Make emergency Booster Pack rewards worth it!

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by wizardelo, Dec 3, 2013.

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  1. momEva

    momEva User

    I do as many emergencies as possible, because when all is said and done, it is essentially a "free" reward -- the education points cannot be used for anything else, so nothing is lost getting the medals.

    I have gotten a lot of "junk", but I have also gotten some really good stuff ... buildings that were not in any quest/event in which I participated, added emergency stations and even some power plants. (a windfarm was great!)

    I DO agree that the balance is off. If the reward "level" is kept roughly the same, then we ought to at least get more chances with each upgrade. That I can get the same basic reward from 15 bronze medals as from 20 gold makes no sense. The rewards are actually going down, not up for the higher levels.

    This is particularly frustrating when some of the rewards are really dismal.. a small tree or daisy patches for example -- I deleted all of mine ages ago in favor of statues and other things that offer real benefits. I can see offering them for bronze level rewards ONLY, because some beginning players might like having them. On that subject, it makes NO sense to have the early building permits as "rewards" at all now that their quantities are unlimited.
  2. It actually does make sense as gifted permits are for free. For those "unlimited" you pay a lot of MM to start with, the price being increased every step you take.

    Now reading the "news" the prices will be even higner after the downtime tomorrow.
  3. nervo82

    nervo82 User

    I wasn't going to cash in any rewards until I finally get a scientist but with yet another rookie about to hit level 7 and the imminent 'update' I thought I should clear the decks. So (deep breath, and apologies for any typos):


    chaise* x2, red tulip, 60 doughnuts x2
    chaise* x2, stereo* x2, 1600 PP
    bar* x2, modern row house, 30 lumber x2
    grill* x2, fridge* x2, tower block
    grill* x2, 35 bricks x2, 5 MM
    20 beams x2, 25 roof x2, 15 tiles x2


    massage*, stereo* x2, flatscreen* x2
    fireplace*, washer****, 1100 EP
    patio*, bed* x2, emergency clinic
    fridge* x2, grill*, 410 barley
    fireplace* x2, 130 brown ale, 590 CC
    console* x2, massage*, dilapidated chapel
    35 bricks, 290 hops, 1100 EP
    chaise* x2, emergency clinic, emergency clinic
    massage* x2, palm tree, 130 cement
    surveillance station, 590 CC, 320 XP x2
    stereo*, 20 panels, 350 tomatoes
    5 Xpresso, 170 raspberries x2, 20 beams x2
    emergency clinic, 20 panels, 260 pilsner x2
    flatscreen*, houseboat, 340 wheat
    410 barley, 280 tuna x2, 60 doughnuts
    aquarium* x2, massage* x2, 25 roof x2
    solar* x2, 20 panels x2, 130 brown ale
    dishwasher****, 280 tuna x2, 1600 PP
    tanning*, aquarium*, massage****
    dishwasher*, washer*, 20 beams
    stereo* x2, chaise****, 70 cork x2
    bar*, 70 cork, 30 lumber x2
    tanning* x2, dishwasher**, 1100 EP
    25 roof, 260 pilsner, 320 XP x2
    grill*, small pond, 1100 EP
    patio* x2, 30 lumber, 280 tuna
    tanning* x2, 130 cement x2, 590 CC
    massage*, emergency clinic, dilapidated chapel
    emergency clinic, 15 tiles, 320 XP x2
    aquarium* x2, 25 roof, 1600 PP
    60 pizza x2, 590 CC, 590 CC
    hot tub* x2, pool* x2, 35 bricks x2
    console* x2, 95 sushi, 320 XP x2
    grill* x2, aquarium* x2, washer*
    stereo* x2, 20 panels, 30 lumber
    washer*, tanning* x2, 1600 PP
    410 barley x2, 60 pizza x2, 590 CC
    wind farm, 60 rolls, 30 lumber x2


