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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by mjcryo, Dec 10, 2013.

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  1. Hi all, thanks for all the tips about this wildheart50122
    I have now had a couple of goes on flicker. I couldn't seem to get to work so i joined photo bucket and it worked!

    Here is my first city picture that was taken on the 2/3/2014

    top of city:
    bottom of city:
    coast as of yesterday: I tried to keep all my event buildings in the coast so that it would look good, but I found that it used up too much space so I moved things around in my city as you can see on the next photo.
    my re-arranged city top:
    bottom of city:
    coast now:
    and my suburbs:
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  2. Your city reminds me how my city was when it was little, even if, at that time, I had only one playfield (since the second came up much later) and not so many high-rises.
    Thankfully, I made some printscreens after every major renovation, so I can re-watch them any time I want :)
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  3. Not a problem! Norton did quite a bit to help me out as a rookie. It's my pleasure to pass it along!
  4. McChicken

    McChicken User

    Due to the extra land witch was freed up.
    I had a problem on my hands what to do with the empty space?
    Well build parks and squares.


    Townhall square

    And of course my suburbs. there isn't much there yet. Because of a financial crisis due to me buying a piece of land of 2,4 miljoen to get to the suburbs.
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  5. here is a update of my city.
    all the mystery building that i have won are all bought with mm that i have not bought i have just raised it all. i play complete free.


    the burbs

    main city (top)
    main city (bottom)
    How can i get my city to have at least 1 bread basket free? any ideas. I don't want to have to buy another one for 399 mm.
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  6. hi again,

    i have now moved things around again so that i got one bread basket free.

    Here is my city nothing has been done to the top show i'll just show you my bottom.
    Here is my coast this is how and why i got my city to have one bread basket free. The only problem was that i had to spend 12000cc to get this to work o well.
    and now my burbs i have move thing around again.

    what do you think about having Eco-friendly row house still in my city?
    Hope you like it.
  7. Axy365

    Axy365 User

  8. you city is amazing i love it!
  9. how did you mange to finish the bikers event?
  10. Axy365

    Axy365 User

    This event is the most difficult,
    I have almost always get up early.

    Now I'm doing the same event.
    I notice if I managed to finish
  11. wow that hard isn't it?

    i have just built a new area for my building, i will need to upgrade my veg stand to level 3 oh, and i will upload the rest of my city tomorrow i have re-arranged my city a lot. My burbs are a lot different!

    Any way here is my new building area that i have just built

    Last edited: May 10, 2014
  12. Axy365

    Axy365 User

    look today. i have 41 hours

  13. you think you will finish?
  14. Axy365

    Axy365 User

    I will only have a chance if I wake up at 1/2 hours night
  15. get your rest you may need it,Remember it is only a game! not something you have to do.
  16. -damidami-

    -damidami- User

    Ok, a "little" update ... Do you remember my playfields?
    Now... I totally changed them! *O*...

    you can see the "new" Coast, and the Suburb (work in progress).

    Hope you like them.



    And the City??? oh, well... I'm still working :p:p
  17. Hipshot

    Hipshot User

    Very nice Dami, but without roads, people have to walk everywhere. Aren't they annoyed?
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  18. It looks great, dami ! I'm still waiting for the mountain playfield (and the weekend) to start re-arrange things in my playfields, even if I won't have the money to buy too many plots on the mountain playfield.

    No cars in your city, eh dami? :)
  19. -damidami-

    -damidami- User

    Yes, no cars ^-^
    My Citizens are happy and they have a great health!
    No cars, no pollution, no noise. Only tranquillity ^-^
    and then... I like so much this kind of streets :p

    I decided to create 3 playfield about ... "Time Travel" ...

    The first (Main City) could remember "the Past", with antique buildings, palaces, and houses. Also "fantasy" houses...

    The second, (Coast) is "the Present", with a touch of '60 retro style, in some areas.

    The third (Suburb) should be the "Future", with several futuristic buildings.

    I know this new Time Travel Stile would be better when most of buildings will be upgraded, but for now,...this is the Idea !:p:D;)
  20. I had nothing to do, so devised a major adjustment of my city and suburb. Here is the result.





    And here the coast. This is not adjusted

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  21. rossio

    rossio User

    I envy the amount of japanese pogoda's you've got. I only have one. :)
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