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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Ironkat, Apr 6, 2014.

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  1. Dollars2

    Dollars2 User

    How do i contact whoever is in charge of the cinema?
  2. I did all 3 of the movies on the cineplex yesterday and it did not credit me the MM for them even though it marked them as done and has the 24 hour time on it now. Hope you can help--Thank you,
  3. did you read the thread below cineplex please read, yet

    shortly this post will be merged
    happy gaming
  4. -Wizz-

    -Wizz- User

    As my colleague have pointed out please read the sticky before posting.
    We would also like to know more information:
    1. advert watched
    2. time when watched (timezone)
    3. user ID
  5. -Wizz-

    -Wizz- User

    As my colleague explained this is not under our control but we would like to help, so please fill in the info bellow:

    1. advert watched
    2. time when watched (timezone)
    3. user ID
  6. Samira24

    Samira24 User

    Same problem her as well. Watched 3 times about 5 min ago. Had 178 metromoney before I watched, and I still have 178metromoney.
  7. lizardking

    lizardking User

    Same problem here
  8. as wizz has said above we need the following info
    1advert watched
    2 time watched (time zone
    3 user id
    thank you
    happy gaming
  9. please include in all your posts
    1 adverts watched
    2 time watched (time zone
    3 user id
    thankyou and happy gaming
  10. Dollars2

    Dollars2 User

    1. well i have several but the one that gets me the most is the LG one that makes you click within 15 seconds and goes for 150 seconds. I think it's about tvs but without sound I really couldn't tell you. I've watched this one 3 times without money being awarded but this only happened after the new playfield came in. I watched it twice before the new playfield and it awarded my 15 metro money. I've also watched one with some german words with a mom who uses mayo and cumumbers on her face to make some sandwich for some kid. That one was pretty gross. All the other ones are unremarkable and I kept no memory of them.

    2. I've currently watched at least 9 different movies at several different times. Some of the movies I watched around 11 AM to 12PM PST. Another I watched late at night around 12AM- 1 AM PST. (pacific standard time) I think I've also watched some around 5PM-7PM PST. Those are the times I usually play the game.

    3. Dollars202 | ID 1328594

    P.S. thank you so much for looking into this and trying to help.
  11. This has already been reported some time ago. The content provider needs to supplie movies in keeping with the tech characteristics. I got that today twice again:

    Unsupported Size for Ad Unit.
    Ad unit is currently 450x150. Minimum supported size is 300x250.

    1) Movie did not play, so provider has to check which add has above size.
    2) Time: 23:35 CEST
    3( ID: 5821538
  12. lizardking

    lizardking User

    I haven't kept track until now but here is the last one...

    1. Advert Watched
    Nokia Lumia 630

    2. Time Watched
    5:49pm EST

    3. User ID
  13. arcmanca

    arcmanca User

    I feel i've wasted too much time on the cinema now that i feel the best thing for me to do is to demolish it until such time as i hear the problem has been fixed.
    arcmanca | ID 5474325
  14. Malayswiss

    Malayswiss User

    this is already my 4th days without reward been received.

    Advert watch
    1. Mineralwater.
    2. Global finance talk.
    3. Just blank
    Times :- 1.59am GMT (German times)

    User Id - Malayswiss
    Id no - 3921001
  15. PirateLee

    PirateLee Guest

    All of these have been passed onto managagment and they are in contact with the providers to try and get this fixed.
    We do not need any more ID numbers nor posts as this is a global issue.

    Thanks to all for posting.
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  16. PirateLee

    PirateLee Guest

    This is not possible as they are advertisers around the world.
    The management team are in contact with them via partners arrangements and are trying to resolve the cinema issues.
  17. Dollars2

    Dollars2 User

    thanks for taking care of this pirate lee. I just ran the cinema and it paid out every time. I appreciate everyone's hard work at rising cities to fix this issue. :) thank you and please close.
  18. MikeyC69

    MikeyC69 User

    It wasn't bad enough that they relegated all these posts to the "we don't give a damn" section, but now they even consolidate us. Awesome.

    Day 5.
  19. I'm not even playing the movies now. It's obvious it's global issue. Somebody messed up big. :D

    This "free" feature in this condition causes a lot of time wasting.

    I'm glad though that somebody hopefully listened to reason, the message gets to the managers and they will sort this mess up. And hopefully even straighten up this shaky and fuzzy BP to Cinema provider function.

    Just as a side note: The same movies work perfectly all right in Farmerama, where the Cinema hardly ever causes any problems at all. Now go figure, why the same thing works one place fine, the other place it doesn't.
  20. -Wizz-

    -Wizz- User

    Good news! We found and fixed the cinema issue. So please refresh and restart your game and tell us, if there are still problems, along with advert name, time of watching and user id!

    Your Rising Cities Team.
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