Suggestion RallyPost July 2016

Discussion in 'Official Forum Games' started by Artisan, Jun 22, 2016.

Dear forum reader,

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  1. Well done Willem, all thats left to get over the line is Jello
  2. BigWillem1

    BigWillem1 User

    He has over 100 to go. He must get busy
  3. there is still 2 weeks or more :Dfor him to get them
  4. Noukicity

    Noukicity User

    I hope he'll make it!
  5. 5 of the participating players are from the German forum and were only here for the reward :D so don't be surprised why a few ones hadn't written anything after their 150 posts ;)
  6. G`day Mayors, There was a suggestion a few days ago about having eleven prizes this month, your mod team have been given an extra prize to award this month.
    for the August rally post we will be having a few different prizes and the way that they are awarded will be changed slightly.
    more on this later.:rolleyes::rolleyes:
  7. jelly999

    jelly999 User

    What is the game what are you all talking about?:mad::mad:
    I just don't understand.:confused::confused::confused:
    WHAT IS GOING ON?:(:oops:
  8. If you read the first post in this thread it will explain everything :p
  9. jelly999

    jelly999 User

    OKAY!!I read it:oops: ,the sign up date was from 22nd JUNE to 29th JUNE , this means I can't participate in the game. :confused::confused::confused::eek:
  10. there will be a new game for August so you can register then for that month
  11. jelly999

    jelly999 User

    OKAY!! how to register ???:confused::confused::confused:
  12. when it is time to register Artisan will let everyone know you will not miss out
  13. jelly999

    jelly999 User

    OKAY !! Now I'm not confused . :)
    " thank:D you"
  14. Zantia1

    Zantia1 User

    I was out of town for a few days, I'm sorry I couldn't help this time.:(
  15. Artisan

    Artisan Team Leader Team RisingCities

    Hello Zantia, hello all,

    Thank you for your help Skippy and we are still on time Zantia
  16. anoukjoris

    anoukjoris User

    What was the price we won?
    I'm very curious.
    Will it be mm or EP?
    Or perhaps a boat or a building for in the moutains?
    Or that special powerplant....
  17. Noukicity

    Noukicity User

    Hi Artisan, Could you tell me what the price of july was?
    Did I miss something, i couldn't find it on the forum or anything new in my designerdepot.
  18. Artisan

    Artisan Team Leader Team RisingCities

    Hello to all!

    We know we have let you with no news... but very soon we will inform you all about the prizes we got for you.
    We were in "negociations" with our superiors ;)

    Please be kind to wait just a little longer:)
  19. when will be probably get the reward? if it's the goal to lure members to write more in the forum here, then better have not that big delays... some in German forum wonder why they get no reward. not nice for me, because I was the one who told them about the rallypost. and even if the questions are not directly said to me, it feels like that. (not everybody there is able to understand what is written here) for them it's automatically my fault, too, if we need to wait longer and longer (I'm pretty sure, they don't think they will get something anymore)
    so when will we get it? one week? 2 weeks? more?
  20. Artisan

    Artisan Team Leader Team RisingCities

    Hello Ultraschall,

    I had already told what was the reason for the delay, we were trying to get better prizes for all of you.
    We were not going to leave you without the prizes, moreover, in my case I couldn't be here during all this month for my real work reasons, so of course things got delayed - please keep in mind that we are volunteers and we have our own lifes to run.

    And now, all said and done -we can give you your rewards.

    For our winners we got 100 Metro Money:):)

    Id 6445981 skippyroo1980 Messages:1,525 needs to have a total of 1.675

    bigwillem | ID 3324252
    Messages: 482 needs to have a total of 632
    anoukjoris | ID 4672680 Messages:1,039 needs to have a total of 1.189

    Noukicity | ID 8220255 Messages:
    117 needs to have a total of 267
    Zantia | ID 9789573 Messages:433 needs to have a total of 583

    Ultraschall | 9472317 Messages:
    245 needs to have a total of 395
    Amjel |ID 5354197 Messages: 6 needs to have a total of 156

    -llll- | ID 1848720
    Messages: 21,879 needs to have a total of 22.029

    sunnymoon |ID 6368798 Messages:
    1 needs to have a total of 151
    Toahc3 | ID 8248207 Messages: 4 needs to have a total of 154

    Would you all be so kind to check on your accounts and confirm it, please?
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