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  1. G`day Mayors,
    Our new game will be in three sections, each section will run for a period of four weeks commencing on the first Monday each Month. eg Commencing 01.02.2016 and ending 28.02.2016. Each month 2 additional entries will be randomly selected and will win a mystery prize each
    There are 3 categories Capitalists, Students and workers, each month we will select one category randomly. ID# / pop 3500 / capitalists 2000 / workers 500 / students 1000
    The first place winner will be the player with the highest percentage of the chosen category.
    Sad to say that there are some ground rules and special conditions
    1. We will be checking to make sure the information is correct
    2. Only one posting per Mayor per game
    3. No going back and editing your post
    4. those with Level 3 and level 4 gl estate residences need to deduct the appropriate number of residents from their total pop count, these will be checked
    5. So if any of these occur the player will be disqualified for that months game. You will be allowed to participate in the next game.

    There will be three prizes: Capitalists category
    1st Manor
    2nd Bow Style Villa
    3rd Buena vista Castle

    There will be three prizes: Workers category.
    1st Modern Apartment Tower
    2nd Bueno Vista Castle
    3rd Bow Style Villa

    There will be three prizes: Students category
    1st Student Housing
    2nd Urban loft
    3rd Bow-Style Villa

    Good luck and let us know what you have.:)

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