Producer's Letter: Special Edition

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Dear forum reader,

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    We have had this discussion before. We keep coming back to the same arguments. with four bakeries upgraded to level 3 it takes 40 hours to produce the needed Tofu dogs. If you go up to five level 3 Bakeries it comes down to 34 hours. Which is less than half of the allotted time for the event. I did the event using just four of my bakeries and finished with over fourteen hours left to play. Still got eight hours sleep and worked eight hours every day and did not have internet access at work. Yes I timed my cycles so that I started cycles when I left for work and when I got home and before I went to sleep. That accounts for three of the five cycles right there. I would have used five bakery but could not cycle through the soybeans fast enough to use the fifth bakery. It is a challenge but not insurmountable.
  2. You really want to stay on topic? Serious? :) :) :)

    Yeah, like BP. They do stay on topic pretty firmly. No developement, no communication with players. Just empty promisses and thundering silence. :)

    Shall you ever wake up again? You are not as attractive as Sleeping Beauty, RC. Nobody's gonna kiss you to wake you up. :cool: :D :cool:
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    Nortoncommander I thought you were Prince Charming and in the original story she slept for a very long time. :p
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  5. Kimmi, you're still hoping to see mister Seph? His occurance is rare, more rare then Lochness Monster I hear them say.

    Nevertheless, he appeared "once", and brought us two new playfields. His next appearence, a year or two later, might mean another two playfields. With ample appology for that long silence, stating how much he missed us. Or he just takes those two back as a punishment for the lack of thankfullness. :) Might be that this time too many playfields make it too difficult for them to develop the game. Like the poor desperado X-presso in his days managed to wreck programmers' front line driving them to despare. :)

    Gosh devil, don't you think that chitchat was better then staying on topic? :D :D :D With their performance we can't do much better then just be cheeky :) :) :)
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    Now lets talk about being cheeky. :D:D:D


    And awesome music
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    *Makes ribbiting noises...puckers up* Ok, where is my Princess? Ok, what was our original topic anyways? Oh, that's more x-presso (bad idea) and reworked MM (actually turned out decent). By the way, the forum tends to bring up common thoughts in multiple threads (that is what discussion is). Maybe part of why changes (and fixes) are so slow, is the over compartmentalizing of related subjects makes it difficult to pool together all relevant information applicable to a needed change or fix? Why was there not a player poll about taking the x-presso away? I don't buy near as much MM as I might if I could rely on the game not glitching so often and better communication from BP/RC. Granted, the restructured MM works on a lot of levels, but did you really have to take the x-presso? Here's a thought: listen closely to what the players are saying, and address THOSE aspects of the game first and foremost. I think you'll find you soon have more players, and players who spend cash on your game.
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    LOL, :):):) Oh, a year has changed you!:):):)
  9. What? :) Do you think I was more cheeky then? :) :) :)

    Still, I thought the topic was Mr Seph with his "monthly" updates and sparklingly swift game developement with new features right around the corner, not my cheekiness. :) Although I addmit I might be a more interesting persona then this invisible master mind behind this unleashed never ending game progress. :) :) :)
  10. billyjim

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    Of course you are more interesting! You interact with us. Dear lamented Seph is just a mystery. You dear Norton are a force of Nature. Something to be admired, witnessed, and wary of. :cool:
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    It's a shame we can't post external links. I'm sure I could find a fitting video on YouTube relating to a certain Final Fantasy VII.

    Edit: Haha. Totally forgot that RC itself links to YouTube in its podcasts. Wonder if that would be a double-standard. =/
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  12. billyjim

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    No double standard. That is their own link to youtube. They created the link.
  13. Arsuru

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    Which is precisely what would make it a double standard. They can, we (presumably) can't, even if we create the content.

    Besides, YouTube is obviously the bastion of friendliness, free of ads, and there is absolutely no chance that some suggested video would be in direct competition with this game or BP. Which you know, could be any activity under the sun in practice, even completely unrelated to video games, since it potentially monopolizes time.

    Besides, others have seemingly gotten away with it with no issue. It's really applied differently on different language forums. Images that are links to hosting sites, full of ads, pass on the other boards. Found examples of YouTube and Wikipedia by users here and elsewhere. It's not uniform in practice, which makes it even more annoying.
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    You sound like the motorist who gets pulled over for speeding. "Other people are speeding, why are you choosing me." The answer at this time and space the person responsible for enforcing the rule enforced it. The rule is there we agreed to it and have to live with its limitation. I will fight to the death your right to argue to change it, but to me this particular argument is a "no winner".
  15. Arsuru

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    No, I'm definitely not pulling that. It's not even that I want to post anything particularly. As I posted in the forum feedback, the BP TOS and forum rules seem to contradict each other in what is actually allowed. Forum rules across languages aren't even totally uniform with each other.

    It's not just isolated incidents, but entirely different permissions in some cases. It's just odd and I wonder why there is so much discrepancy.

    Edit: I definitely prefer the way we have to show images here on the EN board, but the way they are allowed on other boards defeats the entire argument against external links in general.
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    :):):) LOL, ..And you sound like someone who loves to preach! :):):)
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    what is producers letter?
  18. TellusXIV

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    Letters from the dev team giving some info about the game. They are here so you can get your own opinion.
    Dev Blog
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    Better blow the dust off that dev team letter there, Indiana Jones (lol).
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    Missed it by a wise crack remark during the oral exams.