 PP
    --90 rolls55 bricks200 concrete
    --* flatscreen35 roofs1900 EP
    --* flatscreen1x memorial20 pannels
    --20 pannels250 potatoes820 CC
    Gold5 xpreso2x 90 rolls490 wheat
    --**** tanning bed2x 20 pannels30 lumber
    --2x * game console490 wheat2x 20 pannels
    7 classic RI from 32 rewards is a good quota.
  14. carlsolly9

    carlsolly9 User

    any news on making medals worth it ?

    I changed a gold pack and lucky me I got 2 classic improvements and 10 tiles !!

    Wow i'm so excited, can't wait to add my improvements to my every growing collection of never to be used improvements
  15. i had 200 bronz medals i traded and ended up with 2 pier house apartments 1 epic improvement and lots of cement and bricks also 2 classic improvements :):);)
  16. carlsolly9

    carlsolly9 User

    So it is worth it then ha ha
  17. it was this time no guarentees for the future lol ;)
  18. As I'm starting to be bored in the game, I vasted all my medals. Didn't count them, but they were many. I got many level 1 RI, lot of materials and not much else. Type of rewards I would have been happy with somewhere around level 15. Being level 37 it was just a question mark. This feature sure needs some major rework too. And it has not been included in the game outlook.
  19. Tamy

    Tamy User

    Hmm.. indeed this was not included in the producer's letter. I actually use the medals quite often lately, as I am in the middle of an upgrading spree and need the materials (I seem to be getting all my concrete from booster packs). Once you get to them expecting only some extra bricks and panels, they are not so bad. Only please, please, please take away those classic improvements! At least from higher level packs! They make no sense at all.
    Another thing I noticed is that all the really nice surprises (re: "premium" permits) usually come from the bronze packs. Which means, for me, that I will try to train specialists to gain quantities of cheaper medals, rather than a few of the expensive ones.
    Going back to sell lumber now. Did you see the price of it?!
  20. TellusXIV

    TellusXIV User

    Sure have, by almost removing driftwood we will most likely see an increase of lumber prices. O well I sold 30k at 100cc so I shouldn't complain to much.
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