Producer's Letter: Special Edition

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Dear forum reader,

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  1. Hey Mayors,

    We would like to inform you of a major change to Rising Cities that is coming up in the next few weeks. We know this change will startle you at first, and therefore we would like to give you some extra information in order to make you understand why we chose to do it.

    Long story short: we will rework the entire pricing system in the game, and consequently this will remove X-Presso entirely.

    First of all, please make sure to read these FAQ containing all the details of this pricing system rework.

    So why did we decide to rework our pricing system and what is going to happen?

    We will multiply the current Metro Money (MM) by a factor to increase its value in the game; any numbers that fall on a decimal will be rounded up. This means that the number of MM that you have will increase significantly. However, along with this we will reduce some of the prices very slightly. With the current system we are very limited in the way that we can price things: 1MM has a relatively high value at the moment. With the rework, however, 1MM will have a very low value. Therefore, we can offer things for a much cheaper price than before, making the game a lot more accessible. In the future we do plan to have new MM items at a much lower price, so all content is available to ALL players, whether you pay or not. Moreover, MM output will also be increased in the game, so that you can get more of it for “free” by performing regular tasks, getting comet/booster packs, etc.

    Even though we know that many of you like using X-Presso, its removal is a necessity as it completely throws out the balance of the game and its economy. Since the game’s pricing structure has its weaknesses and the X-Presso further distorts the economy balance, we must remove it. Additionally, X-Presso causes inconsistencies in the balance of the game and makes it even harder to add new content, quests, events, etc. Most importantly, for the game to continue and to evolve, the X-Presso function must be removed so that we can continue to balance the game in a fair and accessible way. Of course all your X-Presso will automatically be changed into MM once the exchange starts, unless you decide to use it beforehand. To aid in the transition we will stop the sale of X-Presso from 20.03.2014; you will only be able to use your existing stocks until the 27th of March when we will release the pricing change into the game. By the way, as many of you have already suspected, the MM confirmation layer will also go live on the 27th of March.
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