    small boxwood, 35 bricks, 1600 PP
    aquarium*, 280 milk, 25 roof
    satellite*, 30 lumber, 1600 PP
    tanning*, patio*, 590 CC
    washer*, gym*, 35 bricks
    flatscreen*, sunrise loft, 60 rolls
    gym*, cypress, 20 panels
    180 potatoes, 25 roof, 590 CC
    dishwasher*, palm tree, 280 milk
    massage*, 30 lumber, 35 bricks
    170 raspberries, 95 sushi, 320 XP
    grill*, modern sculpture, 30 lumber
    solar*, solar*, 15 tiles
    stereo*, hot tub*, 25 roof
    hot tub*, grill**, 35 bricks
    chaise*, bar*, 20 panels
    bed*, 280 milk, 70 cork
    pool*, pool*, 70 cork
    patio*, 130 cement, 70 cork
    red tulip, 320 XP, 320 XP
    stereo*, 30 lumber, 130 cement
    tanning*, satellite*, 20 beams
    pool*, fireplace*, 70 cork
    fridge*, grill*, 60 doughnuts
    chaise*, 25 roof, 590 CC
    washer*, chaise*, 350 tomatoes
    washer*, 5 Xpresso, 130 cement
    tanning*, modern sculpture, 20 beams
    aquarium*, 20 panels, 340 wheat
    fireplace*, bed*, 20 panels
    grill*, red tulip, 20 beams
    fridge*, 30 lumber, 1100 EP
    obelisk, 15 tiles, 20 beams
    35 bricks, 70 cork, 340 wheat
    10 Vit-X, 20 beams, 320 XP
    chaise*, 280 tuna, 130 hefeweizen


    20 panels, 320 XP
    chaise*, radio tower
    20 panels, 320 XP
    bed*, 60 pizza
    cypress, 20 beams
    fridge*, pool*
    260 pilsner, 30 lumber
    25 roof, 20 beams
    grill*, 1100 EP
    cypress, 20 beams
    20 panels, 130 cement
    small boxwood, 350 tomatoes
    20 panels, 290 hops
    flatscreen*, 20 panels
    massage*, modern sculpture
    massage*, 25 roof
    dishwasher*, fridge*
    washer*, 20 beams
    pool*, fridge*
    70 cork, 1100 EP
    grill*, washer*
    hot tub**, 290 hops
    20 panels, 260 pilsner
    dishwasher*, 35 bricks
    grill*, 410 barley
    fridge*, 130 cement
    small boxwood, 30 lumber
    satellite*, 60 pizza
    70 cork, 15 tiles
    410 barley, 130 brown ale
    aquarium*, 590 CC
    fireplace*, 1600 PP
    dishwasher*, skate park
    60 doughnuts, 1100 EP
    solar*, 280 milk
    chapel, 20 beams
    stereo*, 1600 PP
    70 cork, 70 cork
    satellite*, 35 bricks
    20 beams, 590 CC
    bar*, 25 roof
    95 sushi, 60 doughnuts
    5 Xpresso, 25 roof
    grill*, bar*
    25 roof, 320 XP
    satellite*, 20 panels
    chaise*, water tower
    washer*, houseboat
    solar*, 25 roof
    small pond, large hydrant

    Of the 20 'classic' improvements I have a minimum of 13 permits and frankly haven't the energy to use them. The decorations are OK but I have 13 unused Zeus statues so not short of happy. I am pleased with the sunrise loft permit and wind farm ...

    @MomEva I have long been a supporter of the EMS system but am finding my enthusiasm waning.
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  4. a friend of mine has just got a nice random item, a premim one actually.
    and weird is, he got it from a pack of copper medals.

    here is the printscreen:

    we just need to say that randomness at emergency system booster packs , it isnt proportional with mayor level or type of medals pack at all........
  5. momEva

    momEva User

    [quote="[RO] we just need to say that randomness at emergency system booster packs , it isnt proportional with mayor level or type of medals pack at all........[/quote]
    Yes, that is part of why folks are dissapointed. Why require twice as much of medals that are harder to get, but just offer only double reward? Maybe its just "sour grapes", but it just seems that if the upper medals are harder to get, they ought to offer more reward, not just the same reward.

    That said, I definitely like the emergency system. It is the easiest way to get rewards, really. As long as we view it as just "nice extras", then we are happy. Its when we start thinking about how hard it is to get gold medals versus copper... then it can be discouraging.
  6. momEva

    momEva User

    [list deleted to save space]
    Looks like you did pretty well. I save my improvements until they will help me complete a quest, avoid building a power plant or some such. I definitely don't use all of them, but I have learned to appreciate them.
  7. Bones041

    Bones041 User

    I think that the rewards truly suck....why do we get improvements that we can buy for coins that's not a reward that's a slap in our faces, I am just stating my thoughts on it. I am thinking of not playing this game just on its REWARD items what a crock of BS.
  8. Andrewjf

