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Dear forum reader,

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    Hello Mayors,

    There will be no weekly quest tomorrow as we are still having 3 events that are running.

    We are currently working on our Permission System, which will be changed for the better. However, there is one change that we want to announce beforehand: you can no longer buy permissions for the lumber mill as soon as these changes go live on Thursday. You will have your normal five lumber mills and cannot buy any extra. Of course you can keep all of your lumber mills that you have bought before this change. If you want to buy some additional lumber mills, please do so before Thursday.

    More information on the Permission Rework will follow Thursday.

    Your Rising Cities Team.
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  2. -Wizz-

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    Dear Mayors,

    As you know, we are currently occupied with improving Rising Cities by reworking some of the game features that are overly complex and have a negative impact on accessibility and gameplay.

    The first step was the rework of our emergency system that can now be de-activated. The next step will be to tackle our permit system.

    We would like to inform you about the following changes:

    1. Buildings are not ready for harvest after you activate them. Instead, the timer will start running. However, when using a key to change the residents, the building is ready for harvest instantly.

    2. From now on, all normal residential buildings, shops and power plants will have an unlimited number of permits that you can purchase. Additional permits will not cost any City Credits when placing the construction tile. They still need to be constructed though using materials.

    3. Like before, you can buy no further permits for the manufacturing buildings. However, this will also include the lumber mill. You will have your normal five lumber mills and cannot buy any extra.Of course you can keep all of your lumber mills that you have bought before this change.

    4. Roads do not need any permits anymore, which means you can now place as many streets as you like. The City Credit costs will remain the same.

    5. All normal and premium decorations can now be bought as many times as you like. If the initial, free permits are used up, you can purchase additional ones with MM. These additional permits do not have any placement costs. Generally, premium decorations do not have any placement cost.

    6. Premium residential buildings and power plants have no placement or construction costs anymore. If you win or buy a premium building, you can place it directly from your designer depot. However, premium buildings do no longer grant XP on placement, removal and activation.

    7. All exclusive residential buildings, decorations, shops and power plants do not have any construction and placement costs anymore. If you win them, you can just place them without any further effort.

    8. Once you have used all buildings of a type, the shop-card is removed from the designer depot. This is, of course, not the case for all buildings that have additional permits for purchase.

    9. If you remove a premium or exclusive building from the field, you can place it again with no costs. As before, upgrade levels will be lost upon this action. The building is level 1 after replacing. Upgrading will still require costs and materials.

    10. If you remove a non-premium or non-exclusive building from the field, you receive the permit back. In this case you have to spend placement and construction costs to rebuild the building.

    11. In general, the prices for all permits are rescaled. Many of the permits are cheaper now, some cost a little more. Those with increased prices are a result of the construction and placement costs that were removed.
    Your Rising Cities Team.
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