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Dear forum reader,

if you’d like to actively participate on the forum by joining discussions or starting your own threads or topics, please log into the game first. If you do not have a game account, you will need to register for one. We look forward to your next visit! CLICK HERE

Do you like the new Rising Cities forum ?

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  1. TellusXIV

    TellusXIV User

    I like the old one better so far.
    Two good things thou.
    If a tread have new posts it jump right to them and they are marked new.
    You can navigate forum from top or bottom of page.
  2. Forum has a cleaner look--same tired problems as before.
  3. If more people find it as difficult to look at as I do, tireing for eyes, no wonder the trafic is diminished. Then some only come to the forum to complain. It's simply not pleasent to look at. I learn fast, so the new system doesn't present much of a problem for me, even though it is less efficient then the old simple one, but I myself realize, that due to viewing discomfort, I probably won't be able to use it as much as I did with the old one, and my activities here might be drastically reduced. I'm kind of getting in this conflict already as I like helping, chatting, analysing, but the viewing difficulties iritate me. Yesterdey I already had to decide not to respond to some questions, and others got just half "professional" response from me, exactly for this reason. Not a step forward for me, not by any means.

    Probably the siliest aspect of all this is, that the old forum worked fine and there was no need to change it. This RC management seems to get it wrong far too often by changing what doesn't need any change, and not changing where change is desperately needed. And this kind of "non-practicality" is another potentialy irritating feature. Maybe it's time to change the management of this department and get there somebody who can finaly do the job right.

    Well, time to move on for me, as the days of glory seem to be over. :D :cool: :D
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  4. -MrMungo-

    -MrMungo- User

    On the plus side, there is a section called Dev Blog, so I am looking forward to hearing Moritz's words of wisdom anyday now.

    I don't find the forum tiring on the eyes at all. Doesn't bother me in that sense.
    Just think it's inane to only be able to post when you are logged on to the game. That is what is stopping me from posting a bit more frequently.

    Didn't see much reason to change forums, to be honest. People use the forums to complain, find out a bit more info (the excellent faq - Hi Wizz!), and then there's just a handful of people who use it for discussion.
    Although this forum does seem to be a better layout for the event.
    If only there were some fresh, new events too...
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  5. i have only only one problem with this new forum , that is not being able to access it unless were logged into the main game.
    during the maintenance that periodically happens is when i catch upon the posts that i have missed
  6. I agree that forum tree is a bit better organised and that event's FAQ look fancier. Only don't think it is a result of a new forum, as both were basically present in some national forums of old version already.

    As to stark colouring, it's obvious that not everybody will find it iritating as it depends on visual perception and sight condition of every individual. But don't remember anybody criticising this aspect on old forum, so old must have been better in this respect. Wonder if BP cares for that group who does find it a nuisance or an obstacle of usage. On the other hand browsing net I have encountered a lot worse colour patterns, like dark blue on dark red, or gold on black and such, which usually means I close such web a second after I openned it. Unless it really contains some critical info for me. Then I find a way to change it. Either force strip it of colouring by browser setting, or just copy the text and read it somewhere else in standard colouring.
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  7. tracynate

    tracynate User

    I really miss the "view today's posts" filter. I find it overwhelming to look through all the different sections to see what is going on.
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  8. Nice photo Tracy though. :) :) :)
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  9. tracynate

    tracynate User

    I wanted to be sure you know I am a girl. :)
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  10. That's very nice of you. :) You still remember the mess I made on old forum? :D :D :D
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  11. tracynate

    tracynate User

    Yes... o_O

    I guess the key is to check in on the forums frequently so that you can use the orange color to guide your clicking.
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  12. -MrMungo-

    -MrMungo- User

    Orange? Pretty much everything is either orange (looks like Rising Cities forums have been tangoed) or blue.
    It was quite daunting at first, but am used to the forum now. There's not exactly masses of posts so should be pretty easy to find them...both of them!
  13. tracynate

    tracynate User

    I started off by marking all forums as read. That turns all the stars blue. When there is a new post, the forum section turns orange.
  14. -Wizz-

    -Wizz- User

    Please keep posting on topic or they will be removed.
  15. Govener

    Govener User

    how do i view the old forum
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  16. -Wizz-

    -Wizz- User

    Please do not post same question twice.
    Your question has been answered HERE.
  17. TellusXIV

    TellusXIV User

    Hi and welcome :)
    When it come to small talk this is the best place "Gammeville - Speakers Corner".
  18. pirate60

    pirate60 User

    Ok brilliant..when it says vote,I can't.???
    Can you make it clear that if you don't have "big" houses ,you will not get the required drops of whatever it might be.I have spent 31 hours trying to collect paint tins ,and have so far amassed three quarters of the required amount, which means I will fail miserably at this event.The forum as is ,,,,is unclear and hard to get. :(
  19. when your city is small street drops can be difficult to get,one thing i found is build more roads than you need, that seemed to improve the droprate fo me when i was around level :)21, i hope that is of some help