    Andrewjf User

    It's just luck of the draw. There are many here that get great rewards, just not all the time. The game is good with or without the odd bonus imo :)
  9. Geflin

    Geflin User

    This, essentially, is a capitalism problem. If you don't think like a capitalist when you examine the issue, you miss the actual benefits. Explanation: this is a capitalism based game, and everything costs something (time, PP, EP, CC, MM, etc.). If you win what you could buy with coins (my opinion here only) then you can buy other things with the coins you'd otherwise have spent; ergo, that part is not the slap in the face. The slap is that you have as much chance of getting Classic RIs with Platinum medals as you do with Copper ones...and unless you hit lucky (MM, Premium permit, etc.) it seems there really ought to just be "medals" with no distinction between them (especially since the different medals used to be for upgrading your ES departments, which has been eliminated).

    Point I am trying to make here is, benefit is inherent in how you look at (and make use of) what you get. I win a LOT of construction materials with my boosters...and I love it. Why? I have 5 million plus PP, so winning these does not save me PP. I generate plenty of CCs most of the time, so winning these really isn't a CC windfall either. Ah, but there is TIME. I have managed a boatload of upgrades faster than I would have been able to because of materials won and thus did not have to wait (days/weeks) to accumulate. This aalowed me to stockpile even more, since I was producing anyways. Therefore, I benefited, substantially.

    Granted, I agree the rewards are way out of balance. I also agree that Classic RIs and low level deco are awarded far too often, especially in Gold and Platinum packs. But as I've noted several times in my Booster Pack Bragging Blog thread (not trying to hijack here ;) ) the rewards are not too shabby when viewed from a big picture perspective. It's the fun of the chase, and trust me, if every other reward was a chunk of MM or a Premium building....we'd start thinking of those rewards the same way we already think of Classic RIs etc.:rolleyes:
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  10. billyjim

    billyjim User

    I have to admit I originally thought like Bones041 when I started to get the silver, gold and platinum packs. As time and my experience levels grew I started to have a more zen attitude towards awards and I am more in line with Geflin's thoughts. Any thing I receive while playing the game is a bonus, they vary from the mundane to the awesome. If you do not use the gifts offered then you can never receive the awesome prizes. Even a simple classic RI is a gift, it may not be the one you would like but it is a gift and it was free. :)
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  11. Andrewjf

    Andrewjf User

    You boys really should get together and write a book! :D
  12. billyjim

    billyjim User

    I did write a book once before it is way to much work. :p Now if I could find a ghost writer to do the heavy lifting. Any way I prefer the interaction of the forum. :D
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  13. city8936

    city8936 User

    omg,OMG ,OMG:eek: i just traded in some medals silver u would not believe what i got?!?! a free mystery building than i got 25mm and 300 in concrete and a bunch of improvements and low a behold i even got 1 luxury what a windfall:p:D:D
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  14. Andrewjf

    Andrewjf User

    Yay!! Awesome! :)
  15. Arsuru

    Arsuru User

    The most immediate problem now is that the reward pool needs to be updated to include all of the newer content. I've been waiting a while now, but I think I'll be ranting about it shortly. Already almost six months on without a single booster pack opened…
  16. Andrewjf

    Andrewjf User

    I definitely think you should rant Arsuru. Hasn't been a good one around here since your last one, so bring it on I say :D
  17. Geflin

    Geflin User

    Way to go! May your lucky streak continue ;) Let us know what the Mystery Building comes out as?
  18. billyjim

    billyjim User

    City -- Way to go Enjoy

    Arsuru -- I have not seen a good rant in a while. May I suggest try channeling Nortoncommander, He use to do some beautiful rants.
  19. Geflin

    Geflin User

    *Stomps around in one-man-band getup, making much noise* I hereby rant, so take note BP/RC, better rewards we want to see, thus this chant. Roses are red, carnations is pink, I love the game .... but these cheap rewards stink. On the serious side, just a little tweaking of the rewards (like adding the newer stuff, and maybe some new premium buildings) would be great :)
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  20. billyjim

    billyjim User

    As usual you have to steal all of the thunder. Let someone else have some fun once and a while. Okay you did the hard sell, let me do the soft sell.

    Dear BP/RC, We all love this game and would greatly appreciate it if you would have someone go through the awards and give them so long needed updating. We would greatly appreciate this. Greatfully your humble players. Thank you in advance.
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