Producer's Letter 03/2014

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Dear forum reader,

if you’d like to actively participate on the forum by joining discussions or starting your own threads or topics, please log into the game first. If you do not have a game account, you will need to register for one. We look forward to your next visit! CLICK HERE
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    Try and remember I handle support and tickets for more than one game so I am not always up to speed with the more active players.
    When I have no ID to go by I have to try and use the name and when that returns a linked account I assume that is the players account.
    Tamy is not the name of her level 38 account it is however the name of her level 1 account, now I know that life is much easier.

    I would never intend to be offensive but I do admit frustration does get the better of me now and then. In this case I guess in hindsight I should have just asked for the ID number but this is not my thread it is the producers thread so I will but out. :)
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  2. Mr Sephiroth, with new anounced changes we see rather well what you mean by openness. You publish this clearly halfhearted effort called 2nd Producer's Letter, all the time knowing you are hiding information from us, and you still have the audacity to talk about openness and honesty. No wonder your letter is so confused, no wonder you avoided so many questions. No hard feelings, just saying that people here are not as stupid as you might think. Don't underestimate our ability to read between the lines. We can smell fish pretty well. Sad to say you already lost most of your credibility, which you will find for yourself if you take time to read players reactions. Anyway, I still wish you good and success in your work, only for now I completely burried any hope that there could soon be a meaningful dialog between players and developers. You have poven you are not that type of a person.
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  3. -MrMungo-

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    Unless you have a mole inside the Bigpoint's office (24 style), how do you know that any decision has been made prior to the letter being written?
    I would imagine there's always ideas/thoughts floating around in an attempt to improve the game (and BP's profits!).
  4. :) Yes, I have a mole inside the Bigpoint office, if you want to view it this way Mr. Mungo. :)
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  5. billyjim

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    Mole or no mole. I am still hopeful. Slightly jaded, still hopeful. I for one am willing to accept any step forward and understand, for a while, any sliding backwards. The key is to keep being open, honest, and timely.